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Chevrolet Aveo (72 Reviews)
Bought a used 2011 Aveo LT with 30 thousand miles. Overall, the car performs as a compact front wheel drive car does. The mileage is average and comfort is at bare minimum. Tire pressure indicator always lit: annoying... seat belts that refuse to retract properly causing the door to bounce off the buckle half the time instead of just closing: aggravating... The check engine light indicator that stays lit for no apparent reason: Infuriating!!! When driving at 65 and over, beware of strong winds... On the road, in a split second I was literally jerked into the next lane by a strong gust of wind. But other then that, it's not a bad little car.
One gets what one pays for. Low air tire pressure light on since I've had it. Putting air in tires does no good. Have changed serpintine belt twice. Over 65 mph car squeals like a pig. Heavy wind causes hard driving to keep on road. Passenger front door starting to rust in middle of door. Had to have two sections of exhaust replaced. Front end needs alignment. Garage wants $1350 says everything is worn out? Reputable place so I wonder? Check engine light comes on. Checked and it comes back rear oxygen sensor. Light goes on and off sometimes stays on a month stays off a month. Finally bought the part and when I walked out of store and started car light went out. Its been a couple months now light has stayed off have not changed sensor, still have, needs special open end socket. Past summer changed brakes and put on new rotors, right after alignment started giving me problems. Engine, very little power. Winter time takes long time for heater to put out heat.
I bought my 04 Aveo in August of 2013 with 65000 miles for $5500. We immediately replaced the timing belt based on reports that it goes at about 60000 miles.
Since then I have repaired all of the following:
Catalytic convertor (2x, burned out in 6 months due to engine running too rich)-$1300 (second time it was under warranty)
O2 sensor-$100
Spark plugs/fuel injectors $200
Major leak in rear main seal $1100
New tire $80
Gasket leak $100
Water pump, timing belt, whole new cylinder head $2700 (timing belt was just out of warranty)

Turned a $5500 car into an approximately $11000 car

Performance issues:
poor handling
poor acceleration
worse acceleration if the heat or AC is running
random misfire
suspension is horrible
2008 Chevrolet Aveo
Bought this car for my wife, 29February2008. She agreed that she wanted this 'Silver Girl'. Just arrived from SE Georgia to Rhode Island, January2015, 58K miles. The car's performance was very impressive, thanks to front wheel drive. It treated us very well. I would recommend this model car to anyone. You are right though, it goes through 50K tires in 25k. I was told, "it's because you haven't rotated them, every oil change". Guess what, it's worked. Now as for the low tire air pressure light, you have to do a re-set when you rotate the tires according to the manual. One other problem that we're having is the passenger air bag light will not go off? I know that there is a mechanic 'out there' that knows a trick or two (probably could make some extra $$$) or just share with all of us (save us the dealer unwanted & unwarranted to them $$$) how to solve this problem "at home". Thanks Bennett Chevrolet. It was either the Aveo or the Cobalt... HE > i...
I bought 2 late model year 2008 AVEO LS Sedans w/Manual Trans. new. They run great. One has 117K on it now, and the other has 50K. Both cars still get 34 MPG. All highway use and you will get 34 even at 75-80mph. If driven hard combined HW/City is 29-31 MPG. Replaced shocks and struts early, added K&N air filter, and rest is stock. Tires last about 30-35K miles but they are cheap. Overall good value for the money. These have been the lowest maintenance cars I have ever owned.
this car is worst car I ever had, tire sensor light, is my biggest problem. check air pressure it's ok, take to Chevy dealer, waited three hours to tell it will cost 280.dollars,he said program sensor. another place told special tool uses to set it, so didn't have tool to help me. why do you put sensor in tire, piss people off, streets of Chicago have manholes known as potholes, want this sensor to be taken off my car, I WILL EVER buy A CAR WITH TIRE SENSOR.
I bought my 2007 Aveo 5 LS Hatchback in 2009, with 6125 miles on it (four of which were my test drive :) Overall I have been very happy with it though it did have it's first major issue at around 50,000 miles when the A/C compressor went out. Fortunately I purchased an extended warranty and all I paid was $100, instead of $1300 (P/L).

The most recent issue is earlier this week the driver's door lock knob broke off in my hand; the fix will be $113.

Last year the brake switch went out so I had no brake lights and had to put the key in the little opening and press down to get the car out of park. The fix was $104 (P/L).

Prior to that the serpentine belt needed replacing in 2012 which was $106 (P/L).

The gas mileage has been decent and it's a fun car to run around in; took a road trip to Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest National Parks and had fun zipping around.

