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Chevrolet Trailblazer (70 Reviews)
Purchased this 2004 Chevy trailblazer used with 108300 miles on it biggest piece of junk I have ever owned I regret purchasing with in 3500 miles replaced All brakes rear rotors, front Hub assemblies,ac compressor,ac cutoff switch,clutch fan ,tstat and gasket, the steering rack started leaking. today the blower fan stopped working . having owned over 70 vechicles in my lifetime to date don't waste your time or money and buy 1 of these pieces of garbage.honestly folks what a pos
This is the worst vehicle ever made. It's worse than the ford pinto, the Chevy corvair ( which is exactly what this piece of garbage is like ). I repair one thing and an hour or less later something else goes wrong. I keep hoping the thing would catch fire most of the time. It always breaks down when it is cold outside also. I will never buy another GM product again.
I am 57 yr's old and always drove a Chevy but my 2003 Chevy Trailblazer is a big disappointment to me, on Chevy's part. If it is'nt one thing it is something else. I am going to get this POS running the best I can and it is going to another fool like me for buying it in the first place.
Bought my 2006 Trailblazer in 2010/2011 with 68k miles on it and initially liked it (first two years), but four years later (127k miles) nothing but trouble. This Chevy is a piece of JUNK IMO. Terrible design, cheaply built, junk parts, etc. I get it the vehicle is almost 10 years old, but come on. Does every part HAVE to be designed to fail after 100K when you pay 30+ thousand dollars brand new? ridiculous!

I am going to think long and hard before buying another GM product when the time comes and warranty will be EVERYTHING important as the brand. This is the second GM vehicle I've owned (I'm 35) and as soon as they hit 100k it seems like you might as well buy a second one and rotate them back and forth to the shop. TONS of costly repairs in my experience. Let me list a few for perspective buyers who are thinking about buying this vehicle used (they stopped making TBlazers back in 2009).

Remember these are issues and parts I've had to replace in just the past two years. Replaced: 2 Water pumps (AC delco thing probably a lemon), fuel pump, 2 hub bearings, ac condenser unit & compressor, 2 ignition coils, windshield wiper pump and failed door locks).

Issues I'm currently having: malfunctioning interior lighting, rear stereo speakers malfunctioning & shorting out, rear defrost totally failed, leaky intake manifold, leaky radiator and malfunctioning alternator. There are a few other items I can't think of at the moment, but you get the picture. This vehicle has cost me THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars the past two years and it has been on thing after another. OEM parts suppliers and dealerships are making a fortune off people who keep these beastly vehicles outside of the warranty period.

Performance wise it gets terrible fuel economy (even for an SUV/truck at barely 14 mpg with a 6 cylinder engine), features a clunky prehistoric era transmission, terrible uncomfortable seats typical of GM vehicles (not sure how they can't figure this out) and the list goes on. I'm disappointed and not happy. This might be my last GM product.
Bought my 07 Trailblazer in Oct of 2013 from a local used lot. No warranty of course. Seemed O.k. but I found out when the weather got cold that the rear defroster didn't work and the rear washer doesn't spray the window, it leaks out the bottom of the tailgate. Radio and/or speakers are shorting out. 1 works most of the time others go in and out, sometime all are nothing but a slight mumbling at full blast. My gas gauge goes to empty after about 88 miles, this just started happening in the last 2 months. Other than these issues it drives fine, goes in the snow great, me and wife both drive over 50 miles to work in a day, so love it for that.
Ok people you buy a well used and you have a few expected problems.if you want new buy new.period.
A bought a used 2002 ltZ .with 185k kms . I had to replace some bearings and joints. Expected. Have used it hard for winter work and summer towing a big boat. This thing is a tank. I expect it to outlast me. My only concern is gas milage but its a good trade off for a solid reliable SUV.
Most other 2002 vehicles have been placed in the junk yard. Stop whining about expected maintenance stuff. Because the previous owners did,not do it.
This is by far the best used vehicle I have ever owned and its a dam nice ride to boot.
I bought this used in 2012. V6 engine. I have always loved the Trailblazer/Jimmy models but this is the best I have owned yet. Comfortable, great in snow, great for picking up stuff for garden, yard etc., mostly reliable, not too many gadgets to fail (but do miss back up camera as lots of blind spots when backing up), ok on gas mileage, easy to get into and out of (have running boards). I do love this vehicle. I hate that they have discontinued this.

