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Chevrolet S10 (36 Reviews)
Overall a great truck and daily driver
hahahah I just sold my S-10 to some kid in Michigan and I had to put duct tape on the radiator hoses because it was almost ready to explode. It was something like 5 degrees outside I felt bad but took the $10 he paid me for the truck and invested it in a couple of cold pabst blue ribbons at the indian casino and with $5 left I put it in the slot machine and got 1 million bucks!!! That chevy S-10 was the best truck I ever owned.
I got this vehicle with 98,000 miles on it, one year ago and I have nothing but problems. Brakes are so dangerous so I replaced all 4 tires, new brakes, new rotors and new calipers. Now the car is not safe to drive and mechanics are telling me it is a failed ABS system and that's after I had to replace the radiator(due to hole in it) and power steering had to be replaced. THIS CAR IS A DEATH TRAP AND A MONEY TRAP!!!! ugh

Does anyone know any recalls on it!!! HELP
Purchased this truck in Dec. 1999. Not long after, when attempting to recline the passenger seat, the handle broke, but not in a normal place, in the MIDDLE of the rod. I was injured, barely able to function & less than 100 lbs so it is not like I "man-handled" it. A couple of years later, the same thing happened to the driver's side. I have replaced the handle on the 3rd door probably 8-10 times. The last time, I purchased an aftermarket handle on ebay. We will see how this one holds up. There have been many small electrical issues that add up. This was my first Chevy & will probably be my last. Chevy dealer in Clermont is not at all helpful. My air bag light has been on for probably 7-10 years. TAKE TO A DEALER IMMEDIATELY says the owner's manual. Had the truck in the service department for a recall. Techs were in & out, driving the vehicle. Can't be too urgent since not a word was said to me about it. I have run service departments & my techs would have at least pointed it out... A/C hasn't worked for probably 10 years...
About the Windshield wiper intermittent problem: I have a 1994, same problem when I got it. I pulled apart the little motor [that mounts under the hood on the back wall, about middle of cab, a challenge to get at, but worked!] and applied clean and more grease inside the stopped the problem! [Rated all 4's just because - but I luv my 1994 4cyl S-10!]
1986, 2.8Lv6, Extended Cab, 4x4, I picked this truck up for free a few years back, replaced intake with a bored out 40mm and put a Holly TBI on it, mileage still sucks, but this thing can go through snow like a tank. Removed the vac 4x4 engagement and put a mechanical cable, new head gaskets, new radiator, new water pump, lots of electrical issues. Make sure your handy with a ohm meter. Currently hunting down a short in the parking light circuit, somewhere behind the dash. Out where I am, after 25 years you don't have to smog the vehicle, so I have removed the smog pump, egr and cat. lots of power for a 2.8 and tons of parts (cheap) up gradeable to v8!! great truck for someone who like to tinker.
i just got this truck from a guy and he said that everything has been done to this truck including ANTI FREEZE put in and now my truck is steaming and i am lost because it is only 5 deg in michigan right now and it should not be steaming or leaking at all
i have a 2001` chevy s10 4.3 L pick up i hear some rattling from engine on acceleration first second i need help
windshield +wipers stopped working in intermediate but work on continual mode fast. when turn off do not stop in park position. Is there more than one fuse for wipers and is so where?
I purchased my 1993 S-10 in 1997 with 50K on the odometer. I currently have 293,000 miles on it and it still runs great. I use this vehicle as my travel vehicle as well as a hauling truck for lawn soil, garden mulch and junk. The truck will be 20 years old on 03/23/13 and I intend to keep making the minor repairs and some major ones that a truck of this age requires. I have had the transmission rebuilt and I had a used positraction rear end installed after the original rear end wore out. That new rear positraction rear end was a great improvement to this vehicle. I have to replace the heater core next as it just went out on me. I enjoy driving the truck it gets great gas mileage it looks good cleaned up and it is useful for all the things I need a small truck for. I have had offers by young guy who want to buy the truck but of course it is not for sale. It has come down to the point of who is going to last the longest, the truck or me.
im changing a starter on a 1995 chevy s10 4 cyl do i need to drop the exhalst pipe
Have a 2002 S10 2.2 4 cylinder.Is this a interferance or non interferance engine.Timing chain broke.
