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Chevrolet HHR (36 Reviews)
I bought my 2006 HHR new in May 2005. It's served as a first car for two teenage sons. They each drove it pretty hard. It is still a daily driver for my wife and another son. Currently it has 250,000 miles on it and starts and runs well. In the past 11 years I replaced the front rotors 2x, the battery once, the starter 2x and replaced the cheap plastic door handle once. Overall the car has been excellent.
Bought a 2007 HHR to use as a tow car. It was sitting in our driveway, after taking grandkids to classes, and the interior just burst into flames. It had been sitting over an hour. The firemen and insurance company said it was electrical. WHY WOULD A CAR JUST BURST INTO FLAMES? Chevrolet is not interested in why this happened or the safety of its customers, or my family! I have contacted but they basically said since the insurance company was notified and the car was totally lost, it was now their car, NOT ours, and they would NOT check to see why this happened. It was our car when it burned up!! It was my family that was at risk riding in it! VERY DISAPPOINTED!
bought it new in 2008, the car is too heavy for the rotors so you find yourself replacing those a lot. power steering went out about 50,000 but thats a ele assist motor. replaced timing chains at 200,000 it now has 241,000 on it has some small issues going on with it, but I would not get rid of it
Good car but poorly designed. Replacing headlights is a real pain but the main problem is the brakes. I've had to have the rotors turned and replaced twice in 60K miles along with the brakes. I have heard this is a common problem for all HHR's.
Bought as a company car with 8,000 miles on it. Even after four accident repairs and 107,000 miles, the car is always reliable.

Brakes, tires, oil and other normal wear and tear items fixed and changed as needed.

Wish the SS was offered that year, as I love the look and turbo offered with them.

I love my HHR, had 3 Miles on when I got it. 2 years ago there was a lot of water inside my car, they said it was the Airconditioner flap, bang $600. My inside light (like a lot of owners) never did work. Now its in the Shop again. Advanced Auto told me it is the crankshift sensor ($39) oh ok I thought, they told me see a dealer. went to the Dealer the car is with them now 3 days and they told me it is Crankshift itself not the sensor, so from 39$ to about $ 1000 big difference, the thing is I do NOT have any problems with my car, the check engine light came on that was it. Do they rip off a grandma or could it really be? they told me it is one of the common failure with the HHR, is it? But I love my HHR.
Beside the ignition recall ( which is still not fixed) Lets see I was in there in April . I got a letter at the beginning of the month of Oct that the parts should be in and fixed by end of OCT . Here it is Oct 30th and still no call on when it will be done). Only complaint that the headliner had to be refoamed because of some rattling. Otherwise all is good . Mine is a 2007 and just turned 51,000. I had a bad battery under warranty, but mine has been good to me .
When I first saw the Chevy HHR series, I absolutely loved the look, the retro, high top look, I thought the car was totally attractive. I finally got the opportunity to purchase one in 2011. I bought a used 2008 grey HHR. Was completely in love with it. I loved the Low gas millage, it was really fuel efficient. Then the AC went out, got that fixed, then every light bulb practically had been replaced, then the dash board information started malfunctioning, and now in 2014... not even three years of me owning my adorable little car, I am shelling out $3000 to replace the transmission. And unfortunately my PowerTrain warranty was up in 2012. WOW.... my little dream car just became my nightmare. I am a single mom with 2 little girls, and now this!! SMH..... lesson learned, I grew up with Chevys my family have always owned Cheys, my first 2 cars were hand me down chevys, but this will now be my last Chevy!! Never again!!!!! Completely disappointed after this experience. SMH!!!!!
The front passenger seat belt tightens up cinching passenger against the seat. Very hard to get the belt unbuckled. We were quoted a price of $140.00 to buy the part to fix the problem, also the belt has always been hard to unbuckle. But I love our HHR it is sporty and fun to drive.

have an 06 hhr and love it the only problem with 45000 miles on it is the hatch that stop working and the door handle that broke off.. one other thing was the rotors that had to be replace twice. I love the car but don't understand with the miles being so low was why has these problems come up. Chevy needs to check these problems out and make a better fix to these problems.
