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Chevrolet Tahoe (68 Reviews)
I bought a 2001 5.3 4x4 tahoe 2 years ago with 92k. Have 111k on it now. Bought from original owner with extensive maintenence records. Northeast truck so it has some rust underneath but nothing crazy. Paint shines like new and the interior held up and looks new also. Has no oil leaks anywhere....knock on wood. Shifts perfectly. Has a little clunking noise when shifting into reverse but it is normal for these trucks. Although mine is fine the transmissions are a weak spot on these trucks but if you don't abuse it, keep up with transmission fluid changes and tow with the tow/haul option you will probably have little to no problems. A few hundred dollars a year in maintenence is better than several hundred a month on car payment for a new one. It is also the most comfortable driving car I have owned. Relatives borrow it to move things around and pull a trailer or boat now and then. Moves the kids back and forth to college no problem and eats up the snow during the norteast winters. Feel like I'm driving in the living room sofa. If the truck has solid maintence records and the price is good you can't go wrong.
There was a review regarding some issues. One was rear pistons do not work. Go to any of the major parts stores and get replacements. If you can not figure it out ask them to install them while you hold up the rear hatch. I believe about 25.00 each. The instrument problem is resolved for less than 250.00 Several sites explain how to put the steering wheel down, remove the instrument cluster bevel, remove 4 bolts, and send it in. They can also add a transmission temp tensor for 70.00. Rotors and pads are expected maintenance. Rear brakes are easy, except you would be best off renting a lift to get the caliper mounting bracket bolts loose. Once you break them free the rest is easy and cheap. About 150.00 for rotors and pads. For less than one month's car payment you can get most of the repairs taken care of. Just like the wife, a little LTC is cheaper than a divorce.
Auto purchased in 2002 (new) @ Banner Chevrolet and till this day have been having problems with the Steering Shaft Knuckle which had to be repaired on numerous occasions. Other than that, the vehicle is in excellent condition. I have 109,707 miles. Love it.
We actually just rented this thing for a family vacation. I had never been a fan of big vehicles till this one. it was so roomy, handled really well, pot holes and speed bumps did not faze this thing, its like they where not even there. Ran well fast response. I would recommend it.
I love my Tahoe. Its my 3rd bought a used 97 Tahoe in 1999 than trading off on '05 Z71 4x4 than later got my '12. Loved all of them but really like my newer Tahoe hauls my 6 lbs. boat and gets estimated of 21mpg on a V8 engine. I have the LTZ model fully loaded includes a navigation and OnStar systems very comfortable. Handles well got lots of room quiet driving on interstates and smooth on small town highways its really the best SUV I ever had. My Tahoe has 50,000 miles bought it in March 2012 with 15 miles now no problems its still going well for me though wanted another SUV something would have better performance the Tahoe was one of them. Its a gorgeous SUV with lots of features in class equipped with remote start and more definitely top of the line with having all bells and whistles.
I have a 2007 Tahoe purchased doing summer of 07. It was a really great SUV until around 155,000 miles my transmission went in March now starting off having problems with electrical wiring system and engine smells like burning oil. I don't think be looking at another Tahoe as was considering because seems this one is trying to give me trouble my warranty is expired so probably had to pay extra getting these things fixed as paid a fortune on my transmission hate that because really loved this SUV until wanted to buy another newer model.
Purchased my 1996 Tahoe brand new with 11 miles on it. Normal maintenance along with treating it like my baby has really paid off. Currently have 298,897 miles and everywhere I go the Tahoe gets complimented on how clean it is. Paint is starting to fade on top of doors (stock blue metallic paint with clear-coat). One problem encountered last week was the SES light came on with code P0300, random misfire. Took it to the dealer and was quickly diagnosed as a worn out distributor shaft ($210.00). No more SES light and the vehicle is idling and running like a new car, amazing. We take this car back and forth from Idaho to California about 8 times a year and NEVER had a hiccup with it. Getting 17.8 MPG on the highway for those trips.
rear parking brakes actually fell apart.The drums are scored and should be replaced. abs light is on as is the brake warning warning dash light.In addition,the door handles are falling off due to corrosion of the fastening points. The rear hatch pistons are not functioning and the lid is very , heavy and difficult to open . it must be propped up with a 4x4 piece of lumber. If it fell on anyone it would result in serious injury. The vehicle was purchased from A dealer here in town,used. The dealer has a good reputation and I never expected the indifferent attitude being displayed. I was told "no warranty,as it is used. Due diligence,the 'reasonable person' philosophy'be damned.There are safety issues involved here that they 'knew or should have known' existed.
I had a 2005 Tahoe and I got a short in my front headlight and after So long my truck caught on fire other then that I loved my truck... I just resently bought a 2008 Tahoe and I really like my 2005 better....
Original owner with 225,000 miles. First major problem was today with the transmission. You read that correctly 225,000 carefree miles. Even the transmission work is only going to cost me 1,500 from a very trusted transmission shop. All other work is maintenance (batteries, tires, O2 Sensors, distributor cap, fuel filter, rotor, plugs, brakes, brake cable, etc.).