2002 Chevrolet S10
Visitor, Roebuck, SC, August 11, 2011 17:00
I have a 2002 chevy S10 V6 vortex that will run when it wants to. Do not know what is wrong. It has new fuel pump, relay,battery but will run and cutoff and short time later will restart and maybe run 1/4 of a mile or it might decide to run 40 miles. It only does it when weather is real hot
Check your Temp sensor on the drivers side head. Its either bad or the wire is loose or not connected.
i love this truck my second vehicle its a 93 auto with a 4.3 the only thing that makes me mad about it is ive had to basically take out the whole dash constantly replacing wires and dealing with shorts or a bad sending unit. but the engine on this mother is so reliable its worth the hassle and more. ive also had to replace muffler mass airflow sensor and heater core though. radiator is next on the list.
problems with head lights not coming on shorting out head lamp conectors. sometimes they work other times the dont. help please
I have a 2002 chevy S10 V6 vortex that will run when it wants to. Do not know what is wrong. It has new fuel pump, relay,battery but will run and cutoff and short time later will restart and maybe run 1/4 of a mile or it might decide to run 40 miles. It only does it when weather is real hot
Truck runs great
trying to locate fuel tank pressure sensor it not getting gas but fuel pump is coming on n off
My 2003 S10 Extended Cab is the perfect vehicle for me. It's a pleasure to drive. While I have had the oil pan gasket replaced twice (the last time they replaced the oil pan as well) it was at GM's expense. I'm currently dealing with a crackd flywheel. Even considering all that, I wouldn't trade it for anything with 4 wheels. Great ride, good gas mileage, quick response to the gas, easy parkability. Sweet.
Reg Cab 2.8 5sp.
Pro: 202,000 miles. Great running and driving truck. 100% reliable. Not one problem with engine/drive train in 18 years. Original clutch.
Con: Red paint is a disaster. Has been since truck was 5 years old. Interior shredded after 7 years. AC leaks failure began at 7 years. Dash lights completely failed at 15 years.
I bought this truck as a simple working tool and transport. It has been twelve years now and it has done all I ever asked it to do. I have always been a Chevy man. When GM gets back to making more of these I'll buy another. I call it my little mule.
Both my father and I have S10s (mine an '03 and his an '88), some of the best and most reliable vehicles around.
1995 Chevy S10...Love, love, love my little truck. BUT, if I need to get anything done to the engine, it is a major undertaking. I had an oil leak and the mechanic told me it was the oil pan gasket. The engine needs to be pulled out to do this job. That is a ten hour job! At mechanics prices, it's cheaper to buy oil for the next five years to replaces what leaks. ( The oil leaks ended up only being a loose oil filter, but I paniced when I found out what it needs done to fix the gasket!)
I've had the 1993 S10 with a 4.3L engine for 6 years. It is dependable, easy to work on and the cost of parts is reasonable.
i have had my 93 s10 for a year now and it is a nice little truck the motor is solid has plenty of go the only problem i have is its not posi
Have had my S10 extra cab since new in '01 and overall has been very dependable and good vehicle. I have the 4.3L and gets pretty decent gas mileage, has a good ride and i have abused it regularly with payloads of 1800-2000 lbs and towed up to 3500 once and never once did it complain or grunt. My only complaint is a faulty secondary emissions sensor that failed twice and when it goes out the check engine light comes on. The replacement sensor is $380 last time i replaced it and that was four years ago.
I wish they would bring the S10 back as well.
over all i guess its an ok truck other than the lack of gas millage the 4.3 dose not get good mpg less than a full size z71 the fuel pumps are junk and expect to replace them every other year and at 600 for a gm replacement it gets a bit old over all i give the truck a 5/10 its poor off road and on road parts cost alot to replace and dont get good mpg ups the 4.3 runs forever if you dont abuse it and change the oil
overall a good vehicle. really love my truck.