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Chevrolet Cobalt (45 Reviews)
Fantastic car.
My biggest complaint is with O2 sensors. I've put 4 of them in there within 2 years. Knock on wood but it's been a few years and no check engine codes.

Some people act like they have a bum car if they got to put some money back into their car. You're gonna have to replace parts and the sooner you accept that the better you're gonna be.

I have an 05 Chevy Cobalt and it is a great car. Besides the O2 sensors I've replaced:
brakes, wipers, rotors, front/rear shocks, fuel filter, air filter, tires, headlights, turn signals, coil pack, sway bar links, map sensor, maf sensor and cleaned the throttle body. I do my oil at 3,000.

At 10 years old my car runs like it is brand new.
I just cleaned the throttle body and did the map and maf sensors and my transmission is like butter. You can't even feel when the transmission changes gear and the pickup is smooth and fast.

You have to take care of your car and treat it like the investment it is.
If you put no time and money back into your car then you deserve what you get when something goes bad. Put time and money into upgrading and improving and replacing parts and you'll have a car that runs better than the majority of 2 year old brand new cars.
I bought a used 2006 Cobalt coupe back in 2009 for my daughter with 63K on the odometer. Nearly 6 years later, we just traded it off with over 170K on the little thing. Had issues with the ignition switch and power steering but both were covered under recalls. I initially paid for the ignition switch repair but was reimbursed by GM following the recall. Minimal problems in nearly 110,000 miles of use. Had a lower control arm bushing go bad, the climate control module was replaced because the fan wouldn't work, put in a battery, 2 sets of tires and 1 set of brakes. Always started good, ran well, got exceptional mileage and drove smoothly. The interior was cheap but it wan't a luxury car. The thing still has no rust on it and that is saying something for spending it's life in MN. I was very happy with it and I still got about 1/3 of what I paid for it on trade. Some of the things I read on these reviews don't sound like real problems (ignition cylinder sticking? Huh?) and some just sounds like GM bashing. In my opinion, most modern cars will deliver reliable service if you just take care of them.
piece of crap chevrolet should be sued for selling this trash to people. Have bought my last two cars from them and have lost thousands of dollars and could have been killed. Will never buy anything else from them because they do not stand behind their products or warranties.
in 2012 I sold my wonderful yet old cavalier and bought a 2006 chevy cobalt... Ive regretted it ever since. The place I bought it completed all the appropriate recalls on it before they gave it to me. and yet the check engine light comes on whenever its cold outside, and goes off whenever i try to have it checked.

Ive had the diagnostics run multiple times but no matter what I have had fixed it never works. and then the beginning of this winter it began stalling, a lot. Until one day it wouldnt start. it was making this horrible loud ticking/clanking sound when I tried to start it. long story short, the timing chain (not belt) broke. Which supposedly should not break this soon.

This means I have to get a whole new motor. Now, I come from a family whos been faithful to Chevrolet. My cavalier was wonderful! but to be honest, if your looking into buying a Cobalt.... well...


because of the engine light/ stalling problem, Ive been looking into reviews, recalls, and much more about these cars. I am very disappointed with Chevrolet.

I should have bought a ford... and i hate fords. but i probably would have had a better vehicle then this. When I do manage to pull myself out of all the debt this junk car has put me in, I will NEVER EVER buy another chevrolet...

and to anyone who has had the same misfortune as I, well, maybe if we make enough noise chevy will stand up and and be held accountable for their mistakes.... one can only hope
All around great car, I love it!
I purchased a brand new 2010 Cheverlot Cobalt in October 2010 and I've experienced countless problems with it ever since. From the start I've encountered the following issues:

1) A/C unit that didn't work (didn't blow cool air) the first time it was turned on in April 2011. Same problem occured again in summer of 2012.
2) Improperly installed steering column which cause the vehicle to pull to the left
3) AUX audio jack that was loose causing the radio to switch to the AUX setting on it's own (usually when driving over a bump in the road or when taking a turn) as well as my ipod to cut in and out while running
4) Rear passenger doors that wouldn't close properly (had to use some force to close)
5) Poorly installed trunk (there's a 2" gap on the drive side, and none on the passanger side of it), should be even...

