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2004 Chevy Venture that has over 370,000 miles put in it. I was given last year as a gift. It is my first vehicle ever driven I now had driven it for one whole year. It does have lots have miles on it, so I don't expect it to have the best performance, but it's my first vehicle and gifted. So I am really trying to stay up with the vehicle, so it has life for more years to come.
Hi my name is Errol 306,000 and still going
I have had electrical, cruise control, front wiper transmission wiper motor ABS system, and water leaking in the front and can't find where it is coming from, but the worst part is the body rust. Overall the van has preformed relativity well considering I have 445,800 miles on it and its still going.
October 2014--bought my 1998 Venture in 1998. It had been used as a demo for 20,000 miles by the dealership. I drove this van for nearly 16 years. Many years and many miles, kept up the maintenance very well like I do on all vehicles. This is the best vehicle I've ever had. I hate to see that some others have had problems. I had a few small issues over the years, but only things that should be expected with age and wear & tear. I didn't even have to buy a new battery until 2012--how great is that? My workplace purchased 4 ventures and never had any problems during their time there (and they put a LOT of miles on them) I think this one is close to 200, 000 miles now and it's still running good. I bought an SUV in May 2014, but kept the van just because we love it. I may sell it one day, maybe not. :)
Hello, My name is Elaine Groh- I was killed in my 2003 Chevy Venture when steering became loose, I tried to control it, but vehicle ended up hitting a tree and it flipped over 4 times, while hitting more trees- My air bad NEVER deployed, so I was partially ejected & was strangled by my seat belt. I survived & spoke until they got me into ambulance & I died. My daughter is typing this, I am in heaven. My advice to anyone who has this type of mini- van is GET RID OF IT! Before it kills you, too-PS I just edited my zip code- accident occurred in FL. not KS.
Nothing but problems with my van that has 82,000 miles. Just about anything that can go wrong, that is expensive to fix, has gone wrong. Never another GM car for me after this nightmare. Japanese car, here I come. Worst car I have ever owned.
mass problems with this EVAP emissions system, big time fail on chevys part i must say, im amazed of all the problems i have been reading about. My chevy van has been broke down now for over 3 weeks and still cannot figure out the problem. i will NEVER own a chevy van ever again
Braek is not working and there is a smell of electrical smoke
Wow. I have read the reviews of other Venture owners, nasty. I must have got the odd duck. I have 246,858 miles on mine. Bought it new with 3 miles on it. Other then general maintenance, I had to replace the rear light circuit boards (common problem) and have the transmission rebuilt at 186000 miles. Other then that its been brakes and belts/hoses and oil changes. The 3400 V6 still gets 27 mpg/highway 16 city, which is about the same or more then most new vans get. No payments to make and parts are common to find as they used that engine and transmission in several GM products. As long as it runs I will keep it. Sorry the others are having such a bad time with their Ventures.
FOR THE GUY WITH THE 2000 VENTURE with battery problems

The battery plastic caps shouldn't be too hard to remove at all, just pull or pry on them, (make sure you DO NOT short circuit the battery against some metal part of the vehicle prying).

Then remove the NEGATIVE terminal FIRST, (that would be the black, "- sign" terminal). Batteries emit hydrogen gas so you don't want to be creating any sparks any where close to a car battery.