I do have the craziest little problem. The back tail light board is the third one I have installed and it still acts up. The spring contacts just don't seem to work right. Drives me nuts have spent 15 hours over life of truck on just this one issue.

Other little problems, many of the lights on dash (radio, a/c heat, etc.) have gone out. Passenger door needs to be locked manually. On the whole the interior durability does not match the drive train and exterior durability.

Starting to see some eaten through rust spots (top of wheel panel and cargo door. I live in Maine so not surprising.

Last few years I have also used the truck to plow my 900' driveway, plus friends 8 car parking area. Hard usage with lots of snow storms.

It looks like I will be keeping this for another 2 -3 years because it runs great.
I bought my 2007 Tahoe LT used with 17,000 miles on it. I've had it for 6 years (currently at 61,000 miles) and the only problems I've encountered is the peeling of the chrome on the inside door handles, a slight jerk after I come to a complete stop at a red light or stop sign, and a sensor went out in the starter. I foungd out that there was a recall on the peeling of the chrome, so that was fixed for free. The jerking was because lube or gel had to be applied to the suspensions (???), and the sensor in the starter was covered under warranty. All these things happened last year and I haven't had any other problems (knock on wood). I make sure to keep up and have all the required services rendered to keep it's performance at perfection...running as smoothly as it is now. Overall, I love my truck!
All in all a very good vehicle, but I have had some items to deal with. The good thing is that it's never ridiculously expensive. Transmission went out at about 90K, put in a rebuilt trans for $700. I did have a serious engine problem (random misfire on 7 and 8 at idle) at 165K miles and after bad luck at another mechanic finally took it to dealership who "smoked" the intake and found a leak. They fixed it and runs like a charm, only set me back $380. Recently, I'm at 185K miles, have had to put in a starter, which was a somewhat easy self install and only cost for the part. But at 190K just lost the water pump and needed a rear main seal, both about $550 each to repair, so that hurt. Still repairs have been much cheaper than a new vehicle payment.
I bought this Tahoe with 73,000 miles on it about 6 years ago. It now has about 170,000 miles and the engine has done an excellent job. I have pulled 24' enclosed trailers with vintage cars with it in the mountains with no problem. The biggest issue is the transmission. I had it rebuilt first about 4 years ago after having the car only 2 years. Then last year I had to have it rebuilt again. It is currently acting like I am running on a rough road when it gets ready to shift from 3rd to OD. If I manually put it in 3rd the problem is not so bad but it looks like I have more transmission issues and need to take it to the shop again. Great car but terrible transmission! Gene
I have an 2007 Tahoe and I had a transmission leak in 2012 and warranty paid for it. Now I have had to rebuild my transmission in 2013 (out of pocket) it has been sitting about 3 and a half months. Now I have a "oil pressure low stop engine" warning on, the gauge drops down to the red line. BUT my engine is not knocking, my truck is not over heating, I am not sure what the problem is. I don't want to have to pay anymore out of pocket. I also have airbag needs service warning on. I was told I could have several things going on. 1. Oil Sensor, 2. gasket, 3. Internal engine issues 4. engine needs replacing. If anyone has had one or more of my issues please advise me? If you may know what I can do to fix this please let me know.? It cost 400 to take apart to find out what the issue is, I have need told. I also been told I can do a engine flush to see if that could be it, but I read that is not a good thing to do.
I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe with 150,000 miles. I have been the only owner. When the car had 36,000 miles on it the dealer took the car for one month to rebuild the steering wheel because I had constant problems. They also gave me a new dashboard counsel. Since then I have had to replace the water hose, brakes, and differential...but I LOVE my car! It is a great car. It gets 16mpg on the street.
I have a 95 2 door sport Tahoe ever since I bought the thing the rear end makes a humming noise if once I'm in over drive and its only when I press on the gas if I let off at all it stops but the sec I put pressure back on the gas even if it's very little is starts to hum again to me it sounds like it's coming from the rear diff nothing has ever gone wrong with it but it drives me nuts
Two things to consider when purchasing a 1996 Chevy Tahoe is; 1) make sure you only purchase one with rear A/C. An issue I learned the hard way! 2) Mine is a late 1995, putting it in the 96 model year but it still uses the OBD1 data connector which you can't buy an inexpensive code reader to pull the DTC's from the computer. It also still has the early 5.7L V8, the later V8's have much more power and get better gas mileage. The only other thing I don't like are the small brake rotors in the front leaving it lacking in stopping power somewhat. Other than that I have no problems with my Tahoe. I would recommend it to anyone and purchase another myself, just making sure to get one with rear A/C and the later V8.