I had the 50,000km warranty with my vehicle, which I tried to take advantage of as the problems were mounting, one after the other. I took it to the service centre at the dealership at which it was purchased at several times, where I was told that the car was fine and that there weren't any problems with it. So I took it to another dealership service centre where they were able to "fix" a couple of the issues mentioned above, however the problems re-surfaced soon thereafter and continue to this day. My vehicle has since been driven more then 50,000km and now I am left with a faulty car with no warranty. As a result, I took it to a third party alignment specialist to get the steering column adjusted so that it drive straight (which it never used to). When I called the dealership and then GM Corporate to request reimbursement for all the repairs I had to pay for, I was told that they could not as I took it to an unauthorized service centre and I was basically S.O.L.

I advise anyone reading this to NEVER purchase GM product as their product and service is atrocious! I can go on about it all in more detail, but I won't. #lemonlaw
After owning Nissan's all my life I decided to give it a shot and purchase a Chevy. I now own a 2005 Chev Cobalt. I bought it used with 46,000 miles. Currently the car has 99,000 miles.
Although I have heard horror stories from other Cobalt owners I have had no major issues with my Cobalt. I make sure I keep up with the regular maintenance services; oil change, filters, canister, tires, and recently gave it a 100,000 mile tune-up and had the exhaust and fuel injector cleaned. Since I have owned the car I have only had two problems one of which has been resolved. The power steering would occasionally go out. I had it replaced at no cost to me due to the power steering recall. I only have one minor problem an that is the engine light recently went on. My guess from having checked on line and with a reliable mechanic the ignition coil will soon need to be replaced. Other than that my Cobalt runs great! Not only is the Cobalt comfortable for long trips it is also a huge gas saver and and I would recommend it to everyone! I LOVE MY COBALT!
I bought a used 2006 Cobalt (manual tranny) with 21k miles on it in 2010. It ran fine for 200 miles then had the fuel recall issue. They tried to pull that "your vin isn't in the range" crap with me too. Get in their face and threaten a lawsuit from lung cancer (gas fumes in car) and ignition source and they were all over it for FREE. At times when I come to a stop the Revs will shoot up to 2k and drop to 500. I just pull the butterfly out and clean it... works for about 3k miles. Check Engine light came on with 29k miles. Boyfriend disconnected it at the battery before we could read the code, so have no idea what that was. Wasn't running rough. Body Control Module? What the heck? I am the Body Control Module -- if I turn left the car better turn with me!! There are SO many sensors who knows what it was (smacking boyfriend). Other than that , it's got 29300 and no major probs yet. Even though low mileage it's still a 2006 so the parts are aged. Weather stripping is a disaster. Cheap car, but it will have to do. I, too, came from a Cavalier I loved.
I purchased a 2006 Cobalt brand new. The car has been reliable until this year (2012). Started having problems with power steering light coming on and a "bucking" sensation. Took it to Chevy dealer and of course they couldn't get the problem to duplicate. Though they did pull off stored codes in the car indicating that the BCM (Body Control Module) was not communicating. They did NOTHING about it and sent the car back to me. 10 days later driving this car, "jerking" sensation starts again, power steering light comes on, car's speedometer went from 30 MPH down to 0, and back and forth when this jerking was happening. Car towed in yet again and mechanics could not duplicate problem, so the car came back to me. Got GM involved with this issue and what a waste of time that has been. They have not helped me in any way, not even to soak up the cost of maintenance that I find I have to put into this piece of junk. I have been put through alot of aggravation and now the car is back at the dealership. They say that again my car would not act up on them. They have indicated that again, they think it's the body control module and they will replace it - $685. I say, give me an old fashioned car without all of these computer chips and modules because when they go up, the "poor" consumer out here can't afford to get them fixed. My car has been in the shop 3 times now for the same problems. Why wouldn't GM put recall notices out about these problems and why would the dealership keep sending my car back and not fix the supposed problem in the first place?!!
2008 Chevy Cobalt, having issues with it now where it wont start it shows a lock signal (security feature) and no other lights go on. Found there is a grounding leak somewhere but the only way I could get the car to start is by running an electric wire from the windshield wiper metal frame to the body of the car (yeah! I know its BS) have no idea what is wrong with it.
I purchased my cobalt new and put a gm performance air cleaner on. I now have 72000 miles on it and it looks and runs great. Oh I did have to put tires on it. I will trade it in someday (when it wears out) for a new cobalt again
Bought this car new with 42 miles on it at the dealership. Got the manual transmission and I have never looked back. Car has driven like a gem from day one. We have been through more than a few scrapes together and she always comes out swinging. The interior is cheap and easily damaged but I didn't buy it for the luxury. We tow a trailer (weighs about 600 lbs) and it still gets 35 miles to the gallon with the extra burden. Usually 37 to 40 mpg on the highway. Handles wonderfully, real zippy and easy to turn. The factory brakes lasted us until 100,000 miles and we got them replaced because it didn't seem right that they hadn't worn out yet. Mechanic said we could have gotten another 15,000 on the brakes. Regular synthetic oil changes every 5,000 miles. Routine maintenance every 30,000 and it still runs beautifully.

