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Chevrolet Aveo5 (6 Reviews)
I bought my 2007 Aveo 5 LS Hatchback in 2009, with 6125 miles on it (four of which were my test drive :) Overall I have been very happy with it though it did have it's first major issue at around 50,000 miles when the A/C compressor went out. The fi was $1300 P/L, though I paid $100 and the rest was covered under the extended warranty.

This week, the driver's door lock knob broke off in my hand. The repair will require the door being taken apart; total cost $113.

Last year the brake switch went out so I had no brake lights and had to put the key in the little opening and press down to get the car out of park. The fix was $104.

The serpentine belt needed replacing in 2012; $107.

The gas mileage has been decent and it's a fun car to run around in; took a road trip to Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest National Parks and had fun zipping around.

The seats could be a bit thicker, but overall it is a comfortable ride.

I am a bit concerned over the safety alert regarding the daytime running lamp switch/module that has been known to burst into flames and for which (they say) there is NO CURRENT FIX. The dealer said they don't know any more about it than I do--this does not inspire confidence.

I only hope the car holds up--I buy cars to keep them as long as possible and the extended warranty will expire 6/2015 when the loan is paid off and the car will be 8 years old.

I am seriously considering buying an additional warranty, though I hate the thought of taking on a payment for that when I finish with the car payments.

For now, though, I still enjoy my 'peanut car' (I got a kick out of another poster calling it the same thing)--also known here as the copper penny, since I bought the 'burnt orange' color--great for the desert!

I purchased my 2011 Chevy Aveo5 with 60,000 on it. Only prob I have had is the air filter was clogged and the cabin filter also. I asked if the 60,000 mile tune up was done and got the run a round. Well it's got 2 years and 40,000 on the certified warrintee so if the timming belt snaps it's on them. I changed the air filter, cabin filter, and spark plugs, WOW. The car woke up and goes good now. 108hp is alot less than 260hp which I went from but, the gas mpg makes up for it. Now it's turn the key and go. Oil every 3,000 thats it. Love it.
Car seems to stall when sitting for long periods of time or driving a distance then stopping it stall out. or as driving I have to push the Gas to have it go before it stall out.
I bought my 2008 Aveo5 in April of 2009 with 35,600 miles on it. I bought it with cash and a trade in (a 2003 Ford Taurus wagon-V6 that I was having to put a lot of money into quite often). I was going on a long trip and wanted something good on gas and something more reliable than the wagon. My Aveo5 has been okay except a few things so far. It now has about 56,500 (yeah, I don't drive a whole lot) but a few months after I got it, when it had about 38,000 the catalytic converter went out on it. GM did pay for it because I raised hell with them because their service shop charged me for a "diagnostic test" and told me it was spark plugs and wires. It wasn't, then it was something else related to that, it wasn't. It was the CC. They wanted to charge me for the wires and plugs and the other thing. I told them no, because it wasn't my fault their reader was wrong. Well, GM picked up the tab for all it except the test, plugs and wires. Out of a $1600+ bill, I paid a little over $150. A few months after that (around Sept or Oct. of 2009) my driver's side door lock also fell in the door panel. I found instructions online also on how to fix it and hence did it myself. In August of 2011 I replaced all 4 tires because the TPMS light kept coming on due to tires not wanting to stay properly inflated. One last thing, my rear window wiper has failed somehow? The motor still runs (you can hear it) and the wiper will go down, but just hangs. It won't come back up. I've read elsewhere that it happens often also. The pickup is decent for being so small, the roominess is okay, but like someone said- the backseats are better for children or short people like me, the gas mileage is pretty good (I average 26-28 city and about 32-36 highway) and I drive 65 on a normal basis where speed limit is 55 and 75-80 when SL is 65. It's been a good car overall but I guess I wouldn't recommend it for a family vehicle, maybe as a starter car for a teenager. I call it my little ladybug (I have a red one and we like to "fly".
great car. No problems yet. Needs a littile more HP and I advise whoever buys one to get A/C
this car is fun to drive.i'm 6'2 and 240 and it has lot's of room inside. my 2 year old grandson calls it a baby car.!!!!!ha!!!!!