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Chevrolet Uplander (21 Reviews)
Bought an 08 new, still have it with 317,000 miles on it. The engine and trans are bullet proof. 7 front wheel bearings 4 sets of front brakes 2 sets rear brakes, air con doesn't work, heat has always been erratic at best. Over heated 3 times constantly dumps the coolant for no reason that has been found, I have to check it constantly. Interior has slowly fallen apart and the seats crack. The first two years it spent a total of 60 days in the garage getting fixed. I want to see how long I can make it last.
I bought this car in 2008, with 5,000 miles. The front passenger door parts (plastic handle) fell off the same month. The first year all of the engine lights started acting up (intermittently flashing and not accurate)and this could never be fixed. The first year the rear wiper also stopped working. In 6 years (80,000 miles) I have replaced the tires 5 times, replaced both axles and struts,break pads, replaced the entire heating/ AC system. Most irritating is after endless mechanics no one can really figure out the shaking (bad steel wheels causing the axles to bend?), or the grinding that always comes back usually only a month after being "fixed". I was told to get aluminum wheels and that "might fix" the the shaking and grinding once and for all. I'm afraid this car won't last me until I can get a new one early October. My sister in law coincidentally bought the same van the same year. She sold her's after 3 years. She was lucky to get out in time. What a problem. What a money pit. What a piece of s__#@!! Best offer, anyone????
We bought a used 2006 and still owe 2 more years of payments on it. I tell you what I drive with the check engine light on it and find that its weird when I can go to a different town and on the way the engine light will go off then when driving back in town it comes back on and stays on. It has done that several times. I got maybe 70000 miles on it and already the shifter cable has popped off and I have to fix and dealer wants $300 or more just to fix which is way more than the monthly payments,darn had to replace the breaks and will probably have to do it again soon. Over all it has gotten me to point A to point B without major problems. I also have notice that sometimes while driving I get the check the gas cap light on. Even if I stop to make sure my gas cap is tightly on driving down the road sometimes it will come out and then go off! Know your car, if you can fix it yourself its cheaper than taking it to the shop, I even had to put in a new battery, get a repair book for the car. Take good care of it and it should last a while if not then I'd get a different car just like if I can't get shift cable fixed or do and then something else goes wrong I'm going to start looking for a different car. I had dodge van once I never had this much problems with it and it lasted me three or more years before it got totaled!
This van is so, so the power door quit working on the passenger side. Your able to open it, only if you want to hear it ding really loud and not turn off. The ac quit and I've had it checked several times and they can't find anything leaking etc.Like most people I've replaced the rotators three times and brakes. However, after researching I found the size they have on there is to small. Once I upgraded to the next size I haven't had any issues. My motor broke on the rear wind shield wiper. I feel as though I've stuck more money in repairs for the van then it's worth.
We bought our 2006 Uplander in 2007 & for the MOST part we love it. The mild issues we have are the fact that we have to replace the brakes more often than we have ever had to do w/ our other vehicles & there seems to be some sort of electrical problem as the dash lights tend to flicker slightly.
The MAIN issue we have is the fact that there are ZERO rear air vents! This is a big deal for us as we live in an area where it is very common to have 115+ degree temps in the summer. I ALWAYS have to park in the shade, put sunshades in my windows, & it still is not enough to cool the car. An hour after driving, my children still have bright red faces & are dripping in sweat! I have started doing my summer grocery shopping after the sun goes down & we basically try to not leave the house during the day in the summer....not always possible!

BTW: I have had my AC looked at & there is nothing wrong w/ it; It's just the lack of air vents.

Heating the van in the winter is fine as I put the air flow on the floor & heat rises. My children don't even wear their coats in the car in the winter.

If I had realized that we were getting a model w/o rear air vents, we never would have bought it but I have been in the models w/ rear air vents & they are quite comfortable.
Our 2007 Uplander bought with 11,000 miles now has 70,000 miles and we have had the same problems as everyone before us. New brakes, rotors, tires, and still the front end shakes, steering wheel shakes, and grinding when you turn. Rear-end sounds like it is going to fall off. Side passenger door works sometimes (not electric door kids manually close it) well when we can get it open. Cat-converter going out smells like sulfur. Can't afford to fix everything,and now the fuel tank says it is empty, but just filled yesterday. Come on Chevy what the heck is going on with these vans? If you know someone who is thinking of buying one talk them out of it. These cars are failing us and we don't have the money to fix them or replace them. Recall? Whoops it said didn't fill in exhaust-emissions or suspension-steering, I wanted to rate them a zero, so if you see my 1 star on these it really means 0.
Bought our Uplander used with 72,000 on it. WORST PURCHASE I EVER MADE! We spend at least as much on the vehicle each month IN RECURRING REPAIRS as we spend on monthly loan payments. I wish someone would steal this vehicle, but after about 2 days, they would probably bring it back! I used to be a Chevy man, but I wouldn't wish this piece of crap on my worst enemy! If this is an example of Chevy's best, they should get out of the automotive industry! Can you say LEMON. Even the Chevrolet certified mechanics can't figure this thing out. BUY FOREIGN!
We bought our Chevy Uplander used it had 36k in mileage. It was affordable, most of all reliable for our family. However, I must warn you, I believe the monthly maint. on your vehicle is key to knowing your vehicle, and having less brakedowns. We have almost replaced the front end like Tie rods,2 wheel bearings,2 sets of brakes,2 rotors, all the light blubs, mis. bolts for this or that. Passager door is inoperable, and since we are out of the country with vehicle, it is going to stay that way until we get back. Last winter here in Europe, i believe bad design in the back window wiper switch, ours got accidently turned on, and after the rear defrost went off wiper blade froze to window and blow out wiper blade motor. I have never known a used car to not have problems, but this one they should have spent more time on the design of the Uplander. And for the people who hear noises when turning check the wheel bearings, I also when it is wet out side ABS light always comes on even after taking it to shop for repairs. But as far as problems go, it is reliable vehicle, haven't had problems with motor, it runs like a top. I think this crossover balances the good and bad as any other.
My 2007 Uplander has been a very good van up till 70,000 miles.
Now all of a sudden, when braking or making sharp turns, it is making a grinding rubbing noise. The dealer checked it out and said the tires are moving on the wheels. I marked the wheels but see no movement. They said I am ready for new tires, but why put them on if that is not the problem. Please, any ideas...
We have a 2005 Uplander, when purchased it had 18,000 miles on it. We have had it for 5 years and now have 108,000 miles.
The good: I really like the van and my kids love the dvd system. I have driven the van from Kansas to Connecticut and back and from Kansas to Florida and back. It gets pretty good gas mileage about 18mpg in town and about 22mpg highway. Seems to have plenty of power, and haven't had any major problems (except a leak) I love the power doors, and everything else.

