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Mercedes-Benz E300 (4 Reviews)
From Portland, OR to Lancaster, CA (approx 1000 miles) in 11 hours means that I was averaging about 90 mph for almost half a day. The durability of this car is impressive. The car was more at home (mechanically synchronized, or running smooth and quiet)at these speeds than anytime I had driven it in the 65 mph range. As well, it got very close to 23 mpg at that rate of speed. Fantastic. I did have to put in a quart of oil at a fill-up at about the 500 mile mark, but - so what. Except for some minor things (after all it is a 23 year old family sedan - E300 AMG) like the oil light staying on - no matter the oil pressure or quantity - and a fail on the right rear passenger window, and an occasional odor of oil in the passenger compartment, I don't see how anyone could ask for more. It has performed so well, I decided to get another one for myself (this car belongs to my wife). I'm afriad that this car has turned me into a Mercedes snob! However, I'll just have to live with it - Hee, hee, hee. If the window didn't fail I would have given five stars for both interior and electric. If the engine didn't have a notorious habit of oil seepage at the right front of the six cylinders and odor in the cockpit, the engine would have five stars also. Blower noise and air conditioning controls are awkward for me also - however, I'll not be selling this car soon, or, probably anytime this side of my grave!
My first Mercedes was a 1958 219...Loved it! I bought it from a German junk yard in 1966 for $400. It was a "tank". Now that I am retired, I found a 1995 E300 Diesel with 70,000 miles. Very nice automobile. It gets over 33mpg and rides like a dream.
my 1998 e300td is a great car 300000 miles and still running fine
Beautiful car, only problem i've had is injector pump leaking , and battery keeps draining.