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Chevrolet Tracker (15 Reviews)
I've owned my current 2002 Tracker with a 2 liter engine and 5 spd transmission for over 7 years now. I bought it with 81K on and it was obvious it had been driven hard and put away wet when I bought it. BUT... the engine had no timing chain noise at start up (tell tale sign it needs a new timing chain, gear and tensioner kit) so I bought it.

This was the 7th Tracker/Sidekick/Grand Vitara type vehicle I have owned since 1994. They are all essentially the same truck with minor badge differences. These vehicles are spartan in design and creature comforts, but they are durable and well engineered trucks that IF properly maintained will last through 300K miles, easily.

The key to getting this type of long term use from these trucks is regular and PROPER maintenance, particularly when it comes to the oil changes and filters. The engines on the '99 and newer trucks have timing chains, hydraulic tensioners, and guides on them. The engines (both 2 liter and 2.5 liter are interference engines, meaning IF your timing chain fails, your engine will have valve damage because they will contact the pistons. You need to run 5X20 oil in them until they reach about 150K miles, then switch to 5X30 to account for slight bearing wear. DON'T buy cheap filters. Buy filters with the anti-drain back valves in them. The trucks will need a timing chain kit at or around 150-160K miles. Do it. Keep your diff, transmission and transfer case box gear oils changed regularly and your truck will carry you for hundreds of thousands of reliable miles. Don't perform the maintenance and you will experience the costs for repairs that lack of maintenance eventually costs everyone.

The people who rate these trucks across the board as low quality, have either purchased a used vehicle which has not been properly maintained, then they experience the failure and repair expenses... OR the people buy them expecting them to have the creature comforts of a Denali, when they were never intended for that market niche.

The air conditioners in these trucks are marginal at best. BUT if you have one replaced and you take your truck to a cheapee national garage chain to repair it... they probably aren't putting the 2-3 ounces of compressor oil in the pumps during installation and they burn up. A new compressor, installed on these trucks should never cost you more than $700 even at today's market prices. If you paid more... you got robbed and didn't do your homework. Don't complain about it being your truck's fault.

I love my Tracker. It is reliable, capable and dependable. Not to mention it still gives me 24MPG on the highway even after all the modifications I have added to it such as higher differential gears, a rear mechanical locker, OME suspension, larger tire mud tires, etc. For a bare-bones little truck with basically just air conditioning and a radio, the hi-Lo transfer case enables it to go where some Jeeps cannot even travel. You can't find trucks of this quality on the market anymore. I'll keep mine. Thank you very much.
I am the original and only owner of my 2003 Chevy Tracker LT (2.5 ltr) model and now have 169,852 miles on it.

I am very happy overall with this vehicle. At 155k did I start to have oil leak issues, stemming from my valve cover gasket. The only low mileage issue I had was the battery cables to the engine go out and that cost me $290.

Other than wear and tear on brakes, no big issues.

I change oil regularly and do not abuse the vehicle.

The exterior paint is peeling off, and I noticed that at around 145k, but that depends on waether and how often it is washed/waxed, but really think it's just he way paint is.

This suv has been extremely reliable!
overall I've been satisfied with my tracker. it's simple and easy to work on. so far, after 2 years I have only had to buy a battery and tires. in some places the paint is coming off.normal.
I love my tracker which originally came from Michicagan.
Seriously, I bought this car when it was 1 year old in 2001. It has been by far the best car I have ever owned. It now has 141,000 miles on it. I just replaced the catalytic converter, the serpentine belt, the brake pads and shoes, & the air filter and she is running like a brand new car. I still have a few other maintenance things to do like diagnose the AC and the Shocks/Struts. Once those are done she will really purrrrr!
This is the second Tracker that I've owned, fist was a 1992, both new when purchased. I have 70,000 on my 02 & have performed all of my scheduled maintenance. I have never had a problem with either and am completely satisfied. When I turn the key, it takes me where I've wanted to go.
best car I've ever owned I bought it used it used eight years ago and I've never had a problem the only cost was consumables.
I bought my tracker used and have it for 5 years now and I love it. However we have had a few minor issues mostly just to do with proper care and maintenance that all vehicles go thru.
However we have had one annoying issue nothing mechanical it has to do with a constant wet front passenger floor board. Not sure where the water is coming from we have checked the drain hose from the A?C We have replaced the condensor and Air conditioner with all new hoses? Where can our leak be coning from?
I have owned this used from a dealer it sat in the lot for over a year I learned later when the idle arm pulley went. They changed it because it was under warranty but I replaced serpentine belt about 7 times due to not be in alignment. The AC condenser went that cost around $900 bucks no warranty. Then it went a year later now no AC. the car has 114,000 on it now and I have changed oil on a regular basis. The car runs like a top but it does drift in high winds. Good gas mileage 24 mpg on highway. Good small SUV with 4x4 features hi/lo transfer case. Cars these days are few and far between with AWD instead of 4x4.
I have an 2001 Chevy Tracker,that I bought when it had 49,000 miles and had been wrecked. Front grill and bumper needed to be replaced. The insuance company total it out, so it has a rebuilt title. I have not had any major problems with this Tracker, what it has been doing in the last 3 years is the lights will flicker inside and outside, so I think I may have a voltage regulator going out. Just this summer with our hot temperture we had, it started to not start after driving a while or would die if I let it idle.If I let it set for 15-20 minutes, than it would start up and run without a miss. Will be replacing the camshaft sensor. I will not complain about this auto because it now has 207,000 miles and the oil has not been changed for over 19,000 miles, but winter is coming up and i need to get it ready....Also this is the second tracker that I have owned the other was a 1993 it had over 200,000 miles when I sold it to my sister and she still drives it. The only repair on it was a new alternator. I love my trackers....
worst car i ever bought. in less than 6 months the engine needed to be replaced and the place i bought from dosnt cover it. its an over all bad car that i couldnt even recomend for any of its features.
This thing is a true SUV, with an emphasis on utility. I bought it used (but well maintained) and find it very good for what it is. It's currently got 120K miles and I'm going to redo the shocks/struts, as it just sways a bit. As it really is designed for off road (and is RWD when the 4WD is not engaged), it does tend to wander a bit in the wind on bridges.
Best liked car we ever owned. Towed many times behind motorhome with 4wd in neutral. A pleasure to drive. Also had 19 99 tracker identical body and features, towed many thousand miles. Our second best liked car.
This car is one of the worst cars I've ever owned! Piece of crap.
The most dependable vehicle I have ever owned.
My only complaint is the rough ride, but what can you expect from a short wheel base four wheel drive. The windshield seem to be a rock magnet.