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After car stopped for some time it appeared to work again
The ABS, brake, VDC, slip, and check engine lights all came on on my 2007 g35. I took it to the dealership for a diagnostic test and was informed that I need to replace the ABS control module and the a/f sensor. Any idea of the average cost to replace these parts including labor, thank you.
Mine is acting similar so I'm curious how you fixed yours, if you have. Thank you!
cannot find a radio reset code in manual, just bought car
2009 QX56 Infinity what is replacement part name and number for front driver side auto light
When I first start the car the idling will be fine but after running it for a little while and then when I'm at a stop and the clutch is in neutral the idling will fluctuate high to low or sometimes just remain very high
When the hot summer months start to turn hot, the center console buttons don’t work. The NAV screen works and the touch screen works. The radio will still function using the steering wheel buttons. But the AC controls and main radio buttons don’t work at all. I’ve checked all wire connections behind the unit.
2012 infiniti G37 coupe IPL stock vs 2009 Infiniti G37 coupe sport Stock. The G37 sport won how is that possible if i upshifted when i got close to 6rpm. Do i need new spark plugs? ignition coil? Dont the IpL have +18 more horsepower?
The vehicle does not appear as a real vehicle in the top view on the 360 degree camera view. A square box appears in place of the picture of the vehicle. On the left side where a camera would be is an "X". I believe it is letting me know that that particular camera is out. Could it be a fuse or does the camera have to be replaced?
How many liters of NISSAN Matic J do i need to drain and refill an Infiniti fx35's transmission?
What can be the cause of my infinity consuming more gas then normal, also when I add fuel my gauge moves up slowly not sure why any help would be greatly appreciated
The picture normally shows the vehicle from the top, now it does not
I drive an INFINITI G35 and when I press on the gas the car makes a roaring sound and it smells of gas sometimes when I drive it.
While driving, my are all of a sudden started to rev high, speed dropped down to 10 mph. I pulled over, turned off car.
Started it back up, had to give it gas until it reached 3000 rpm's. I was able to creep along at 10 mph. Had to have a ramp truck come and bring it home. Any ideas? The car starts up no problem and I can also shift into drive. Then it just idles unless I give it gas and rev it up until 3000 rpm's
I have a g35 2008 Infiniti and my voice command is not working?
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