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I purchased (rescued) my roughly mistreated baby from a shady dealership in South Gate, CA after being recently T-boned in my 2011 Crowned Jewel of a Camaro, Veronica. She was pronounced dead the following week, but she had been THE MOST RELIABLE car that I have ever owned, never needing even the slightest repair in the nearly 3 years that she was with me.

I knew that if I got ANYTHING other than a Veronica 2.0 I would absolutely loathe it. Unfortunately, my current credit situation has been in a state of flux lately, and although I certainly wasn't planning on needing to buy another car now, or EVER for that matter, my hand was being forced. After being taken for a ride and playing the "it's at one of our OTHER lots" followed by the "it's just been sold, but how about this one?" game, I met The Parabola and found a surprisingly clean CarFax report for her. I could tell that she had been abused by her former driver, and I wasn't able to get up to a fast enough speed during the test drive to find the wobble in the front end, but I could tell that the engine was solid and that she needed a good home. Plus, she was going to be my only real option of getting back into a Camaro as there just WEREN'T any other Black Automatic LS Gen5 Camaros available that I had any hope of being approved for. You don't go from 2.99% to 19.95% unless you are in a bad position, and these guys advertised that they would finance practically ANYBODY. So, it was her or nothing.

More ACTUAL review to come after I've spent more time with her:

She's spent these first couple weeks getting some minor work done, and an alignment resolved the wobble! She now has all new tires and is about to get new brakes. The engine is STILL purring like a kitten when she's relaxed and roaring like an angry lion when she's on a mission, and I can already tell that once the small issues are finally handled that she's going to be just as content and low-maintenance as her predecessor. After all, I may not have been the first to own her, but I AM the first to love her. Cars can tell whether or not you care for them, and they're prone to acting up much more often for drivers who tend to disparage or mistreat them. Just watch Poltergeist 2!
Having been a Camaro driver for years 1980, 1984,1985 and recently 2002. These cars are extremely reliable. A real Camaro lover takes care of their cars and understands these cars are a good investment as far as cars go. So much I just purchased a 2002 to slightly restore. I feel good about spending money on these cars as I know I will see more of my money back than just any make model car. Love these cars
Looks like a cool car I would like to try out.
I have had my Camaro since new. I have had only one problem that was the automatic tranny went out. Other than that the Master cylinder went out at 19 years. the power window went out at 19 years the ac went out at 15 years. I think thats a heck of record.
I owned a 1995 z28 convertible a 2001 camaro SS and a 2002 camaro z28, ran them like crazy but always performed maintenance to them like the typical oil, trans fluids, tires, brakes stuff like that, no problems, was stuck in a blizzard in Montana with my SS and it stayed on the road fine and did not die while others were on the ditch line or stuck. these cars are under rated. Other than an occasional window motor going out no major problems, the car saved my life several times. I love them, best cars on earth in my opinion. I upgraded one with cam and all the bells and whistles and she still has been reliable for the past 2 years since the horse power buildup.
My Camaro has began smoking and has a weird smell of burning oil it cuts off when I am driving. If there is anyone who can help with advice please respond.
my 1994 camaro will turn over and try to start but will not keep fuel pressure even thou we have just bought a brand new feul pump all lines have been cleaned and we have no leaks so i do not understand what is amader please help?
1990 camaro...replacedwheel bearingsbut once you get to about 55 or 60 it feels like the wheel is going to fall off...dont know what else to do to fix it....any ideas camaro lovers....
Bought car 7 years ago with 73K miles and now have 197k, other than normal wear and tear maintenance items, i.e. alternator, air conditioner, power window motors, water pump, oil pan leak, and convertible top, it has been an inexpensive car to drive. It is in great shape and FUN to drive, after 14 years on the road it still shines like new, but it is time to reupholster the seats. It's a great car and I will hang on to it till the wheels fall off.
I own 3 of these cars and all are over 200k miles never really had any major issues on one i had to replace the distributor but only because my meth injection hose blew off and sprayed the entire engine area with methanol and some got into the distributor, which methanol causes things to rust extremely quickly so that problem was more my fault not the car. the distributor also does not go out as easily as allmons makes it seem. These cars can go an extremely long time with no problems. I saw a camaro dead on the side of the road last month but that was driver error the guy hydrolocked it trying to get through a few feet of water which reached to the airbox. So if you like parking your car in puddles the distributor will go out other then that it will chug along for over years.
The LT1 reverse coolant flow engine is an unmitigated disaster. Over heating problems are rampant. Weak transmission, shoddy build quality, continually failing components inside AND outside. Even the decals and exterior badges are of inferior quality! Engines often require rebuild with 75000 to 125000 miles. Transmission failure all but guaranteed around 100,000 miles. This car is fun when everything works, but totally impractical and a HUGE investment. You will keep after market parts suppliers in business, and yet you will still be frequently stranded! Icing on the cake - the distributor notoriously fails and costs around $1100 for the dealer to replace. For a fast, fun and dependable ride - look elsewhere, my friend!!!!!
Great looking car and very reliable. As long as u keep up with regular maintenance this car can blow past 200k miles without any major problems. The handling and interior of the car is not the best in the world but outside its a great looking car and in a straight line will blow past every car in its class.
I love my 95 z. ive had many from 67 68 69s to 95s. my 69 was my all time favorite but this 95 i just got....bada55 i tell ya. it was built on a
I have a 1997 Z28 30th Anniversay Edition. Love This Car!!!!!! What a fun ride. Other than regular maintenance, I have only had to replace the power window motor, rear pinion, and manifold gasket. Car has 130,000 miles and runs like the day I bought it.
overall very reliable. windshield wipers intermittently stop. over 220,000 miles with no serious drive train problems.
my car sucks and i want to cry im a 29 yr female saved money to buy a camaro had it for 3 weeks and broke down on me i have no money and i want to blow it up can u find bin laden for the job thanks
ls1 with t-56 is a fun combination. cheapest\fastest car for the money. interior sucks. nice paint from factory though. engine is bullet proof, tranny acts different depending on the weather. handling sucks, this car wants to go fast in a straight line, thats about it. comfortable ride even on long trips, good mileage. car doesn't stop very good. always passes smog with flying colors.
2001 series 2 3.8L v6 5 spd. easy on the eyes and the wallet. great M.P.G
A fantastic machine
I have a '92 Z-28 5.0L Tuned Port Injection, 5 Speed manual, T-tops. I love this car, it is fun. I first bought the car in Germany and ran the auto-bahns for two years before bringing her home to the states. With the 245ZR-16 tires, handling was fantastic, the car squatted down at high speeds and stuck to the road. Under 110 MpH I generally get around 30 mpg highway. Braking could be improved as stopping from high speeds does take a bit of work. I replaced the original tops with glass as the plexi-glass flexed. I have also replaced the stock exhaust with 3" stainless pipe, high flow cat, Flow Master 80, single in/dual out, and recently added a MSD 6A and MSD coil. The A/C was converted to R-134 about 10 years ago, still blows cold with no leaks or compressor problems. The car now has around 56,000 original miles and the only problems have been related to prolonged periods of storage.
i love my Camaro
I have a 2000 Camaro and I adore her. Bought her in CA but now live in NJ...Yeah, go figure! But the CA emissions junk has not taken away from the power, git-up or hold this car has on the road. She will still walk up on any Mustang out there! It has been the most reliable car I have ever owned! The brakes, electric and exhaust systems have all been good to me, routine minimual maintenance all the way around. The tranny is as smooth as the day I drove it off the lot and this is now 9+ years later. I only have one thing to say and that is she is a pig when it comes to heating or A/C. Even recharging the system won't help folks so save your $$ and let the windows down till the A/C catches up! And the heat, well, she is a lizard waiting for the sun. The suspension is still solid and the steering is a joy...and I need that cause when I am walking up on that nice new Mustang...I want him to know he's been passed by royalty driven by a GIRL!
I have a 90' Camaro, as well as a 68' Camaro. The 1990 has been reasonably reliable, although the stock exhaust is terribly restrictive. I have since replaced the stock from headers to the dumps at rear axle, and the engine breathes a lot better now.