The Bad: I have had some recurring issues with the drives side automatic door. One time it wouldn't shut, other times it wouldn't open. Kind of has a mind of its own. After replacing virtually everything mechanical on it, I haven't had any trouble. My powersteering pump apparently has a leak and is throwing power steering fluid all over the right side of my engine. When I back up, it sometimes makes a loud noise...I think it might be my suspension? Everything is difficult to get to under the hood. Even the battery. In order to change the battery they have to take off a metal bar and take the cover off the fuse box. When I had the spark plugs changed, they had to actually go in through my dash to change 3 of them. I have the leather wrapped seats and the material in the inside of the seat stains very easily.

I've had this vehicle since 2005 and it has 100,000 miles on it. I've had few issues with it running well, other than changing the oil and brakes. Great gas mileage and super comfortable. I notice that it's a bit bouncier as it ages, but that's to be expected. I also think the brakes pulse too much. I, too, have had issues with the right rear sliding door. Absent these issues, it's been a work horse and held up very well. Here's to the next 100,000!
Just replaced the battery with a Super Start 34-72 (the recommended replacement battery at O'reilly) and lost electrical to gauges, radio, interior lights, backup lights, and ventilation controls. None of the fuses are blown and the battery is hooked up correctly.
I bought a 2007 uplander 1 month ago. The engine seems very strong. Has 60,000 miles. Lots of tire noise. Drives me nuts. Very roomy. Rides like a four wheel drive truck. You can feel every bump. I'm not sure about the 3.9 engine. Never owned one. We'll see this winter. I think I made a big mistake.
I bought this van used, and I must say it's been a good one. It's not the best van out there, but it is one of the most affordable. It's definitely been worth the money.
I bought this vehicle for it's affordability and seating. I got all the extras and it has services our family well. My big complaint is electrical. My right rear door never engages well. One time it fell completely off. Fortunately it was under warranty. Now it is not and it is always dinging at me. I try to open and shut it again, but then usually ahve to get out and do it manually. I have also had to replace the fob umpteen times for defect. The belt holders(ones that stop from choking you) are almost all broken in first year. I did run a home dayucare though. I love it over all, just wish they would come up with recall for parts on door.
I had this vehicle for 1.5 years and we have 2 at my place of work. It is uncomfortable to ride in very far. Parts are hard to get and the vehicle is hard to work on. the traction in the westren NY winters is very bad. Also repair manuals don’t exist.
I really love this van. Has plenty of power. Havnt had any major issues.The only problem i seem to be having is the abs keeps kicking on. Besides that though im happy with it. my wife loves it. wish it had a lil tougher suspension in the rear. cause when we travel we pack it full and it sags pretty bad.
I bought my 2006 three years ago. I have driven it all over the country in all types of climates and road types. It is a road warrior, great on gas and very comfortable. On the flip side, this vehicle has an array of electrical problems which can prove costly.
Have had for 1.5 years and driven 27k miles. Good so far, no malfunctions to report. I like the styling changes made when the Venture platform was modified to become the Uplander. The ONLY shortcoming I see is that GM minivans (ALL since at least '97) are 2-4 inches NARROWER than their Chrysler/Dodge counterparts, giving them less cargo capacity, less room to move around, and a more 'tipsy'' ride.
We bought a 2007 Uplander and have driven it for around the country for over a year. We love it. It is very comfortable: long trips in other cars would get my back to hurting, and in the Uplander, my back never hurt. We have had absolutely no mechanical problems with it so far, and I like the way it drives.
Got a free rental car at the body shop and they gave us a Chevrolet Uplander and it was no comparison to a Toyota Previa or Honda Odyssey, It had no power and road like a truck, the engine and transmission seemed like they were not made for each other. the brakes were OK.