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Chevrolet Equinox (37 Reviews)
Don’t buy an equinox. Our problems started 1 year after we bought it. In and out of the shop constantly for engine problems after 10,000 miles...had to have the engine replaced at 50,000. Also had to have 2 transmissions totally replaced. Had to replace the exhaust manifold...broke in 2... and replace the air conditioning condenser. Like the body and interior, but if you are looking for a reliable car, this is not it... I will never buy GM again...
2012 Equinox LTZ--Had to replace the timing chain and water pump at about 80,000. A couple of weeks later, a cam sensor. All Warranty....but would have been $2700 otherwise. Burned a lot of oil...was told to bring it in prior to 120,000 and they would replace the pistons under extended warranty to solve the oil burn. When I got there they said it wasn't covered and they wouldn't/didn't do it. I have 3 payments to go, and the car will be 5 years old in May. March of 2017 the engine had a catastrophic failure (136,000). Over the last 35 years, neither my wife nor I have ever had a car with a catastrophic engine failure. I was forced to put a new engine in and opted for a new one with a 100,000 mile warranty. $5000.
Had to replace wheel sensor for stabiltrack at 3000 miles not covered under warranty! &725.32 and same problem showed up at 40000 miles, not replacing this time!!!!

$10.00 Quart of oil every 1000 miles, Chevy replaced 1 (ONE) piston, gasket and timing chain!

Runs worse then before, idles at 500 rpm and has no get up and go,,, funny still has the same problem!

I will NEVER buy another Chevy again!!!!!!!! Am now trading it in for a foreign made car~
At around 40,000 miles everything started falling apart. Moisture accumulated in the headlamp area, causing me to have to replace the bulbs every year. Have to replace at dealer because entire grill has to come off to replace. Cost of approx. $75.00 per bulb. Mirror covers on both visors broke off within the first couple of years (I do not have any small children, broke just by opening them). Leather seats ripped on side of both driver's and passenger's seats. Turn signal lever broke at around 60,000 miles. Electric door locks started going at around 50,000 miles, first driver's side, now rear and front passenger sides both out. Cost to replace approx. $375 each. 85,000 miles the heater started smelling and pushing steam into the vehicle. Steam coming through all vents. Service stabilizer light came on around 70,000 miles and went off next day. Came back on a couple of times a few months part. Check engine light then came on. Had to replace EGR valve. So far service stabilizer light has stayed off but it has only been one week. The air conditioning does not stay on when you shut the car off. When you turn the car on, you always have to turn air back on. This was my FIRST and will be my ONLY GM vehicle. I had a Ford Expedition with 226,000 miles on it that I didn't have nearly the trouble with. My Equinox only has 95,000 miles, but like I said, the trouble started around 40,000 miles, except moisture in headlamps, that started almost right away. I did ask GM to repair because I have seen several others with the moisture and it seems to be a defect, but they refused.
Bought new in June 2010. I have the 2.4 engine. At 29000 the motor was replaced under warranty. Since then I have had to replace a wheel bearing , and the heat blender actuator. The rear window defroster works when it wants to. The resonator has also rusted out and the driver side doors are starting to rusting at the bottom seams. I live in northern Ohio. I have not had a car rust this fast since the 70's. I have owned at least one GM vehicle since the 70's. This is the last GM I will own.
Had the traction control issue for over a year. Many trips to the mechanics to find the problem. The problem was a connection on left side of the motor mounted on the frame. It had come loose. Now we have an oil pressure coming on and off.
solid vehicle. will fill any need
Bought new LTZ started having problems within 2 weeks after purchase, had wheel hub replaced. Within a month started having problems with the electrical system. Passenger seat broke, dealer would not fix. Both covers fell off mirrors on visors, cup holders broke,"leather" seats cracked and ripped. Air conditioner and heater went out cost $1500.00 to repair. After 3 months of driving this vehicle I begged GM to just buy it back from me because I wasn't in a position to trade and I could not sell it to anyone with all the problems. Would never buy another GM product!!

my 2008 equinox keeps giving the message 1) traction control check 2) stablilink and the picture of a motor has recently started and is constantly on. What's happening!!!!