The brakes are adequate, but certainly nothing special. They are able to lock up the front tires, but that could be due to the skinnies I have up front.

The interior is there. That's about the best thing that can be said about it, I think. The obnoxious dash pad lip on the passenger side is an eyesore, and it seems GM thought Torx was the new cool thing, as they littered the interior with them. They even threw in a handful of fake torx head screws, to what, improve appearance, I suppose? Aside from the typical late 80's look, there is nothing essentially wrong with the interior. I suppose it just doesn't suit my taste.

The heater core on mine rusted out, and is currently bypassed, but the Air Conditioning performs admirably. Even on hot, 100+ degree days here in Texas, I'm able to keep the interior temperature comfortable.

As should be expected with such a nose-heavy car, there is horrible understeer. This was made worse of course, when the drag skinnies were installed up front. It isn't unmanageable with a decent set of sticky tires, but with normal high mileage tires, the understeer is horrible.

Suspension in both the front and rear have been replaced, and now work well for the application. Slightly stiffer front and rear springs drastically improved the handling.

After reading this review, it seems I came off as a person that hates the car, but in truth, it is probably the most fun to drive out of all the cars I've owned! It has quirks, and small issues that need to be addressed, but overall, is a great older sports car. I would definitely buy another if something happened to this one.
I love how fast my Camaro is. The Chevy engine has always been strong and the transmission has held up well through years of abuse. I have kept my camaro in the garage so it's still in nice shape. I have had some odd electrical issues with the interior lights but the car mechanically is great. I wish the brakes were stronger to help the car stop as quickly as it goes.
Very reliable auto
Bought one of these for my mom and she loved it very reliable now she has a honda but she says she always liked her camaro.
I love this car. It's so fun to drive and I've had no major problems.