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Chevrolet Lumina (31 Reviews)
We bought this '92 Euro from a woman who had it in her garage for 14 yrs with 103,000 orig miles on it! New tires, battery, plugs, fresh freon charge... Had it 2 years now, zero issues. Nicest older car on the road, drives perfectly, huge inside, quick on the street too! Love the 4 wheel disks and velour interior! Comfortable!! Bright red annoys wife but sure stands out in the parking lots around here! I never paid much attention to these cars when they were new but now I see them everywhere and no wonder... they're great to drive and alot of fun when you get a good one.
The car drives like a dream but suddenly sprung a leak from the radiator hose or the radiator itself when pressure built up from city-driving and antifreeze was dripping to ground on driver's side in front of tire. Recently idled car in cold weather to see where leak was while watching temp gauge to find puddle of red fluid between engine and radiator. Turns out to be fluid from transmission cooling line. I was told it IS DANGEROUS TO DRIVE UNLESS FIXED??!! I don't have the $$ to fix. Does this mean I sell it to junkyard when ENGINE IS CHERRY?? IT STILL DRIVES LIKE A DREAM!! This car has gone through many miles getting me to cancer treatments/radiation/doctor vists!
I used to own this car. great car, although over the years I had to replace the head gaskets and other normal maintenance things it had 232000 miles on it then the main computer went out. had a new one installed then found out that it was 2 injectors that fouled which took out the computer. I decided not to have the car fixed as it cost more than the car was worth so I had the computer taken out, which I still have and junked the car. So I have a new computer worth 250.00 that I would sell for 150.00 if anyone needs one. it also fits other models and years. write to 515 3rd ave nw, west fargo nd 58078 if interested. thanks
i have a 93 chevy lumina and i was wonderin what the sensor is for on the rack bc i found another rack that fits but it dose not have that sensor would you happen to know what it is and what it dose??
hard to start at first in mornings
bought car in new york rochester was rental car b4 i owned runs good drove to texas 55 mph got 500 miles out of one gas tank 31 miles to the gallon 3.1 motor bought in 07 has 140k new tire and shocks 3 years ago needs tires again goes 80 just fine on hwy no problems major yet knock on wood
To start the engine you need to step on the brake then turn the ignition then at the same time right foot on the accelerator to start the engine. Coded 0442.
i have this car for 7 years, 240.000 milles on and works great!!!
i really love my lumina. 2nd owner with almost 300,000 miles on it. it has a lesser mileage engine in it (40,000) but drives exceptionally well. i have new tires, new brakes and new drums. just to let everyone know, if your brake lights quit, and everything else works fine, it is not the brake light switch, it is the turn signal switch. believe it or not but true. also, while steering wheel is off, get the white wire for the ignigtion switch check (may need soldering). sometimes you turn the key and nothing. this is also somehow related to the turn signal switch. i am getting a new one put on this afternoon and very excited. now i am gonna get new carpet and hopefully some new seats and maybe a paint job. this baby is the best 1200.00, yes, 1200.00 i every paid for a car.
I bought this car over 2 years ago used and have not had anything go wrong with it. I feel very blessed since I drove it so many miles back and forth to school. I just recently had some items on it fixed, but was only because it has not been done since I have owned the car. I keep the oil changed and all components checked. I have a little problem with gas gauge not being correct so I just watch my mileage for fill-up. I also put 4 new tires on it and hope to keep this car until I decide to get newer model car or it completely breaks down, either way, very happy with my car. Looking for window washer reservoir which was missing when bought car.....
Water is hissing out the top engine on a return to the water pump. Water is leaking out and sometimes the car has heat?????
this car has 299583 miles on this day it does not use any oil nor does it leak anywhere.i have all the print out of repairs the gas used and all the mechanics who have ever worked on it. i have all the times it has been the shop and what for.THERE IS JUST ONE THING T H E P A I N T IS PEELING ALL O V E R IT IS A SOUTHERN CAR AND WAS BOUGHT AT JO CLAYTON CHEVY IN ARAB ALA. PLEASE GM. HELP ME GET THIS CAR PAINTED. CHARLES BOSWELL
my Lumina runs good at all speeds except when passing or climbing a steep hill then I get a miss on cylinder 4 replaced coil plug and plug wire
i just got A 2000 lumina but it has 150k miles on it if i maintain well will it last long?
decent car. there are brake problems and after 120,000 suspension problems. the engine is good but the body is starting to fade and rust after 14 years
Ive had my 1997 chevy lumina for about 8 or 9 years,Ive never had any major problems I just recently put a new battery and alterator in it. Im have to have new struts, Ive never done anything to the exhaust system since Ive had the car. Its the best car Ive ever owned.
This was my first car, and I loved it unconditionally.
Everything was amazing, and she even had 200+k miles on her.