The seats could be a bit thicker, but overall it is a comfortable ride.

I am concerned over the safety alert regarding the daytime running lamp switch/module that has been known to overheat and catch fire, and for which (they say) there is NO CURRENT FIX. The dealer said they don't know any more about it than I do--this does not inspire confidence.

I only hope the car holds up--I buy cars to keep them as long as possible and the extended warranty will expire 6/2015 when the loan is paid off and the car is 8 years old. I am seriously considering buying an additional warranty, though I hate the thought of taking on a warranty payment when I finish with the car payments.

For now,I still enjoy my 'peanut car' (I got a kick out of another poster calling it the same thing)--also known here as the copper penny, since I bought the 'burnt orange' color--great for the desert!

I just realized there is a separate section for the Aveo 5, so I posted this there as well.

I bought my Aveo brand new. After a couple of weeks it started to smell of rotten eggs. I couldn't use the heater or air conditioner because the smell would come into the car. Took it to the dealership and they denied smelling it. Did this 4 times before a man customer piped up and told them that they must all have sinus infections because the car stinks to high heaven. After 2 years of this, they finally looked at the catylitic converter and said it was falling apart. They replaced it. It still smells. They changed the oxygen sensor due to a recall. It still stinks. Complained to GM and they told me they refuse to deal with the problem any more. The car has 25k miles on it and it needs new tires and had to replace the brake light switch. I get lousy gas mileage. This car is a lemon but am not in a position to buy a new car. I was really upset to find out the car was made in Korea. If I do buy another car, it will not be a GM product.
After 120000 miles ive just had y first problem with my 2004 aveo, Started to missing and skipping on take off, got it home and pulled the spark plug wires and looked down the holes at
the plugs and oil was around all the plugs with 2 of them having oil atleast half way up on the plugs
Worst car ever!!!! Stay away!!!
I have a 2010 Chevrolet Aveo Hashback the tire wear is not good. I have had to replace all 4 tires 2x. The last set of tires have only 6,237 miles the tires are 40000 mile tire. They have to be replaced because they wearing out fast. I also have a 2009 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan the car is also wearing out tires. These cars are not good for tire wear. Why did GM ever put these cars on the market? The problem is GM put 15 inch tire rims on these cars. GM engineers did not do the research very good before they put these Aveo's on the market. I bought both cars preowned. I had to replace tires on both cars 2 times. I will never buy a GM Aveo again.