I bought this car off the lot in Feb. 2007. I currently have 177K on it and still runs great. We had to replace the headlight bulb which was a bit troublesome through the wheelwell but we managed. I have had very few issues. The brakes lasted until around 165K. I recently replaced tires and the brakes now feel a bit weird when applied hard but I am going to have my brake man check to see if it is a warped rotor or something with the tire install. I have been very pleased with this car and hope to keep it running through another 150K miles. Sorry I got the gem when others seem to have found lemons.
The HHR had a good look, that attracted me to it, the engine has good pep for sure, and it's fairly comfortable. But it has many drawbacks:
All the windows are too small, visibility is horrible. The door and windshield pillars too thick as well as the one's at the back windows, making vision even worse.
The door pockets are useless, they're too small allowing storage for very little.
The dash bin is also too small and shallow as is the glove box you can barely get the manual in there.
The floor-flush storage bins behind the rear seats are a good idea but difficult to get to if you've put anything on top of them.
The ceiling dome light is near the back of the car, you can't reach it from drivers seat. While up front you only have map lights and their very dim.
The interior plastic is very cheap. The fold-flat rear seats are a good feature, giving a flat floor area, but the hard plastic surface allows stuff to slide around all over the place.
The rear windshield wiper drags across the windows even when wet. Making lots of noise.
The doors are curved inward (with sharp edges)at the top and bottom, just at the right height to bump your head and leg. Leaving a nasty bruise.
Bought brand new in 2009, Chevy HHR, LS with 2.2 and automatic transmision...The car has been a reliable vehicle and the only issue I have had is that the front struts were leaking at 36,000 miles. I replaced the struts and rear shocks at 41,000 with Gabriels. Trany was flushed at 42,000, Oil & filter changes done with full synthetic evry 6k, Front brakes replaced at 42,000 and stock firestone tires replaced at 43,000.... I do all my own work, except for any flushing... Car has been good and I only wish I bought the SS with the turbo for the extra power. Other than that I get over 30mpg on the highway and the stock remote start is a blessing in the winter.. My wife loves the car so we may get rid of the Chrysler PT for another HHR.
Bought this car new. I have had no problems with it until a recall on the dash glove box latch. Had service done and now 1 year later the latch for the lid came loose. I have 59000 miles on it now. I love the way this car drives and handles in turns,very sporty.The car has some cheap plastic parts,i.e. dash glove box latch,but really,what car on the market today does not use cheap plastic parts where possible. Only thing I have done is maintain the oil,changed tires at 40,000 miles and brakes at 55,000 miles. I still have the original battery in the car. I highly recommend this car.
front windshield wipers do not work. wiper motor has been tested and works. switch on steering column tests okay. concern it might be body control module.
The HHR has that retro-cool look that attracted me to it, the engine has good pep for sure, and it's reasonably comfortable. That said, the car has many drawbacks:
All the windows are too small; visibility is awful (I'm a 6'1" guy), so you feel like you're in a cave. Door and windshield pillars too thick, making vision even worse. The door pockets are a joke, they're too small, shallow and the half-moon shape provides storage for maybe a couple packs of gum, and there's plenty of interior door area to have made them bigger. The dash bin, while a good idea, is also too small and shallow as is the glove box. The floor-flush storage bins behind the rear seats are a good idea but in a forgotten location. The radio controls/settings are a bizarre & constant annoyance. The rear window wiper switch is located in an oddball place. The ceiling dome light is near the back of the car (REAL stupid) you can't reach it from drivers seat. While up front you only have map lights or general house lights. The windows/door lock switches are bass ackwards. The interior plastic is Wal-Mart cheap. The fold-flat rear seats are a good feature, giving a flat floor area; but the non-carpeted and hard plastic surface allows stuff to slide around like an ice rink. I bought it used in 2009 w/38k mi. and it already had problems with the heater/AC motor buzzing; sway bar links rattling, creaking suspension, check engine light issues and a hyperactive tranny (downshifting too easily). Fortunately all fixed under warranty. Does not compare well to my previous car, an '06 Vibe. Even though the HHR roof is higher & more horiz. than the Vibe/Matrix, I could stand up under the Vibes hatch when open; not with the HHR. Overall, I wany my Vibe back!!!
Since I bought my '06 HHR LT I have nothing but high marks for this model. 58k and still running strong with a 5 speed manual shift, (yes I said manual), I have all the power and control I need. I do my own oil and air filters servicing so not much in the way of mechanic fees...and with a manual tranny I still have some pretty good pad left on the front disks and rear shoes.... must admit though I take exermely good care, almost boarding on pampering, (hand wash and waxing), of the vehicle so it still looks brand new..clean body and with the exception of a wind shield replacement (damn rocks) and normal tire wear replacement I have had no major expences.