I will say the A/C compressor crapped out at 70,000 miles but we put in an aftermarket part for 400.00 with another 400.00 for labor and thats the most we've spent to repair it. Watch out for its fuel filter thought, they are 60.00 bucks a pop. Over 110,000 miles now and only changed the bulbs once. Definitely like a rock, my kids will be driving this car and I'm still in my twenties.
This was the first car i bought on my own!! and what was a dream come true turned into a night mare... THIS car is made cheaply and is just problem after problem. First my door panels came off?? then water from the airconditioner started to leak into the passenger side floor...the locks started to lock and unlock on their own causing the alarm to go off each and evrytime the door was opened.. NOW water is passing to my motor!!!now keep in mind i havent even had this car a year..a fwe tips:to change oil on this car the filter is actually located in a plastic black thing(lol) to the right of the motor youd never guess that was the filter and its an actual filter like a paper filter ?? there is no direct water to the radiator you pour water into the plastic .. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR im not the only one with various prblems with it...
We had real night mare of a car,towed it to wrecking yard,got $200 bucks for it. Called local GM dealer about a Cobalt,Brought one to our door,said take it for the day,bring it back at 5.00 pm. We loved it,what sold me ? That 2007 Cobalt 4 Dr sedan Automatic was a real fast little car, I couldn't beleave how responsive it was.Now we bought the car at Xmas time, cash on the barrel head,$10,250.00 + Taxes.Now Love77,528 Kilometres== around 46.000 miles,just bought a serpentine belt,still doesn't need one i'm just keeping it in truck in case,returned the FRt brake pads and Rr brake shoes still don't need them either.Love this little Bomb
My first Cobalt was a 2008 LS sedan that was assigned to me at work. I was not happy about it but decided to make the best of it. I drove it 68k in 18 months and had one problem. The fan setting selector went out with 2k miles. After that, nothing wrong with the car at all. Flawless, impressive power for a 4cyl and excellent fuel economy.

I liked the car so much that I bought an LS coupe in 2010 at the end of the model year. The dealer really wanted to get rid of it and I paid 5000 below sticker. I have had no problems with it and it is even more powerful than the '08 I drove for work. I am very picky about my vehicles and am more than happy with this one.
48,000 miles - mostly highway - ignition cylinder is sticking. Chevy Customer Service (1.800.222.1020) says to take it to the dealer for diagnostics and IF it is found to be defective they will CONSIDER applying the diagnostic fee to the cylinder replacement. I'll stick with my mechanic.

Prior to this the windshield wipers would quit moving in the rain but never presented a problem when I'd take it in. A friend "testified" to the malfunction when he was with me and got the motor replaced.

