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2012 Ford F-150

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2012 Ford F-150 Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., April 30, 2012

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Incorrect software for the occupant classification system module (OCSM) may have been installed on certain vehicles. Under certain driving conditions, the OCSM may misclassify the passenger seat occupant such that the passenger side airbag does not deploy when it should, does not deploy as intended, or deploys when it should not. Failure in any of these ways will increase the risk of injury to the passenger seat occupant. Dealers will replace the OCSM to correct this concern. The Ford recall number is 12S31.

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Electrical & Lights, April 30, 2012

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Certain vehicles may have been assembled with a transmission range sensor (TRS) that was calibrated out of specification for reverse gear. If this condition exists, the transmission may not properly engage reverse gear and/or if reverse gear does engage, the "R" indicator on the dash or the backup lamps may not illuminate. These conditions increase the risk of a crash or a pedestrian being struck due to the vehicle's not signaling it is in reverse. Dealers will inspect and replace the transmission range sensor as necessary to correct this concern. The Ford recall number is 12C23.

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2012 Ford F-150 Questions and Answers

terrytkjd, 2012 Ford F-150, Brooklyn, MD

diagnostic codes...01-02-03-04-05-06

Jmichael, 2012 Ford F-150, Mobile, AL

2012 F-150 STX 4X4 5.0L
When in low range 4WD the automatic transmission will not shift through the gears and stays in 1st gear. When RPM's hit the 4000 range it then will shift into second a...

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2012 Ford F-150 Reviews

Bought it with 3 miles on it. So far great truck. STX 4X4 short wheel base, 2 dr with the 5.0L, 3.55 axle ratio.
3k miles on it so far. Gas mileage is about 14 city and 18 highway. Plenty,(maybe too much) power for this light truck! Asphalt roads are great however, dirt roads and this thing can get away from you. Love the truck. Looks great, performs better than expected an turns heads! Impressive exhaust (rumble) sound when stepping on the gas with the stock exhaust system.
Love this truck! I do however, have minor issues with the shift points of the auto trans in the 4WD low range.. I'm working with the dealership to fix this problem...

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