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Chevrolet Corvette (28 Reviews)
I love this car and it's performance as it looks more like a star fighter space ship, nice lines, etc. and mine is all black, all black interior with the dark light covers on the rear lights. 6 speed 5.7, but with nitrous (NOS)is more than I need. Lot's of custom upgrades for performance before I got it. Now engine light is on with poor performance so looking for info like where is OBD hookup? Seems like a plug or distributor problem (rough idle/poor acceleration with backfire) but there is no true distributor. Helpful hints on web are gas cap (but that won't cause backfire/poor performance?) or the two air injection check valves (where are those?)or PVC valve, the simplest solut6ion to start with. Custom air filters seem OK, but another thing that should be eliminated.
I love this car so fun to drive and fast a little noisy inside but who cares your driving a corvette can't get much better had some issues with the electrical box under hood head lights would not come on but a new box and it was good to go.
Just trying to find out if installing a Pete Jackson dual idler gear drive in place of timing chain causes any problems with on board engine controls such as knock sensor
I've owned this car for one year now, around 71,000 miles on the odometer. The only issue I've had was to replace a headlight motor when the headlight failed to "flip up". Handles beautifully, gobs of power, very comfortable, fuel efficient, and reliable. I don't drive it in the rain or snow, so enjoyment is limited to the warmer seasons. It is a beautiful and sexy car that attracts attention.
Love my Little Red Corvette Convertable! I just really don't need it though. Tired of garaging it and paying insurance on it when I have two other cars so going to sell it. Need some who appreciate them to buy it and not sure where to post the Ad.
I have every problem with my corvette. My car did the same thing they replaced the door window switch.The 2006 is a junk car. Mine has been in the shop 145 days off and on for many problems. Seat belt lock up,transmission,roof,new computer system,window problems.I use to shut the driver door and the passanger window would go down.Never got every thing fixed had to sue GM.
I have a 1995 corvette every time I wash the car the battery goes dead. What can I do about this. I have replace the battery
but the battery will not turn over
my o6 conv. is agood car but it has problems, my driver's door glass used to go down a little when you opened the door and go back up when closed, about 3 weeks ago it quit going back up when you closed the door. I was wondering if any one else had this problem on their c6 convertible.
I turned a corner to a shopping center at about 15 MPH and broke the left rear spring bolt. Car had 92,000 miles on it.

Both rain gutters now craked. The passenger sidde cracked last year, (2011), the drivers side has been cracked since 2005. Both need replacement. I lovoe the car but dissapointed about those two items.
My brake lights wont work i dont know if you have that problem but ever since i bought this car it had like a hitch on the back. I took that off but ever since i did my brake lights wont work. I tried changing bulbs,fuses and wireing but nothing seems to work.
sex on wheels
This is my 5th Corvette and my next car will also be a Corvette. Sooo much fun to drive.. Ladies: it will make you happy every time you drive it, it does exactly what you want it to do when you want it to, and nothing bad happens that a little money won't fix. How many guys can you say that about?
Fun to drive. The only things that sucks is the high price for maintenance and the high insurance premiums lol
Been a great car for the past sixteen years. Has 80000 miles and I made the mistake of washing the engine resulting in water in the duraspark. The repair including a water pump was 900 dollars. The car otherwise has been a pleasure to own.
I got it three years ago. I just always wanted one. I debated between the 2004 and 2005. but chose the '04, last year for pop-up lights and only 16000 miles on it. Car is a dream to drive. Was going to put twin turbos on it after I got smoked by a viper, but figured I'd keep it original and just cruise.
L-98 is underpowered compaired to other engines
The car is a gross polluter, and will not pass smog. would like to get it legal.Would also like to get the ac repaired.
I took Delivery at the Corvette Museum March 08’. This car has been working flawlessly. Performance is beyond expectation. Fit and finish is very nice. I purchased the 4LT leather interior option .. Very nice. Getting great mileage and I don’t baby it, around 18 city/highway .. not bad for 436 horses.
My 5th Corvette since '62. Sex on wheels. The best I've ever had. I test drove the 2008 and didn't like it as well. The interior was cheap by comparison. I don't drive this one hard but had to replace the transmission at 110,000... big surprise. Nevertheless, Corvette's are an incredible ride.
Replaced engine due to a busted oil galley (pressurized passage in engine). Truly sucked. My 99 hardtop was a better vehicle.
Best vehicle I've ever owned. I get behind the wheel and a smile comes to my face. Great power, acceleration, braking, handling, and fun.
basicly for a 17 year old car with only 58000 miles it is fairly decent Though I would think the engine would have alot more spunk that it does, any simple inexpensive and quick ideas Larry e-mail
Best car ever............
I have spent some money on this car(high mileage). It's great to drive and totally enjoy it. Vettes are great fun.
the money pit
My 96 has over 100k on it, and it's still very strong. Corvette, accept no substitute.
The perfect sports/road car. Powerful, Comfortable, Exciting. My choice for road trips... seats are very comfortable, handles great on mountain roads and highways. Gets 28mpg! on trips. Love the XM radio. Always a headturner.