I guess it all in the care and upkeep...... an A++
HHR are nothing but a money eater car. You can never get a staight answer when you ask a question. they not sell manuels for it unless u want to pay $195.00 that is just ridicouls. The dealers just want to charge an arm and a leg for working on it. I recommmend that you do not buy unless you look into how much parts are going to cost you. They should not be making computer cars. Especial when they dont want to help diagnose the car.
I bought my 2007 HHR in April with 50,000 miles on it. I had to repalce the rotors on it because they were warped. I have to replace the gear shift because the pin has come out, from what I have read, so my key won't come out. Then yesterday the check engine light came on and the transmission control module needs to be replaced. Also the TCM detected an emission related fault. Also my front head light went out but to change it out you have to go through the wheel well to change it out. Before I bought this car I reviewed it extensively and all reviews were good. I guess I got a lemon.
Smooth riding car built with cheap plastic parts that break easily!! First it was the sun roof air deflector net thing that was held by plastic parts that broke and so now the window wont close all the way. Using tape around the window to prevent water and air from coming in through the roof. Then the driver side handle on the inside broke inside the door. Also a plastic hinge. I want out of this Car!! Thought it was an american made vehicle, discovered it was made in MEXICO!!! Gadgets made of cheap plastic!! Looking at Subaru now =(
My wife was driving hhr today, up to today no complaints, but apparently she had to do a semi-hard brake to avoid collision which caused the roof air bags to deploy. This should not have happened she never hit anything to cause the air bags to deploy, if there was traffic this would of caused an accident all in itself. We called a lawyer tonight to see if any legal action can be taken, our insurance company also plans to take action against Chevy. This just seems to be a design flaw and an obvious safety issue.
2007 HHR Fall Limited edition bought new , car has been great have 75,900 miles. Still runs great.Had a rattle in front end turned out to be part of front swaybar.Change my own oil.Always use Full Synthetic oil/ change air cleaner and cabin air filters.Still get 30MPG average around town/highway.I'll give it an "A" . As far as rotors STOP BRAKING SO HARD SLOW DOWN, they'll last.
No Problems
Decent car but have replaced rotors twice in 60K miles. Also had to get wiring harness fixed (service bulletin) because it rubbed and wore through around the head ($1100). Shifter had to be replaced ($300). The blinkers wouldn't turn off and needed parts replaced in steering column twice ($100 ea)
passanger air bag goes off at random times with the passenger in the seat weighing 180 lbs they say there is no fix for this problem also have had to have the rotors turned the car has less than 25k on it ,I bought this car new i am pleased with the way it drives but would not purchase another GM product because they will not fix the problems and have even been rude
To begin I have had nothing but problems with my HHR. About 15k into
having it my rotors warped and my steering column started to rattle when
breaking due to the rotors. Also My interior back light has a defect in it, the
chevy decal in the back has fallen off. When my car hit 36k the transmition went
out due to no fault of my own, when I received my car back from the dealership
the check engine light was on. I had a very hard time getting this taken care of
because the issue was with the exhaust and that was covered under warranty but
the dealer said it was not. Now that my bumper to bumper warranty has expired
my service air bag goes on and off at random and just today I have noticed that
when I try to use my remote start my car will contently try to start its self
for about 1 min. If I get in the car to put my key in the ignition the after
doing the remote start it flashes power steering on the display, this only
happens when using remote start. Both of my parents retired from GM and I am
not very happy with the quality or service I have received
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT Only thing is the paint has chipped away in a lil v shape just below the plastic stone guard in front of the rear tires need to get repaited and poss running boards to stop
2008 HHR, 37,500 miles, already experiencing Power Steering problems. There is a1.3 million recalls on GM electrical power steering motor, not pump, so, dont be fool, there is no fluid on this one. but, the fail to include HHR's, go figure. be aware!!.
Me and my family love our HHR. We love the miles that we get out of the gas and we can fit just about anything in it we need. I think the only thing I dont really like is where the window buttons are but I'm getting used to it. I do a paper route and the HHR has become the new "it" car for all of us in this distrect.