However, there is a "hidden" warranty on this engine. Noise started from engine and curiously, a burning smell at back of car. Husband told me noise was an exhaust manifold leak. So called one dealer and was told it probably wasn't covered under our extended warranty that we bought. Did an internet search and found out about hidden warranty on exhaust manifold. Seriously pissed first dealer did not tell me this. Went to another dealer to tell him about my problem and he immediately told me there was a warranty on it and it would cost me nothing. Yea honesty! So got a new manifold and all problems went away. Be aware about this problem and warranty if you purchase one of these cars because not all dealers seem to be inclined to tell you this. Still love this SUV though!
I know this is a review only forum. However, I'm at a loss where to go. I bought my 2004 TB (as the 2nd owner) in 2007. Still had the mfg warranty from Chevy. It now has 173,746 miles on it and overall I love it. I've had to replace a few wheel bearings and ball joints. I've had the differential redone and the exhaust manifold repaired. I've had the transmission lines redone, a tune up , fuel pump replaced, replaced shocks and struts only once so far. Most of my repairs have occurred after the 100,000 mile mark and they have been "one time only" repairs. The one exception of a repeat repair happens to be the water pump. I've had the dealership and another trusted mechanic who have replaced 6 water pumps in a period of 5 years. I would like to know why?? One could argue that the replacements were not GM parts. The counter argument is why would AC delco water pumps continously fail?
The dealership told me that the next time the AC delco water pump fails there will be no more warranty,that the warranty is a "one time"offer. Meaning even if it fails within the mileage noted, I will be paying all over again. This of course will be a conversation to have at that point and trust me I will be ready to have the lemon law conversation with AC delco.
Ok moving on. For the last two weeks or so I've noticed that there is what I call a slight "sway" in the rear end while driving on straight freeway and after going over bumps. I've had the sway bar links,bushings and bars replaced in 2010. Of my two trusted mechanical sources, the dealership said the sway bar system does not need to be replaced and the other mechanic said that it did. Naturally I want to believe the dealer because I would hope that that as the dealer they would have mechanics more qualified to determine such things. Has anyone else felt the "sway" in the rear end?
I should note that the state I live in has some awful roads and I am not totally convinced that my TB is at fault completely. Does anyone have any suggestions of what the "sway " could be?
At the end of this though I do wish that GM would start building the TB again. The cars they have now are way to " computerized", which leads to more money on repair when you have to repair them and they just don't look as nice. Please bring back the Trailblazer :)
I have a 06 trailblazer and I have had problems with it since I got it. The belt broke then the gear shaft the lights will dim and when I mash the gas they brighten up, the car cuts off when I stop at a stop sign and the speakers work when they won't to then when they do work its one then another its never all four of them.
So I want to say this is a nice ride because it the nicest i have ever owned. The interior and all the bells and whistles are sweet, When they start to crap out its not worth repairing all the over engineered electrical though. So the seats are in a fixed position and the dash lights and gauges are dropping like flies.

So before I get into it, I was the second owner, and the first may have been a complete nincompoop.
Bought it at 135ish and have had to replace almost everything on the engine within the first year. Glad I'm handy or I would be looking at well over $6000 in repairs. Lets see, waterpump, power steering unit, alternator, ac condenser(which seized,snapped the serp and left me stranded in bfe Nebraska), then of course the bearings in the belt tensioner went. Then the MAF sensor and temp sensor needed to be replaced to get the thing to even stay running at idle. *advice, clean the throttle body asap, its gummed trust me. Oh and three replacement coil packs were "faulty", just my luck. I was buying them at a dealership to replace one that died. they replaced them though.

Trans has done me right, and the 4wd always works. It does leak tranny fluid at all of the compression fittings, but i top it off once in a while.

The suspension is pretty capable actually. I have replaced all of the stock parts because all of the ball joints (8) were F'ed, and the sway bar end links. Have done three wheel bearings in 2 years too.

Exhaust issues are pretty common for Winter state cars so it rattles and can be a little noisy in the morning. I have replaced both O2 sensors also.

So Im in it for almost 4000 more than i bought it for but it runs like a champ. (always does until it quits) Hopefully at this point I will drive it to 300,000. I'll make sure to post when it gets there or something expensive goes and I drive it off a dam cliff!

