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Owners' Reviews

2000 Ford F-150 Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 Ford F-150
6 Reviews
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Overall Score (6 reviews)
  • Body, Interior & Misc.
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust & Emissions
  • Drive Train
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Electrical & Lights
  • Suspension & Steering
2000 Ford F-150 Owner Reviews (6 reviews)
  • 2000 Ford F-150
    Visitor, Merrimack, NH, March 25, 2013 18:54
    I have a 2WD 2000 F-150 Work version with the V-6 engine and a 5 speed manual. Mechanically it's a sound machine but the body is one very serious POS. The emissions canister has literally fallen off the truck due to bracket corrosion. The large sheet metal Radiator mounting member that goes from one fender to the other and then down to the frame thereby forming the mounting position for the front of the truck to the frame is missing the entire lower half. Yes, that's right, the forward end of the front fenders actually float above the bumper as they are no longer attached to the truck. The radiator itself is strung up with Romex wire as all the mounting positions rotted away long ago. The only thing keeping the radiator from impacting the fan are the hoses. Cab corners and rear end of the bed? Don't get me started. This truck has very low mileage for the year (104K) but it still books for a paltry $2500. Given the miserable state of the sheet metal on this pig I'd be ashamed to take that much money from someone. Ford? Never again. You Ford diehards need to think again.
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  • 2000 Ford F-150
    joelburke26, New Middletown, OH, October 17, 2012 20:03
    my truck is mostly under warranty by auto zone as ive replaced more on this vehicle then all other vehicles ive owned combined.170,000 miles and i can barely keep up with the repairs.im going back to chevy or maybe even toyota.
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  • 2000 Ford F-150
    Visitor, Catonsville, MD, July 04, 2011 17:56
    the rear end busted and it doesnt go when i hit the peld hard
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  • 2000 Ford F-150
    MAC Harmon, Jacksonville, FL, December 10, 2010 08:58
    I bought this truck in 2001 from a dealer where the manager had been driving it for about 8K miles. So I got it at a used price even though it had to be sold as new since it had never been sold before. I have done regular maintenance and have never had a problem withthe truck, driven it across the country and from San Diego to San Antonio twice, cruised at approx 80 the whole way, it never "blinked". I drive it nearly every day, and have never had a better truck. Will keep it until the wheels fall off and then get another. Great truck!
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  • 2000 Ford F-150
    Visitor, North Salem, IN, May 31, 2010 16:17
    2000 ford f-150 other than coils going out this has been one of the best trucks i have had and i use my trucks for hard work use but of couse id rather push my ford than drive a dodge or chevy not even foriegn trucks live in usa buy usa
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  • 2000 Ford F-150
    Visitor, Radcliff, KY, April 16, 2010 13:11
    have a 2000 f150w/234miles plus on it and still going strong. have only replaced tires,brakes battery nad starter. the trans was rebuilt at 228000+miles.
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