Bought my 2006 Chevy Aveo LS hatchback at the end of 2007 with 20k miles on it. Worst purchase I ever made. This car has had issues since the first week I had it, and spent more time in the shop than with me in the first months I owned it. I really wish I had been able to just return the car, especially given the severe drop in worth.
The throttle body/position sensor is faulty, despite replacements. Car does not respond to pressure on the gas pedal properly, causing it to shake and "stutter" even leading to it completely shutting off while driving at times. Gas mileage is rarely over 25 mpg, even on the highway, due to these issues.
I've also had to have the airbag replaced due to a "recall", though that was covered there have been consistent issues with airbag sensors. Each of these costs almost $300 and can only be replaced by the dealership due to the reprogramming needed following replacement. Both the front wheel-bearings have gone way before their time despite no accidents or other traumas to the vehicle. Each of these repairs cost me over $400.
Other issues include poor insulation resulting in significant road noise, particularly on the highway. Ineffective car-jack provided, it was unable to lift the car to the necessary height to remove the tires when needed.
These are just a few of the issues I've had with this car over the years. Over the last year alone I spent almost $2000 in unexpected repairs, and now there is another $1500 to be done. That is ON TOP of regular maintenance costs, which I keep up with as well.
I bought this vehicle because of its cost effectiveness and decent gas mileage. Neither of these have been the case, and I am very disappointed. Its no wonder that Chevy discontinued this model. Too bad the dealerships will only give about $1000 for the ones they sold.
Safe to say: This was the worst purchase I've ever made, and I am highly unlikely to purchase another vehicle from Chevy.
I bought my aveo used w/5k miles on it. Cost was $7500 after trading in a boat anchor of an escort on it... six years later it has 142,000 miles and still runs like a champ and delivers 38-40 mpg. For the money I have no complaints. Been a great car. Looks like I will get to 200k. Upside, the car is pretty fun to drive. It does well in snow if you stay on the ball, the tail does like to wag a bit. (can you say"drifting?" ;D )Downside, the front end suspension is noisy, it eats tires, (I really drive sanely,have not had this problem before) usually only 30k out of 60k rated treadwear. Overall, I have really come to like this little car.
Brought 2009 new. At 1st with heater on it smell rotton. but the smell went away about 6,000 miles on it. Great gas mileage. 33 miles city driving. 37 on highway. One thing really wrong. on some days with the wind just right I get exhaust fumes in the car. could be driving at 55mph and smell fumes.
the tires on it only lasted 15,000 miles. and looking for new tires I found the tire size was off size and not much of a price range on makes of tires. I look at one size bigger on tires and got a hugh sorted of makes and price range. I went to one size bigger and so far got 20,000 miles on the tires and still are good. I am worried because all the problems I heard about the car. hope I don't have any more problems.
2005 Chev Aveo
Purchased in Sept. '04. WONDERFUL car. LS hatchback
currently 72K. Thermostat went at 49K, had timimg belt changed at that time as due at 50K. I have oil changes every 3,000 with synthetic oil. everything original on car except tires and front brakes(at 47K). On highway trips to NC and VA get 43 mpg. in city driving more like 27mpg. Only issue is clear coat peeling off of air foil, rest of car is fine. I have used car to haul lumber, brick, furniture, you name it. will keep this car to 200K+ if possible then get another one:)
I bought this car used in the middle of december for $6200 and 6 months later i was told it was valued at $2800!
6 Weeks after i purchased my vehicle the rear-passenger shoe broke, literally in half! I had to have it towed an hour from where i lived to the dealership. Even though it was after my warranty they were kind enough to fix my problem for free.
Exactly one week later, the same tire started making a screeching grinding noise similar to hitting your brakes on ice! they again fixed the problem for me (blaming themselves). Yet a week later, the exact same noise was happening. I have had this car for 7 months now, and i have had the exact same brake worked on 18 times. No one seems to be able to fix the problem and GM won't recall it. If anyone else is having this problem please e-mail me! I'm trying to talk to GM now and it would help if others had the same problem!
Purched new on dealers lot. Within a few months the interior light by the On Star buttons burned out. Replaced it my self. With less then 10,000 miles on it I had to return two times to the dealer to re-aleign the front passenger door due to door hitting fender when in open position. Getting poor gas milage even although I do a lot of coasting as much as possible. Had plugs and boots replaced due to factory recall. Increased milage a little. So far no major problems, with only 15,700 miles on car, but with all the super bad problems that I've been reading about this car, I'm really worried , wondering when my problems will start. One last thought, if you read on your window sticker when you bought the car new you will see that it was made in KOREA, NOT by GM in the U.S. So all of you that are turned off GM, just made sure that if you buy another Chev or other GM car, just make sure that it was MADE IN THE U.S.A.
Bought two in 2004. A stick shift for $9K, An automatic for $10K.
Stick shift now @ 73K NO PROBLEMS AT ALL .

The automatic now @150K , thermostat housing leak @ 70K , daytime running light relay works sometimes & one front wheel bearing bad now @ 150K .