I just bought this truck and the check engine light came
on yester
day had it tested and they said it was the catalyti converter does a.y one know how much they cost hoping is something else
I have the same problem, when I turn off my 2007 Tahoe my air will start blowing what is that?
Love my Tahoe! Only issue I have had was with the manufacturer wanting me to replace the camshaft out of pocket (defect!) three times!!! Second time was around 112,000 and they were not going to fix it because the warranty had expired, BUT because I had the almost same exact problem @ 98,000, they agreed it was a problem. Fixed, so I thought. I was told that the motor was being rebuilt. What a lie!!! At 126,000, the same thing happened again. Was not a happy camper. This time the manufacturer wanted me to foot the bill and purchase a new engine. Right!! Inherent problem and I have to pay for it? I did have to pay a deductible, but now that I'm at 129,000, I'm back to smooth sailing. Really happy that my engine get its first tune up and it was still a smooth ride before that.
Oh, I'm fanatical on making sure routine maintenance is done. Belts have been replace, brakes have been services, tranny serviced every 50,000 miles, and tune up done.
I have a 2005 chevy tahoe 120k miles and haven't had very many problems except that recently my fan/ac/defrosters started going full blast and they haven't turned off since. :( Now i have to use pliers to turn off my car and that makes me feel like a ghetto ass loser. I love my car but having to disconnect the battery is a pain.
We bought this tahoe in 04 with 24k on it , I have spent a crapload of money on this vehicle : in 06 had to replace plenum 960 $ , 09 the fwd module went out in the transfercase 1500$ have had 3 windshield pumps, rear main started leaking in 2010 , a/c compressor went 2011 heater module went 2012 had all this fixed 1800 $ total and now its making a very annoying noise like something is loose and chattering or fluttering under the hood only does it driving not when I rev it and not at idle could this be exhaust leak ?? Any ideas..... also forgot replaced an o2 sensor in all that and replaced plugs and wires it has 194k on it now and its also been coding knock sensor now is that hurting it by driving it
I have a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe XFE when the ignition is off the a/c fan will turn on high. It blows hot air. The front fan will blow then the rear fan will start blowing. This last for several minutes. I already had to replace my battery.
Bought our 2007 Tahoe new, has 132000 miles on it and the transmission went out. The trim in the Tahoe has not held up and we are very disappointed with the SUV. Will not buy another one.
2001 Z71, bought it new, have 165,000 miles, love it best vehicle I've owned. Only one problem eats alternators, can't figure out why. Sometimes boils the battery too which causes acid to leak which eats the windshield washer pumps located below battery and those are not cheap. Battery wrapped in plastic so that problem fixed but alternators keep failing. Wish I could figure out why. Otherwise great vehicle, and about 18 mpg on the hiway and 15 towing a boat. Oh yeah have had the steering column clunkiness, just ignore now.
every time i let my tahoe sit over night or about 12 hours the battery is dead there is a slow drain we have changed the battery twice and i cant found where the problem is. but after we jump start it it starts and runs good . just cant figure it out
Got a 2002 brand new..never had a problem till recently. catalytic converter is going out and sounds awful! Rear main seal was leaking.(Fixed it) Now my Tow/Haul switch is shorting out and going on and off in the middle driving and changing gears on me. Mlps Sensor out. Knock Sensor out also....Did you know you have to remove the top half of the engine to replace a $40 Knock sensor?(Ridiculous!) Labor for that is gonna be outrageous. 140,000 miles and I'm thinking about getting rid of this thing!!!
We just purchased 2001 Tahoe 2 Feb of this has 147,000 miles on it..Great vehicle..roomy, comfortable. I think GM could have come up with better cloth for the seats, though. Not holding up well. We also have 97 Chevy Z71 3 door p/u that hs 178,000 on it and the seats look like new..much better material.. a lot sturdier. Anyway, back to the Tahoe..just had small issues..irritating, but small..hd history of windshield washer pump leaking..dealership no help..finally fixed it ourselves. Did also have low idle/almost stalling issue..found out was build up in throttle body..cleaned it..runs like a champ. There is one last existing problem that puzzles us...the window on dash that shows the drive, neutral, park etc..flickers when lights are other lights on panel affected..headlights not affected..weird..any ideas !
This is the best Car I have ever owened. I just replaced the Shocks
I have had this truck for many years, i must say this is the best i have owned the only problem is the paint. It has faded and chipped from the top of the truck, top of all doors, and the hood. i have tried to contact chevy but have gotten no response.if any one knows why please write back.