I miss her dearly.
Mine has 192K on it and is just now starting to have little problems.
I have had this car for 5 yrs as a work car, It has 130,000 miles and I have changed the oild maybe 1 time a year since I got it, i know thats stupid but its just a work car and I dont care. Very reliable. Had a coolant leak somewhere but I put bars leaks in it and it stopped, and I think a motor mount is shot but this car runs smooth and strong.
my 97 lumina has run good and been has most of the problems other owners talk about.worst of all is the coolant leak on the driver side intake manifold.also a/c compresseor blew out front seal .also cant seem to find a low coolant switch that works-ive tried 3
I've owned my lumina 4 just over 1 year (used), had 74,000 miles and 1 owner. I've had to replace the starter. Tires. Just now needing brake pads. there's some weird thing happening with the low coolant light (comes on periodically and then just goes away, never overheats), but other than that, all of my cars from this point 4ward will be this model!!!
I bought my car used in 09. Had 87000 miles on it. The person I bought it from put too small tires on it, once I put the right size tires on it the MPG improved slightly. It's been running great. Though, not with about 104000 miles on, only gets about 12mpg. I drove it about 800 miles with no problems. But now it's having issues. It's a good little car, though at it's age and miliage now is not a road trip car which is why I'm trading it in. I would recomend it to someone who doesn't travel very far on daily basis. The only real issuses I've had are the driver door handle snapping making it not open from the outside, I have met other lumina drives who havent had that issue, a hose leaking, and then as a result of the repair, though I can't prove it, a metal hose snapped. Mostly, had to replace things do to age.
Love it!!! Makes it out of lights faster then even the new little sports cars, big and roomy i dont like driving other cars i feel traped in and closterphobic, big and wide but drives and turns like a small car, some basic repairs due to age and milage but in the long run hes a tank !!!
I have a 1996 chevy lumina. Bought it about 5 1/2 years ago with about 110k miles. 55k miles later it is still going strong after many repairs.
Fuel pressure regulator
fuel rail bracket and orings
injector orings twice
head gaskets
intake gaskets twice
exhaust gaskets
valve cover gaskets
throttle cable
battery twice
starter twice
water pump
exhaust manifold
both oxygen sensors
front pads and rotors twice
multi function switch
turn signal switch
front hub
ball joint
spark plugs and wires
fuel filter
other than all those fixes it has never broken down on me!
I currently own a 96 Lumina with 75,000 miles and I used to own a 94 Lumina with 170,000 miles on it. The 94 ran like a champ...I honestly feel like I would still have her if my car accident didnt happen. But I have a newer one now and its great, no leaks, no serious problems just yet..just needs routine stuff. Its a fantasticly made vehicle, I would buy another one in a fricken heartbeat!
Good family car. Not too bad on gas, but not that good either. It seemed like I had to replace the brake pads every time I changed the oil. I've heard there have been plenty of problems with the cooling system but never personally experienced any.
Bought the car a year aggo with 97k on it, its now about to turn over 112k after commuting in it for a year. I put a GM CD player from a '98 S-10 in it and it was an easy plug-in-perfect fit, now it's a joy to drive!

Service Highlights:
97,000mi -replaced both Oxygen sensors
97,000mi -replaced alternator
100,000mi -transmission filter/fluid changed
100,000mi -water pump chaged
110,000mi -fuel gauge sender started acting crazy, at 1/3 tank or less, gauge needle starts moving up/down at random. Mechanic says heavy Sulphur Deposits from a bad batch of cheap gas killed the sender inside the tank. Sender and fuel pump are in 1 piece, and must be replaced together (ouch).
111,000mi -ABS sensor ring on front axle shaft cracked and is now loose, causing the ABS pump to tap like crazy every time I use the brakes -time to replace Axle shaft, (Even though the rest of shaft works fine)
111,900mi -Recharged Air conditioner

I admittedly put my cars through what the manufacturers call "Heavy Duty Use" because I have such a long commute 6 days a week, but the Lumina takes it better than any V6 car I have owned, It is the strongest performing V6 vehicle I have owned (Quick for a 3.1 Liter, and corners very well with good tires), It's the Highest MPG V6 I have owned (I've been through several) and the Lumina is the most comfortable 4-door I have owned.

It consistently gets 22-27 mpg no matter what, Engine still purrs like new, car still looks like new, and even though I dont like the price tags on the fuel sender and the axle shaft, I still love this car. So much so, I bought (used) Luminas for my wife and daughter, because they fell in love with the Lumina too, and my wife kept borrowing mine!
Only had my car a short time, but it runs great even with a bad strut!!
after research the car seems like all say, very dependable and responsive!!
i enjoy driving it!!
I have had my car for 9 yrs. (bought used) and have had really good
service out of it. i had to put a heavy duty alternator on it. But otherwise a great all around car. Everyone I know that has a Lumina
tells me they would gladly buy 1 again because they are so dependable.