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Chevrolet Colorado (51 Reviews)
Purchased my 2005 Chevrolet Colorado new and have had very few problems with the overall vehicle. Had any items corrected that had a recall on it and I am still using it as a daily driver today with roughly 241,000 miles on it. One of the best vehicles I have owned and will continue to drive it until its ready to retire. Only issue I have dealt with on a routine basis is the higher than normal engine temperature but it has never gone pass the 3/4 mark on the temperature gauge. They definitely don't make radiators like they use too. These have a 1 row radiator with plastic tanks which I am not a big fan of but hopefully by adding a secondary electric cooling fan I can get the cooling system to work alot better than it has been. Overall a very good vehicle and love the gas mileage!
Buy this new in 05 .The CD player died at 30k miles on it . Back window leaked . The AC quit working at 40k . Nothing but electrical problems .I am forever done with Chevy .ABS system is a nightmare
My 2004 Colorado has 169,000 miles. It has all types of electrical problems. From what I hear from other owners, General Motors has known about this issue since 2006 but has not done anything about it. I also have the AC blower problem. The driver side window will go down, but may not go up. I have a shortage in my front turn signal lights. My tie rods have to be replaced. When you put the truck in park, the passenger side door does not unlock as it should. Also the radio will not stop playing if you open the driver side door. It will only stop playing if you open the passenger door. The problem with the blower started at about 75,000 miles. The other problems started after 100,000. Also, if I turn the truck off and come back to start it within a few minutes it will hesitate and sometimes cut off when I start to move. Sometimes it has not started at all after sitting for just a few minutes even after the battery was replaced. Don't get me wrong, I like my truck but I think these are problems that GM needs to address.
I wasn't planning to write a review, but after reading the many negative reviews here I thought I'd relay my positive experience. I bought my 2005 Colorado early in 2008 L5 3.5L. I traded in a 1999 V6 Ford Ranger which I owned for 7 years. I drove both trucks for the same amount of time, traded them both in at about 100,000 miles. Both were good trucks, but the Colorado got better fuel economy (25-27 MPG highway), towed my 2,500 pound boat and trailer much easier, and maintenance and repair cost over over the time of ownership on the Colorado was much less than half than on the Ranger. I did have to replace the vent valve, which seems to a problem spot. About the only negative for me is the turning radius, which seems wider than necessary. I spent the last year looking for a newer Colorado, settled on low mileage 2012 model, hoping my experience with this one is as good.
I bought my 2004 Colorado used. It had been in a flood in upstate New York and bounced from dealer to dealer until I bought it. I replaced the Gas tank, had the brakes done and P0171 is the only regular code I got after 1000 miles. Followed sites on internet advice and finally figured out it was the transmission dipstick not seating properly. Fixed the problem no more codes. I'd buy it again. I don't like the driver seat but my wife drives it the most and she loves it. This was my first four wheel drive vehicle outside the military love the way it takes drifts on, up and over.
I will never buy a Chevy again. This Colorado is a junk. Turned on the wipers after window got slop on it. Now the passenger side wiper arm will not move. Of course it is out of warranty. Jockey box door broke the first week. Had to wait for 3 months for parts. CD player stopped working again waited for parts for over a month. Tires were shot in less than 15,000 miles due to cupping rotated 3xs. Front end shop said it was so far out they were surprised you could keep it on the road. Highway fuel mileage sucks gets the same in town @ 19 mpg. Slower you drive it the worst mileage. You can not clean mud of the cloth seats. Interior is crap. Scratches easy and impossible to clean. Truck has rattled since the day it came off the show room floor. I also own 96 ford 3/4 ton with 70,000 hard miles on it. It don't rattle at all. Heater fan makes a horrible noise after it is on high for 5 minuets or longer. It has had problems with the tire pressure sensors. I have had the door lock system fail and it set off the car alarm. It went off really quiet like about half the volume it usually does. Had a hell of a time shutting it off. Breaks are a real problem. If one tire slides you have NO BREAKS. Dangerous to say the least. Chevy says no problems. Cant get it to shift out of 4 low without a lot of cussing. Don't buy one of these trucks. Last Chevy product I will buy.
