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Mercedes-Benz E430 (14 Reviews)
i own 2 of these cars,one of the best models that mercedes has build.
small problems here and there,nothing major.
get the car repaired by the best independent shop in town
and have no issues.250k miles and no car payments goes a long way.
Car run smooth & accelerates good. Have had check engine light go on several times and was told the (2) rear oxygen sensors need to be replaced for $700 each. I did not have them replaced. Instead I used Z Max gas & oil additive and the check engine light went away. My son in law who took automotive tech said they had tested it in school and it works as claimed.
I've had my, 2000 E430 for almost 2 years & I'll never drive anything else. I Take it to the dealer once a year and that's it. I barely passed the 100,000 mark & yes it's true. the tranny is acting funny. Just take it in and have it worked on. I'm a firm believer if you drive a Mercedes, be prepared to fork it over and i do. This car literally saved our lives. We were driving in the pounding rain at night, my wife was talking to her daughter when all of a sudden the car started doing a 360 on the freeway, the rain. She started yelling about dying & I was waiting for the impact, that's when the car took over, all the stabilization systems kicked in and i couldn't do anything about it. The yellow diamond lit up as well as the other system. It shifted itself into Manual shifting and stopped on its own, Quickly. It then transferred control to me. When we got home she was full of rocks, mud and debris. I still gave her a big kiss. She saved our lives that night. Mercedes Benz, is the safest car on the road. I know now. So when it comes time to put money into her, I do it with a smile. because i know I'm investing in the safety of our lives.

I am the second owner of a 1999 E-430. It had 73,000 miles when I became the owner which was 10 months ago. It drives well; the engine runs smoothly. I had to replace the blower and add freon but no major repairs. It is a a great performing car.
I am second owner of Sport model. I absolutely love this car. The car has 100,000 on it now and has a few minor issues. Slowly leaking freon (fill once per year), one O2 sensor needs replaced, etc. Not sure yet if I want to attempt the 100,000 service myself or just take it in.
I am the second owner, with the first owner maintaining superb records. The interior ceiling is detaching in the rear, the ash tray is not positioned well for use and the seats are very uncomfortable in the front (this surprises me as I have owned 3 other Mercedes without this problem). The electrical seems to have intermittent "shorts" in it on items that are basically cosmetic (such as the driver side heated seats, ash tray light, cigarette lighter). These are basically "picky" items. My only true problem is now the transmission slipping out of gear and/or not changing gears. This situation is fixed by following the "Limp Home Mode" instructions. The car does have 170K miles with no past transmission issues. The above ratings express my general satisfaction with the car, which I would recommend to anyone.
I had a 1999 bmw 740i i love that car, but i went with the e430 it only had 72000 miles on it when i get and it great, it love the open road,
After warrenty expired, all hell broke lose....Transmission fluid leak, instrument panel need to be replaced, rear window motor replaced, air conditioning not working, CEL come on all the time. body paint got cheaped easily. ETC Maintenance and repair is very expensive.
Second one, this one has tranny problems w/sloenoids
I own a 2000 430, and other than replacing a hose for the airconditioning, It has been a joy to own and drive. It now has 98,000 miles and drives like a new car. I am the second owner, the first, according to my mechanic took very good care of the car, which is why it looks and drives beautifully.
Great car; however, excessive repairs are needed, which is really costly.
Nice car but many problems. Costs at least $3000 a year to keep up. Right in shop for three weeks they can't fix computer
I have been the owner for 4 years