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Mercedes-Benz SLK230 (13 Reviews)
I am the third owner of a fully loaded Sport Pkg SLK230 with 115,000
miles on the odometer. Since purchasing, I have had to replace the
front end ball joints and connecting rods which also meant replacing
the front tires which had worn prematurely on the edges. I purchased the interior paint from a place in Australia and that solved the ugly
interior look. I have been very happy with the car overall; only
regret is that I live in a northern state so I have to hibernate my car in the winter.
Ok. I have to brag about my car. I've never thought of buying a Mercedes but my 2000 Ford Explorer XLT is giving me problems. I recently turned 46 and thought of getting a convertible. I test drove one of the convertible BMW(can't recall model/series) but it handle not too shabby. I asked the used car dealer to show me anothe convertible. He showed me this car and i fell immediately in love with it. I asked him what year, 1998. How many miles 39,000(YES, 39K), and how much($9,995) I said seriously, what is wrong with the car? He said NOTHING and told me a doctor always garaged it. He sold it to the dealership 3 days before. I purchased mine the day after i saw it.

Ok. You all probably think that the car odometer has been rolled back and that there is NO WAY a 1998 SLK230 would only have 39K miles on it. I did a Kelly Blue Book report and it showed 18 miles when it was delivered to the dealership from factory, 39K miles when i purchased it on April 3, 2012.

Only problem with the car was that the two cylinder of the trunk has to be replaced since it won't stay up. Other than that she is a beauty in EXCELLENT shape. No scratch or anything wrong with the car. Yes, there are small scratches inside the car but NO ONE believe me when i told them it is a 1998 with only 39K miles on it.

Yesterday, April 5 2012, I recently did a Maintenance B service and the transmission service done because it's due for a 45K tune up. Cost me $800 but that is the price you pay for a luxury car and I won't have to do another Maintenance(A)til the next 36,000 miles or 3 years.

Must be my lucky weekend because I went to the casino the day after this maintenance was done and won $500 so I only paid $300 for the tune up. :-)

I've gotten soooo many compliments with this car and very impress with it.

The cost of ownership for this car is too much to handle. I am very disappointed. The interior is peeling, the exterior is rusting from underneath the paint, so many electrical problems, and it costs so much just for the dealership to look at it. It was my dream to own a Mercedes but it turned out to be a nightmare. Never again.
I've had my SLK 230 Sport for three very happy years now and it is all that I expected and more. It still looks new and turns heads almost everywhere I go. I have never had a single problem. I consistantly get 28 - 32 mpg at 70 - 80 mph with the top down. It's a great car!
I recently purchased a used 2001 Mercedes benz SLK230 It is an amazing car. The brakes due to its complex stopping capeability, do wear down faster as with any other high end vehicle and you should expect to replace rotors and brakes everytime for safety. The car has an amazing feel while driving even after it being 10 years old. It has more features in 2001 than some current car companies are putting in 2011 cars. the interior paint if two tone has a peeling issue on this model however mine is very minimal. The fix is extreemly easy and cheap, I was quoted around 75.00 to repaint and seal everything interior wise. The shifting for an Automatic transmission is without flaw. The engine while only a 4cyl has great power and was made to be lighter so as to lighten the load. With the Supercharger it turns this little 4banger into a 6cyl and a great competitor for the z3, Porsche boxter, and Audi TT However thos cars can not compete with the overall style and look of the Mercedes Benz Slk230 or 320 it is a classic Roadster. The handling while driving is very sensitive it handles very well. Earlier this year MBUSA had upgraded the specs for this car HP is 210 @5500RPM 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds. The Mercedes Benz SLKis the BEST in its class to this day upholding look and design its a sure looker on the road and off. SIDEBAR: Ive read about the issues others have had like solenoid oil, MBUSA will really work with you to fix that isse. Any tail light or headlight issues are covered for free by Mbusa so before you pay call the dealer they recalled those issues and you want it fixed by the professional dealership for free rather than the mom and pop shop thats trying to get your money because yu have a classic car. KBB is considering for the first time in history moving the 1998-2003 SLK models in KBB classics. It truly is the return of the 50's roadster, and with the top down you feel it even more.
Having problems with the alarm system otherwise runs like new!
ive had this car for 6 has 130,000 miles on it and ive never had an issue with it beside normal maintance. I use it as an everyday car, so it gets a lot of wear and tear...some of the vinyl on consol has peeled and my visor clips are broke on driver side, but then again, the car is 11 years old...i still get compliements on this car...and i tell everyone its 11 years old!
First and last Mercedes I will own. I am extremely disappointed with the cost of ownership, reliability is extremely poor.
Good car I have 165000 miles on my 1999, and it is running good had to do a litlle extra when i bought it, 3 years ago but had little to do since. Still fun and has pep
nice car got 195000 miles and still runing strong 2000 230slk
This is preliminary due to the fact I had a prior owner that didn't show it much love - I have a little making up to do and discovery of what she needs for love at this point! All in all solid, good car!
I love my car. I had a Mazda RX7 before this and the SLK is much more substantial and feels more sturdy. Plus it has a ton more airbags than my Mazda did.

As long as you are aware that the SLK isn't going to have all the luxury bells and whistles that another car in the same price bracket does, you won't be disappointed. I love the ease in lowering the top on warm days and the power off the line. It's a fun car and so far, knock on wood, it hasn't cost me too much in repairs.
I bought my 2000 slk in the year 2009 with 94000 miles on it I am extremely impressed with this car dollar for dollar how it has stood the test of time. This car STILL turns heads and elicits a lot of respect and questions from passers by.