Problem with maintaining alignment and a there's a shimmy in the steering wheel. Dealership insists it's fine despite having to replace the tires at 25,000 miles and the wear on the tires is obvious again. First Chevy...and likely last if I can find someone who will buy this burden.
I bought my Cobalt in 2005 and have never had a problem with it. I don't know if I just got lucky or what it is, but my car has always been in great condition. I just finished paying it off, and it is still in great condition. I've had to have work done on the brakes a couple of times, so I guess the brake parts are not as high quality as I'd like them to be. The only reason I'm not giving the car a five star rating is because it's not a Honda or Volkswagon or Toyota. It's not as good as the best, which I would give five starts to.
It has 63,500 miles on it cause I've driven it from Dallas to Chicago back to Dallas and...from Dallas to San Diego back to Dallas and back to San Diego. I've had a good experience with it overall.
bought new in June 06 have 90,000 miles had only one problem tumblers in ignition chevy towed gave me loaner and fixed at no cost to me great little car chevy u get an A++
Engine blew and bushings worn out on control arms with less than 45k miles on it. Junk from GM. Losing my faith in General Motors.
I purchased my 2005 Chevy Cobalt with 12 miles on it in February 2005. It is now 2011, I have 208,000 miles on it and she purrs like a kitten for the most part. This has been the best car I ever owned. We have performed all routine maintenance as suggested in the manual (pretty close to the recommendations) including all oil changes. Back in 2006, I had the airbag replaced because apparently something was spilled on one of the sensors and the dealership(s) could not figure out why the airbag light kept coming on. I now have this problem with stalling at certain times (never while driving, only when coming to a stop)that we are trying to work out. I would recommend this car to anyone as long as they are willing to keep up with maintenance and take care of it. There has essentially been no other problems with the car. I still have not even had to change the battery yet.
Great vehicle. Most of the complaints appear to be driver neglect. Rims dont bend because tire went flat overnight. Hit a pothole hard enough will bend any rim. Motors blow because people think oil never needs to be changed. After market sunroofs are always terrible. You want luxury buy a lexus. You want an affordable car that will last, buy a Cobalt.

If you hate American manufacturers, buy a Tundra at least. It is made in San Antonio, TX, by Americans.
Prior to buying the 2007 LS Chevy Cobalt my family has owned two cavaliers. One of which ran until 200,000 miles. So I was super excited when as a full time college student I found this particular cobalt brand new for a price I could afford monthly. Unfortunately, three years later I could easily have owned 3 cars for the amount of money I have put forth in repairs in this vehicle. If I was even to begin to list the issues I would be here all night. I will start with the biggest and most expensive; at about 30,000 miles I started having engine issues, and was told by the dealer numerous times it was the spark plugs, and they were "being replaced." Only to find when the issues started to get worse, the spark plugs were not the problem, and my whole engine had to be torn apart and fixed for over 2,000 dollars (that was a deal from my mechanic). My check engine light has been on since, and no matter what I do to the vehicle it will not shut off. Since then I've had numerous issues, and can easily say I've put forth about half the cost of the car in mechanical work. It tends to shake a lot on the highway, and can be very scary at times. I have had regular maintenance on this car since the day I purchased it, and the dealerships I have tried to contact have been of no help. I thought I was driving away with an amazing car, only to find out thousands of dollars later it was a huge mistake. I will never ever again purchase a car like this.
Had the master cylander and clutch both go out prematurely, I have the cobalt sedan LS.....not a lot of room and seats are awkward
I purchased a base LS sedan one month ago. This car is awesome. Excellent fuel mileage, the car has great pick up. Cute little car, but copuld use just a tad more interior room.
I bought my 2008 Chevy Cobalt new and at 37000 miles the driver side speaker stops working and the driver side window some times does not go down. Now at 43000 miles I have a water leak on my passanger side from my air conditioner also other problems. This car has been nothing but a headache since it has passed its warranty. I will never buy another Chevy again because this has been my second Chevy that I started to have problems with since the warranty ran out.
L bpought my cobalt new in feb 2006. I love my car..Great gas mileage...Never had any repairs. Just usual maintenance. It runs so good that I'm going to pass it on to my son when I get a new car next year...the only reason I'm buying another car is that I need something bigger.
Bought '08 Cobalt LS for $13,500 and just turned 50K miles in July 2010. Good value for the money. No problems except one of the tire pressure sensors went out. Need new tires anyway. The interior is cheap but you buy this car for overall value. It's not a luxury sedan, it gets you from point A to point B. Keep that in mind and you will appreciate the car. Also, a lot of cabin room and trunk space compared to other cars in the class. Plenty of power in the 2.2 engine which was a big factor going with this over other comparable cars. I get about 35 MPG, a little more when long distance driving.
good car easy to work on cheap parts
Im happy with mine i have a 2.4SS and i love it
bought this carwith 76,000 miles and except for the recall&2bulb replacements so far the car has been pretty reliable