Two cheap reliable cars. Do the maintenance as required , don't abuse them and with any luck years of reliable service .
I have had this car since it was new, purchased in 2005 (LT model 4 door). I currently have 95,000 miles on it. For the most part, I am very satisfied with the vehicle. For the cost of it when purchased (with a trade in, out the door at $10k), I have gotten my money's worth. I have had some problems with it. I had a recall on the valves being over-machined during production, but took it to Chevy and they squared it away. I had an accident that caused some unibody damage, and ever since then I do have uneven wear on the tires. I have only replaced the brakes two times on the front end, and I don't think I ever have on the back. I have had to replace belts, had the transmission replaced at 60k miles (due to a tow company improperly towing, not the car itself). I have had issues with the brake lights (both ABS and Parking Brake), but there are no issues with the brakes themselves or sensors (electrical?). I think there are electrical issues with the cars. I have replaced rear shocks (and even shock mounts). But all in all, I can't complain too much. I would purchase one again.
2008 Aveo; The EGG. I am having the same problems the other owners had. AC/heat only work on high. Tires wearing out. Alignment needed often. Icame to this site to find out about an AC Clutch relay and found these comments, which Described exactly what I have been gong through. Surely Chevy knows about these problems, but I am with the majority/the customers/us,... This is my last one too.
Can anyone give me directions to the nearest Toyota dealership?
I have an 04 Chevy Aveo I bought new,almost 150,000 on it now . I'm on the 2nd time belt , did the "kit" the 2nd time (water pump, tensioner and belt) .I have had to replace the radiator due to not putting distilled water back in a few years ago when I changed the anti freeze..(lesson learned) Over all been happy with the car , I knew it was Korean made from the start (Daewoo). I get between 31 and 37 mpg wish it was more these days and hope to easily take it to 200k+ before I replace it. The new Sonic has caught my eye :-)
Beware, Timing belt goes and so do the valves and possilbe engine Damage.Replace the belt NOW or your in for a big expense 2K or more!!!!! Gas milage overated. Got better in a 98 Escort that I wish I'd kept.
I purchased my 2006 Chevy Avio brand new. Completed all scheduled maintenance. Engine blew at 64,000 miles in 2009 and had to be replaced. Since the warranty on 2006 was 60,000 miles, Chevy would do nothing. Since then, nothing but problems with the master computer and check engine lights & a wide variety of electrical issues. A piece of junk. I have spent upwards of $3,000.00 to keep it running, and still owe $4,000.00 on a car with a value of just about nothing. If I had known this car was not a Chevy (ie American built), but is actually built in Korea, I would never have purchased it. What a lemon. Buyer beware
hi, I also have a 2006 Chevy Aveo that I bought from used Chevy dealership in my town. I love the car. I have had to replace blower motor for a/c which went out. I have owned the car now for about 4 years and have over 98,000 miles on it. Bought it with 43,000 miles. Also I have read other articles that the driver side door lock has a tendency to fall inside the door after a while and low and behold mine did the same thing. Unfortunately no warranty on the vehicle so I will be stuck with getting that fixed. Right now it is a pain to unlock the passenger door and reach across and unlock driver door from inside. But I live with it for now.
purchased a new 2009 Aveo in late 2009, no frills version, 20 some miles on it. in two years it now has 2000 miles on it ( we don't go much ) but at 1950 +/- miles, the clutch goes out... Dead at a stop light, can't move either direction. Dealership picked it up, had it for 4 days, said it was good to go. Tech desc was: clutch disc came apart ruined pressure plate and flywheel assembly, replaced clutch disc pressure plate and flywheel assembly. filled trans with fluid. Picked it up drove good home. Found a few days later the reverse safety interlock was not working... HOW: At a stop light in neutral, shifted into what we thot was 1st gear and bam, started going backwards. thank god no one was behind us. Talk about a law suit in the making. Took back to dealership who worked on it for two hours. Tech said its good to go, test it out ( made me wonder why i had to test it out ) but hopped in, did not use the interlock ring and went into reverse. After some &*$%&#*$# and slamming the key down, The service tech even had problems finding 1st gear. THEY DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO TEST DRIVE AFTER WORKING ON IT A 2ND TIME WHEN THEY KNEW WHAT THE ISSUE WAS. The car is great on gas mileage, but my wife does not want to drive it once it gets back home, and actually, I am not comfortable with her driving it, or for that fact, neither am I driving it. Since under warranty there was no charge... 805.87 for the initial visit on the invoice... I don't have the invoice for the 2nd trip in front of me, but it was no charge either. Interesting to see what the 3rd invoice will show. but I have lost faith and trust in this car completely. It IS fun to drive and the stock stereo rocks, but I have no trust in it anymore and as I and others have said, paint it LEMON yellow and i can't wait to trade it off.
Hi . I have a big problem with chevrolet aveo 2007 ,
I'm form saudiarabia and I changed the engine for the aveo from
the Scraping shop (Second Hand Parts) I bought an used engine for aveo 2010
the first week its worked very good no problems at all after that
I was driving on the highway and the car turned off the fuel and the heat
pedals goes down and I stopped at the side turned the switch on and
its not working so I towed it back to the Scraping shop and they fix it
the guy that fix it said its the camshaft sensor getting low Electricity power
and that cause the EMS1 fuse burned if the engine turned off again
change the EMS1 fuse and its will work again after 6 days
its turned off again and I changed the EMS1 fuse and its worked for 10 second
and its burned again and I change it again and its burned
I asked lots of workshop's and they said they don't know what the problem is
and I didn't change the camshaft sensor
I bought my 2005 Chevy Aveo about a year ago. I have had nothing but problems with it. The spark plug wires broke and had to be replaced 3 months after I bought it, the check ingine light came on because one of the seals is bad, I have had to change the breaks 2 times, the control arm bushings are bad and the bearings need to be replaced. This car is a big headache. It is costing more to fix then its worth. I think its pretty funny that all these things went wrong after the warranty was up. If this is what an American company does to Americans then they deserve to go BK. Thanks Chevy for a great car!!!! NOT!!!