This SUV is a joy to drive; however, I've had several problems with it. For 3 weeks now it's been in the shop constantly. But hey! You'll have car trouble with any car.
I have a 2010 Equinox and love the car except for one major flaw. At 45000 miles, I had trouble getting the key out of the ignition. Each week it would be more difficult until the key would not come out. This is complicated by the fact that the key is left in the accessory
postion and drains the battery dead! After 650 dollars to "fix" six months ago, (new solenoid) it appears the problem has returned!
I have 45000 on my 2013 equinox and after a few months I noticed lots of road noise I discovered the roof window caused most of the sound,it doesn't close completely towards the back of the car.I had to put latex sealant and foam to stop the noise.I drive a lot on rural and dirt roads.The suspension feels hard and bumps are felt hard.There is a lot of road noise on highways.They will have to redesign the suspension and stop the road noise to get me to buy another equinox.

we bought thi8s ve3hicle new in Dec 31, 2012. We love the vehicle except for two issues, the first is the 4 cyl. engine, if I had to do it over again I would have bought the 6 so I could pull our travel trailer of 2400 lbs. The second is I paid our dealership to install a hitch and wire harness for trailer. The trailer lights work fine but will not work on utility or boat trailers even with new lights and
and trailer wiring. I think you should request the curtis wiring harness be installed if you buy one. We currently get 26 miles to the gallon highway and we now have 13,100 miles.
I know a lot about cars so I thought I needed to changed my ignition switch cylinder and I did but when I turned the key a light on the dashboard came on that said lock, there a key code that I need to know about and if so where can i find this key code is there anybody that can tell me.Thank-you in advanced. desperately needing help with this one. from Cj
Bought 2010 Equinox new...(now has 36,600 miles) had no problems while it was under warranty with the exception of the tire monitoring system. Then, received a notice from Chevrolet about the software update required for the engine oil monitor. Took it in a little over a week ago. Since then the A/C does not cool and the shifter started Drive and can only move to the Neutral position (strange coincidence...huhhh???). Can turn off...but, the key cannot be removed from the ignition. After 30 minutes of wiggling the shifter...finally got it into Park and could then remove key. Since it was Easter Sunday weekend...everything was closed so could not get it, had to cancel weekend trip. Real good timing.... :(
I loved my 2010 Eqinox but it had a bad shake sometimes going down the road and one time when my husband was driving it the steering would not work it just wouldnt engauge to turn he almost hit the ditch. Then on Sunday before christmas 2012 I was driving it going about 35 miles an hour and the steering locked up and I hit the ditch. a ditch full of snow and it ended up totalling out my car now I have no wheels and I thought at first I was just imaging the steering but once I stopped shaking I knew. Has anyone else had this problem with there Equinox?
My wife and I love this car. We purchased it used in 2009 with 41,000 miles on it. It is the LT trim with towing. This is a great vehical for a family of 4 on a budget. It's peppy V6 gets avg. 23 mpg highway and 20 in town. I have no fear getting on the interstate or passing on a two lane. Was not impressed that the rotors needed replacement at 45,000 or the front struts at 70,000. The turning radius leaves alot to be desired as well. That being said, this car also functions as our truck, towing our pop-up camper, 12' landscape trailer, and hauling construction materials in the fold down back seat. It takes what we throw at it with stride. Has not let me down yet. Kudos Chevy!
Over 30,000 miles and not one problem! Love my car. Highly recommend to anyone. Lots of space. Love the sunroof! 26.2mpg
We have over 11800, miles on our equinox. Service traction
control lights keep coming on. What does this mean? We have had no problems with our car, we keep it serviced, oil change regulurly, etc.
2005 Equinox
Car is great overall, but as with some other owners, the car door locks by itself and alarm can go off. Experienced the driver's exterior handle to enter car coming off. Very inconvenient and need to have it repaired. Have AWD and love it. Moved from the Midwest to TX and this past winter the AWD was a tremendous lifesaver due to icy roads and in general, bad drivers that TX is known for.
Connectors at wires to fans have lost connection. This makes the AC not work. You have to jiggle the connectors at the fan and they will come on and this makes the fans work. Both fans on the engine side have same problem. Other problem was door handle on drivers door broke internally. $32 for a new door handle and $55 to paint it to match the car color. Door handle is all plastic. Poorly made product.