Oh now i have to add a $270 fan clutch yay. Seriously overengineered, electric clutch when its right on the water pump shaft anyway. Really is the mechanical advance tech that has worked for 50 yrs on trucks just won't do it anymore.
I would not purchase another trail blazer. My vehicle after 5 years and 39,000 miles has had to have its transmission replaced.
Since the replacement there is an audible clunk when applying foot to accelerator and a rattling noise with driving over a bump road. Not much support from the dealers. This is not what I would expect from a vehicle of low mileage.
Would not recommend a chevy vehicle. My first experience was extremely poor with the Traverse and I am not sure if the trailblazer is any better.
Stay away from any of these vehicles.
I bought my new 4WD 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LS in 2001 and it's still on the road with almost 315K miles. I've had some work done to it over the years, particularly with the front end but everything still works including the 4WD, which I used a lot during this past severe winter. The straight 6 engine and differential gearing won't beat anyone off the line but it delivers enough power to pull a house off it's foundation. My hat's off to the Detroit engineers and all the assemblers who put this one together. If all of the autos would design and build cars that go 300K, everyone would win. Can any of the foreigns or domestics design and build autos that consistantly get to 300K?
My 2004 trailblazer has had its share of problems. When I first got it, about a year ago, I had the sway bar end links replaced. I've had to replace both wheel hubs in the front. there's a short somewhere cause every once in a while when I take my foot off the gas the lights inside and out will dim then when I push the gas it will brighten back up. It's actually died before when I stopped at a stop sign or light. It hasn't done it in a while but it will. It's got a brand new battery and the alternator is reading fine. The short will blow a fuse or 2 sometimes. Also when I change my oil I put in the required 7 quarts of oil in and 3 weeks later I'll check the level and it reads low. 2 quarts low. There's no leaks or no burning of the oil. I changed the plugs and 2 of the 6 were covered in oil so I'm guessing the missing oil is staying in the crank case. So I'm guessing it's got bad rings or valve cover gaskets. One of the blend door actuator went out. It will also read gross emissions leak every now and again. My rpm and mph gauge both will stop working if I'm driving the vehicle for longer than 20 minutes. I had trouble with the shifter button and the ignition. I couldn't get it to go in gear and I couldn't get my key out of the ignition.
72,000 miles as of 04-16-2014 = Purchased new 2004 = A/C has not properly worked from day 09-03-2004. When turned on I have to wait for 60-75 seconds before A/C comes on. No tech can give me any help on this . . . ..........ANY SUGGESTIONS?
I have owned my 05 Trailblazer since end of 2005 (I am 2nd owner). First few years no problems. Around 2009 I started having check engine light show up on a regular basis. Now it occurs about once every 6 months. Getting expensive to own! I have had electrical connection issues with the headlight (melted connectors), oxygen sensor failure (twice now), bad coils, broken plastic parts on the interior, overheating with a/c on (t-stat problems), etc etc. I have always been on top of maintenance with my rig so I'm pretty disappointed in how it is performing now, especially since its just over 130k miles - that's not very old! Aside from those issues, I am thankful to have a dependable vehicle that has never left me stranded!
I have a 2004 chevrolet trailblazer LT we purchased in 2007 we have had nothing but complications it started of minor now its major we had the transmission rebuilt and now the 4wd is bad and this was the way they sold it to my husband, we are also having the power steering pump and acurators replaced for the a/c , we have this great mechanic who is helping us with all our problems at a very low cost that is why were able to fix this LEMON!!!!
My trailblazer has been a constant reminder of why you need a mechanic in the family. Around 32,000 miles the passenger window fell into the door. The power window's plastic parts were crumbs inside the door panel. Prior to the window problem, my sound system's speakers played musical chairs. I have one speaker that is working at this time. 70,000 miles and the gas gauge no longer worked. Now when the engine is running the "humming" sound is so loud that someone standing by the car can hear it. When I drive away the sound becomes louder. I feel that I've made quite a bit of lemonade, but lemon is not my favorite flavor.
Overall the car has been a good car but I did have most of the problems listed for my year. CD player failed(2009ish)Sunroof failed (2010ish)with no replaceable parts only full replacement available (as per goodyear repair) Brakes as of 2012-2013 have been done twice (front)needing another FULL brake job.(supect master cylinder?) I did not have the 4wd switch problems, TG! Front axle driver side has been replaced seals failed (2013)not bad. Electrical some issues with head lights.. only had to hit it a few times and they dem but not bad just strange. Engine itself has been a champ outside of the exhaust manifold. AC/heat has worked great except AC is poor at idle. Steering great Suspension mushy/bouncy since I have owned it, even after front strut replacement.
I purchased this SUV with 38,000 miles on it. I now have 129,900 and it is still going strong. I am just now needing to replace the front brakes. My gas milage on the hiway averaged to 18.2 mpg. Have not had to change spark plugs yet, but did remove and regapped them. I an sorry they quit makeing the TrailBlazer. It is great for city and some country driving, with good groung clearance. I have the 4.2L6 engine.
My 2006 Trail Blazer has given me more problems and costly money to have it repaired. The check engine light goes off and on,stays on more than off. I had it repaired in 2011 by a Chevorlet Dearlership and 1 month later the light was back on, no help from this dearlership, I also had the wiring repaired because the bulbs would blow out and I have replaced about 5 bulbs this year at a cost of 11.99 per bulb. The Chevorlet Company need to do a recall on all these problems. I can't continue to pay for these high repairs
I purchased a 2006 trailblzer with 63000 miles from carzone in dover delaware on august 10, 2013. By august 23rd the check engine lite was on. Took back to dealer who replaced a coil pack. Within a week check engine lite was back on. Dealer said the first coil pack was faulty and they replaced the thermostat. Oct. 6th check engine lite is back on . Now the dealer said the cylinder head needs to be sent out to a machinist. I wish i had never even looked at this piece of junk.
After 100 k miles the ac and fuel guage stopped working. The ac would only blow out the rear. The gas guage reads empty all the time. We originality purchased the vehicle just to take our grandchildren out. However, the air conditioning repair estimate is over $650 to fix. We budgeted for regular servicing and brakes, but not such a big expence with such low mileage. We just found out the gauge is going to cost $641 to repair. (fuel synding unit) I originality wanted to purchase something a different vehicle but my wife and her aunts and uncles were Chevy fans. They thought they had converted another. I wish. I think I am the one doing the converting. An unhappy Chevrolet Owner.
I have a 2007 Chevrolet trailblazer. I got it brand new and has been the worst car that I have ever had. I did not even have it a year before it was in the shop. It has been in and out sense I have had it. Chevrolet dose not stand behind there product nor do the want to take care of there mistakes. I have had to replace the 4 window motors,radio, both front speakers, the seat controls, the inside door paneling, multiple problems with the fuel system and electrical problems. Now that the warranty has gone out the seat controls are broke and the rear end is going out and the transmission is sticking. The sad thing is they have come up with some kind of excuse so that when I did have warranty I would still have to pay. I will never own another Chevrolet or recommend anybody buy one.
I have a 2004 Chev trailblazer. The worst item is the memory seats and settings for 2 drivers and seat heaters. They intermittently work at best. I never know when I get in the car. Seems they work about once a year then stop working for months at a time. Also the 4WD stops working--about once a year. Usually stops for a couple of days then starts working again. The On Star people said it is a sensor that can't sense. It then defaults to 2WD.

