1990 Ford F-150 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1990 Ford F-150

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1990 Ford F-150 Problems

Rough Idle Caused by EGR Sensor Sticking

Intermittent rough idle may be caused by the EGR sensor sticking, causing the EGR valve to stay slightly open. The valve and sensor must be replaced together to correct this concern.

Updated Differential Clutch Kit Available if Rear End Noise is Heard

If a noise from the rear end is heard when going around turns or after driving at highway speed for an extended period, this could be caused by a failing differential clutch kit. An updated differential clutch kit available.

Engine Oil Pan Gasket May Leak

The engine oil pan gasket can develop a leak. Leaking oil may accumulate on the exhaust system resulting in a burning smell. Replacing the gasket should correct this leak.

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1990 Ford F-150 Questions

Rear brakes locking up when it rains and early in the morning when I pull off. (1 answer)

I have a 1984 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck my rear brakes are locking up when it rains and when I pull off early in the morning. I"ve taken my truck to several places including Pep Boys and they all say they cannot find anything wrong with my brakes. Please help me?

rear fuel cell problem (1 answer)

fuel cell line was melted
and hose cut.

I have a 90 xlt lariat with a 5.0 motor I crunk it up it ran 30 seconds an it turned off won't crank back up I replaced dis.cap rotor button ignition coil am control module but still no spark (1 answer)

1990 Ford f-150 lariat 5.0 efi motor 107,000 original miles

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1990 Ford F-150 Recalls

Ford Extends Warranty Coverage for 1990-1993 F150-F350 Trucks Fuel Pump/Sender Assembly

Ford has extended the warranty coverage of the fuel pump and sending unit assembly in 1990-1993 F150, F250, and F350 trucks. In some trucks, the check valve may become damaged inside the fuel pump unit. This can cause fuel to travel from one tank to the other, creating an overflow condition. In the presence of an ignition source, a fuel leak may result in a fire. Dealers will repair the fuel pump and sending unit for up to 12 years or 150,000 miles from the original warranty start date.

Recall 96V071000
Ford Recalls 1990-1993 F150-F350 Trucks Due to Fuel Pressure Regulator Issues

Ford has recalled 1990-1993 F150, F250, and F350 trucks due to a faulty fuel pressure regulator and malfunctioning fuel pump check valves. Fuel may transfer from one tank to the second tank, causing a possible overflow condition and fire hazard. Dealers will replace the fuel pressure regulator and install redundant check valves.

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1990 Ford F-150 Reviews

based on 5 customer reviews
This is my 1st Ford and my 1st used truck. I really like the truck. Its 25 years old and like everything else, things wear out. Im impressed how solid this little is truck. I have the 5.0L with the long base and I really like. The fact that I can work on it is great, now adays just about everything requires the need of a computer and Im a hands on type of guy. My problems seem to revolve around...
This is a great, solid truck. I have the 5.8 liter engine and it has 136000 miles and still runs strong as an ox. This has a solid suspension and steering, and have been on numerous off-road ventures and havent had a problem with it yet. It has great heating and the coldest air around. The only problem is due to the vents running on a vaccum system, it breaks easily and all i have is the defros...
all around great truck, very depenable, its a 88 model 4x4 w/189k on it the only issue i have is valve slap on the #7 or 8 cyl, or both for that matter, it so loud it sounds like a desile at idel but other then that its a awesome truck :) and a beast in the snow for it being a long wheelbase and a/t tires but those michilen have lasted me 6+years bought it used and they were on it

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