vehicle rides great, very quiet and tight. electronics great.
have had to replace wheel sensor for stabiltrack at 300 m.
Chevy made a great car! I own the AWD model and it is fantastic! We rarely need the all wheel drive, but its always there when we need it! We live in upstate new york so we've seen our fair share of snow storms. This car handles great in the difficult conditions, has a fair / high safety rating, and sits up high enough to keep the road more than visible for miles to come (depending on conditions of course) The 2005 model has a few shortcomings, like the trunk space being taken up by plastic pillars designed to hold the tray across the top of the trunk compartment. What a waste of space. I find stow away storage compartments to be lacking on this vehicle - but the overall size and roomy ride is more than adaquate for my growing family of 4. 5 adults can easily fit in this car! Theres no problem with hips in the back or front seats!
After owning this car for 4 years now our gas mileage is averaging around the 18 mile per gallon mark. We drive mostly city stop and go(75%) and some highway milege (25%) So I wish that were better, but it is a heavy All Wheel Drive vehicle. The seats have held up well and all in all it's a great family and FUN small SUV.
I purchased a new Equinox Sport in 2008. Lots of performance, very torqy and fun to drive. The turning radius on this car is HORRIBLE! You cannot park it without jockeying the car several times to get into a normal parking spot. Forget about parrallel parking. At about 60k the problems started. Drivers side window and pwr. door locks quit working. A bit of investigation found 3 broken wires in the flexible housing between the door and A-pillar. $300 for a new door harnness and back to work. At 66k, the cam position sensor and crank timing sensors failed. Replaced but did not fix the issue. Turned out to be a blocked oil passage near a cam bearing. (None of these were covered by the 100k mile warranty) P.S. I have always purchased GM and have never owned anything but GM. Next time might be a different story.
I love my car. When I think about getting a new car, it is not because of need, but only want. This car drives just as smoothly as when I bought it 4 years ago.
If I break down and decide to buy again, the Equinox is still at the top of my list... but next time I think I will get it in black :)
I truly love my Equinox. It is roomy and rides smooth. The only complaint is I can't get the interior lights to come on when I open the doors. I did everything the manual luck! However, they do come on if I push the interior reading lights. Any ideas???
Had this truck for almost a year, and LOVE EVERY MINUTE I SPEND BEHIND THE WHEEL!!! It drives very well. Handles like a mid-level sedan (some body lean at times), has AWESOME gas mileage, and is VERY dependable! The interior is practically CAVERNOUS. I could probably fit my former PT Cruiser in there with the rear seats folded down, and still have room for a passenger up front. The Traction Control is a dream to have, even on the FWD drivetrain. I have seen better than average gas mileage on both city and highway. I'd recommend that synthetic oil be used in the motor, since the oil has a longer useful life than conventional oil. The Equniox is an absolute joy to drive and own! If I had the money, I would most definitely purchase another one!!!!
Purchased 2010 Equinox, 4 cyl, 2/2010. Love it. Plenty of room for 4 passengers plus lots of gear. Smooth, quiet ride. Only down side is minimal - would like interior lights for rear passenger use. Have to illuminate entire interior if a rear passenger needs light for something.
overall love the vehicle...It definately is spacious,comfortable and easy driving!! I would definately purchase another Equinox.