I had a problem with wet floor mats and discovered that the high level brake/cargo light seal had deteriorated and allowed rain water to enter the cab. Some of the bulbs had shorted out and were replaced at the time of repair. We had a time finding the problem because I thought the windshield was leaking but the fellow at the glass place told me that as I still had the original windowshield it was not likely the case.
There is also an issue with wind noise caused by improper door alignment and rainwater seems to get into the drivers' side door when it is parked and will leak out when the door is opened following the rain.
I now have 72,300 mile on my truck 05 crew cab I=5 engine, the only problems (major ) is electrical seems bad grounding problems to bad connectors where the wires push in and are suppose to click, well sometimes they do and sometime they do not I sent cheevy a e-mail they let me know the received the e-mail and then NOTHING, General motors ( government motors ) MUST know by now we have a electrical problem with the Colorado and canyon I assume are the same, I have purchased Chevrolet all my life but may consider Ford next time.... I think the bail out money given them was a damn waste
Bought my Colorado new in 2004. Im just short of 295000 on it now , original motor and tranny.
Only real problems were later when windows wouldn't go up or down without help. Keeping the truck and putting in new motor and transmission, replace original suspension and some electrical work. Best truck Ive owned. It owes me nothing.
Absolutely enjoy the truck. We are at 41,000 miles now. Great mileage! Enjoy the ride. We only had to take it back 1 time and they found dust on the brake pads. :) We couldn't be any happier with our choice of vehicle.
I have had nothing but problems with this truck since the day I bought it. It had 18000 miles on it when I purchased the vehicle. The next day I had to take it back to Chevy to replace the alternator and the battery after only being a day old. I live in the Midwest and have had to change out at least one if not 2 rims every year. I did own a 2001 Silverado Z71 before this and that lasted 225000 miles before I had to Junk it. As for the Ac and Heat it goes out every year since I bought the resistor, blower, fan, wiring harness you name it I have had to replace it at least 3 times now. The battery only lasts a year or 2. Chevy really screwed me on this one. One more thing every Chevy Dealership I have brought it to has told me that they could do nothing for me to fix it so I have had to take it upon my self to fix everything. Chevy if your going to build a truck make sure your mechanics know how to work it Bolingbrook, Naperville, Aurora, Joliet I can keep going but I am sure you all get the point. The rating system made me rate the Heating and Ac if I could I would have given it no stars. Very undeserving
04 colorado z71 3.5l engine crew 79000 miles. One repair after another. Might as well have kept the landrover. What a pos. Always serviced. Wiring harness burned up in drivers door,heater blower failed 3 times same bad resistor, transmission had to be rebuilt( warrenty)should have sold it then, exhaust manifold cracked, airbag sensor failed. Don't waste your money. No support from gm for these design faults.
my 08 colorado has many problems 1.bach window would not go up due to the motor parts were dry, 2.keep replacing upper ty rods and lower rods passenger side was dipping down 11 inchs, had to be lifted bach up, 4.the cat makes noise due to the honey cone on the inside came lose,5.driver side window makes noise ,and i keep replacing the switch to the fan, one time it was smoking. now i have a new problem with the cooling fan not working to good it makes noises tell it kick's down.bad on gas mileage too...........
my truck will not start or try to start
blower motor sometimes won't run suspect maybe bad ground wire?also pass elec. window won't work, are they connected through the ground wire?
I love my 2006 Colorado. It was purchased in 2005 and has only 64000 miles on it. Electrical became a problem after the brake lights failed, thus the recall. I still have problems with the brake light bulbs blowing frequently. The car audio system had to have software updated, and now it is eating CD's. Heating and are just spent $215.00 to have the blower switch and harness repaired. Eletrical seems to be an issue.