The Battery hold-down is on the back side at the bottom of the battery. You will need a socket with an extension and a rachet or handle to remove it. If you are not a mechanic, it's best to go to one of the auto parts stores like Auto Zone, Checker Flag, Pep Boys, O'Reilly's, or others. They will ussually install the battery at no extra charge when you buy it.
I have a 2004 Venture that was brought with 12,000 miles on it. I now have over 112,000 miles. And I have not had any trouble with it, just brakes and normal stuff with any car. I love it.
my power sliding is not work on my van so what do i fixed it i would like it to work again
heating air conditioning no good
I own a 2001 Venture.I bought it in 2007 from a buy here pay here lot.No problems from it untill two years ago.Started with brake lights which cost me over two hundred dollars in fines from the police.Replace the cicuit boards the lights were fixed,for two months.l Left brake light not working again.I have also replaced the oil sending unit,crank shaft senscor,right wheel hub,alternator,radiator,serpertine belt and now my rear brakes or it may be the axle.Can not wait to buy a new car and blow this van up
I bought this mini van a year before from a car dealer. Recently I vent some where and did not drive it for 28 days. When I was back and tried to start it, it did not start and there wasn,t any light. I charged that battery but it still did not work on that day but when I tried to start next day it worked. But on the same day at evening it did not start again. Long story short someone asked me to replace the battery by myself (to save some extra dollors machanic charges)and I tried to remove the battery first it is under the relay which to remove it is another annoying thing but when I some how managed to take away the relay box from the top of battery now I stuck with another problem. The battery terminals are to the side of battery (they are not on top of the battery) and they are covered with the plastic caps which is hard to remove them in that tight narrow place and if you want to remove the battery it is hard to find where is the bracket or bolts which are keeping battery tight with its place. If some one has any clue about how to remove those plastic caps and find out the battery brackets that will be very helpfull and I will appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
i now have 148,000 mi on my venture. I replaced the power steering pump at about 100,000 mi as it began leaking around the shaft. I replaced the liftgate struts 5 months ago. These are the only things replaced. I am very pleased with it. I owned two Pontiac minivans before, and drove the 1990 176,000 mi and the 1998 over 201,000 mi.,with hardly any replacement parts. I have had extraordinary success with the GM vehicles
My 2000 Chevy Venture mini van was great, Got it in 03 and got the best somthing or other? less than a year after it expired BIG Problems. one is the electrical system, wacky, replace lights... blow out,window go up when it wants, after a few can get it up. does take $$ I have replaced so much in this van, that I'd hate to start over! I know what I have replaced so why give it up and start over(can't afford new vehicle). It's hard to part with a great van like this. Unless you have had one you probably wouldn't understand I as well had an accident and the 3 other cars looked horrid, van was able to drive away. Have to say even with all it's problems I still have enjoyed driving it, just wish my wallet was bigger!
purchased the car in 05 pretty good condition never really had problems until struts went,was pretty easy but trying to change the plugs hard times mean hard decisions.all told the van is great...
junk car, had it since new. 6 ac compressors, three intake manifold jobs, one headgasket job, one trans, 195k miles a real money pit. you have to be a millionare to own one.
this is my 2nd venture. Both lemons. I WAS a die-hard gm person. No more. I give up. After shock, struts, tie rod ends, rear brake problems. I am now missing cylinder 6. This comes 24hrs after I got it tuned up at the dealer. Waiting to find out if the repairs are more than the car is worth. No more GM, no more!!
I bought this van new in 2003. It now has 180,000 miles on it,we drive it every day,and other than regular maintenance has cost very little to own.I hate to see the day when I have to get rid of it.Very reliable vehicle!
I have owned this van for 3 years now and I'm repairing the tie rods and hubbearrings for a 2nd time. Also my rear tail light hasn't worked for over a year. Recently told my busings and control arm needs to be replaced as well as my brakes and rotors. Total work needing to be done. $2041
I have had my Chevy Venture for app. 5 years now after purchasing if with less than 50,000 ml. My Venture now has just under 150,000 ml on it. I have been reading other reviews, WOW! All I can say is that I feel your pain. I complain to my wife about the yearly expenses of maintaining this vehicle. Last year I spent $1,600 to keep it running and the previous two years I spent no less than $500 each year on parts since I do my own work. I feel sorry for the person that is not able to do their own work which would triple the cost to maintain this vehicle. I understand a vehicle of this milage will require maintenance, but not this much. I had the head gaskets replaced, replaced the condenser for the second time, rebuilt the front end and put new tires on it. Now my brake lights are not working and am told it may cost me hundreds to fix as well. Maybe I was spoiled when I sold my Pontiac Bonneville that had 250,000 ml's on it with no work done to the engine. I am seriously looking for a vehicle that was built smart and made to last. Although the van is roomy and rides nicely this vehicle is neither.
I have owned my Venture for over 6 years and have had a lot of problems with the electrical stuff - windows especially. Now that it's time to change spark plugs, I find they've made that impossible for the owner to do.
I'm really hating this choice in vehicles.
Love this van. No troubles at all.
Bought in 2004 w/ 19k miles as a Program car from local Chevrolet dealer, has 178K on it now. It has had tiptop maintenance. The most aggravating problem is the constant leaking of antifreeze onto the manifold, this is not covered under any recall and is a $800-1000 repair. It seems the gaskets were of very poor quality, and this caused the leaking. It was necessary to constantly be checking the recovery reservoir to make sure it had enough coolant, if not, the heater would not work well (never did really), and the transmission would seem to slip. We never got this vehicle hot, but the dealer would always say if the coolant was low the trans might slip. Other problems include very poor headlights, they are not very bright and have Hs0 condensation inside them. We wanted something we could get service on locally, not sure it was worth it, we plan to get a Toyota next time. Build quality has been extremely poor, a huge dissapointment for approx. $18k vehicle. We feel like we got ripped off. GM should have covered these problems. They only buy the cheapest materials that are borderline functional and let the consumer sort out the rest at their expense. Shame on GM. Thanks for reading my review.
I bought my 01 Venture almost 3 years ago and it is a pile of garbage. It was bought at a dealer with an "as is no warranty" which I regret every day of my life. 3 months after purchase, and at 152K miles, head gaskets needed to be replaced ($1400) and as soon as I got the van home, the power steering pump went out ($250). Shortly after that, the rear wiper motor took a crap on me which remains un repaired at this point simply because I just put $3000 more into the van due to an engine replacement at 165K miles. The suspension was never good ever, so that's next on the long list of to-do's. Idol control module was replaced last month as well ($220) and in the summer of 2010, I replaced the a/c compressor which thankfully I only put out $100 on that as my mechanic took pitty on me and waived the labor costs. Next month at tax refund time, the suspension will be repaired, as well as the power steering pump (again) as it leaks everywhere....BUYER BEWARE, unless you want one, come see me because in another couple of months, everything under the hood will be good cause I've had to fix it all!! UGH! If it wasn't a financed vehicle, I would have driven it into Lake Michigan by now!
This vehicle has been my worst nightmare. I have had it for 5 years and have spent thousands each year replacing the same parts. Catylist Converter twice, O2 sensors twice, head gasket twice and a number of other things. This is a crapy vehicle and Chevy should recall and replace
Great Van! Wish they were still making them.