I have 187,000 miles now. Just had(2013) to replace the A/C compressor. In (2012) I had to replace and ignition coil. 2012 replaced front upper and lower ball joints in the front suspension.

Not bad if compare repair costs vs new car payments.
I have a 2004 Trailblazer that has 62,000 mi on it and my problem is that it has had 4 water pumps and 2 clutch fans installed and it is now leaking anti-freeze again. It also has a squeak/rattle in the front end when turining that has been there since new.Now the ABS light is on code says ABS pump. This is the worst most problem auto I have ever owned !! Finally it slugs fuel like pouring water out of a glass. Time to cut my losses and trade !!
Only problem , had to replace a coil on the engine , right tail-light goes out about once a year . It started that vib at stop lights last week , mts are good . 2002 100k miles 2wd
have had my 2003 Chevy trailblazer 4x4 for 3 years and other than normal maintenance its a great vehicle.
I purchased my 2004 in 2006. It had approx. 60,000 miles on it. My Trailblazer and I have been from the Midwest to the far East Coast states and as far south as Tennessee. I now have 215,000 miles. I have not had any major problems until now, but in all fairness it is probably partly due to some neglect. I have within the past two months replaced both wheel bearing and hub assemblies, upper and lower ball joints and tie rods on both sides, and water pump. Despite all the repairs, it still looks and feels good to drive. Some people close to me have asked why I don't buy another vehicle with all these problems, but its paid for and I honestly think I can get another 200,000+ miles out of this boy.
My heat and air just stopped working and don't know what to do but it is very frustrating.
Without a doubt this is the worst vehicle I have ever bought. In addition the chevy dealers are the most uncooperative people I have ever encountered. They either don't know or will not be honest about your situation. This car is a electrical nightmare.