2005 Chevy Colorado heater core already bad.
so far the only BIG problem I have with my truck, is that my cab started smelling like anti-freeze and it started leaking our of my firewall. I found out that I have to replace my heater core and heard its really expensive. Heard its a hige common problem with 2004 colorados. Chevrolet should do a recall on this issue.
The MPG makes me really really sad ): The sticker said 21/16 The sticker lies ! really have to think about how far I can go. The gas credit card is the only thing getting any milage. I Hate the oil companies, but they love me. just had to replace the engine Manifold warped and cracked On warranty still sucked not having my work vehicle for a week lost biznes and money. The truck halls well, rides nice, looks good, But I was a sucker for this gas sucker of a truck. Full size trucks 2012 models getting same MPG.
When I get out of truck it sounds like the electric door locks keep locking and unlocking, they do that sometimes three or four times and sometimes they never stop until I close the door the dealer said that this is normal, is this correct?
I have had no real trouble with my 2006 truck. Have replaced the brakes (probably due to my driving), but have no other real issues. The engine light has come on a couple of times. Changed the oil regularly and rotated tires. One thing that has aggravated me is the front tires seem to wear on the inside, but it does not appear to be out of line. Thanks!
I bought my chevy Brand SPANKIN new. since, ive replaced the brake light switch 6 times replaced the ACDELCO shi**y stock radio 3 times wich cost me $400 each time eventually i just removed it and put in an aftermarket radio for about $100 bucks (wich works great btw), replaced the blower motor resistor shortly before replacing the blower motor itself, the THEFT DETER SYSTEM is the most ignorant and retarded stupid F**king thing ever to be installed on the dam* thing. it has not been starting when i want it to, isnt that the whole purpose of buying a vehicle is to be able to drive somewhere when u want to or NEED to, it does it often usually in the mornings like the Prick it is, i was stuck in my PJ's last monday morning for 1 hour at the gas pumps b/c the shi**y thing just DECIDED it didnt want to start. F**K YOU GM RECALL THE SH**ty theft deterent system, and as to my understanding this isnt just happening with my colorado its with ALL makes and models Chevy has produced from as far back as 93.
I bought a 2004 Colorado new and had a persistent problem with "reduced power"the third time i took it back i told them fix it or keep it.They called me a week later and it was fixed. it seems that G.M. sent them the wrong flow chart,as soon as they found that I've had no more trouble with that.In almost 100,000 miles I'v replaced tires twice front brakes once and the left tie rod end.All in all a good little truck.Now though i need a right wheel bearing That looks all redesigned,must learn something new i guess.
A problem for me has been the brake pedal goes so low that your foot can simultaneously hit the accelerator! Has been that way since new. This vehicle with some of it quality issues cured me of my GM habit! I recently purchased a new Ford. GM? never again!
This 04 has fewer than 60K miles on it. New head due to the recall and it failed prior to the recall. Wish I had never bought the damn thing! GM and others have chosen the new baseless lamps, they last from 6 months to a couple years, and the cheap lamps cost more in replacement than the original bayonet base lamps.
I purchased my 2005 new. Had leather interior, 20" wheels, and a bed cover installed the day I bought it. Love it. Does everything it's supposed to do. Been to the dealer once in 111,000 miles; new AC/Heater resistor installed. Runs like a swiss watch.............sorry for those that goe a bad one.
Warranty problems from day one should have turned it in after the 5th attempt. stalling issues lack of power and going into limp mode and of course Chevy has no ideas unless it runs an error code. Running lean changed 02 sensor like suggested still stalling. Oh its the 5 cylinder pos.
would like to know, how to change the spark pluges. it should not cost $300.00 and they say the trottle body need repacemt @ a price of 675.00
I have only had this truck for a few months, but the Gas Mileage 18/19 city and 22/23 or better on the highway. The real problem I have had to adjust to is the huge turn radious. Over all I am happey at this time.
This is the worst vehicle i have ever bought, constant electrical problems, constant reduce power mode problems. i couldn't sell this car to my worst enemy. last i checked-$238/ton at the scrapyard-sounds like i just sold my 2004 chevr colorado garbage truck.