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2005 Ford Explorer (10 Reviews)
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bought a 2005 ford explorer in 2010. I did have the crack on the back but that was replaced at the dealer. It had 69k miles, most things were great until the 100k marker, that's when the grinding around corners came, I replaced the rotors only to continue to hear it again, I then replaced the front control arm assemblies due to the fact the ball joints were bad, I replaced the rotors again, the noise stopped (for a while) then the thermostatic housing begins to leak, got the part, still leaked, told me the sensor needs to be replaced too, then that solved that problem. Last but not least, the killer was when the bolt for the timing chain broke, out went the timing, valves, a few more things to basically a replacement engine... Out the door it went, dodge and chevy I stay now
I brought my 2005 ford explorer love it until at 50,000 had to buy tires, brakes, alternator, fix the auto seat on driver side and now at 75,000 I have that famous crack on the back of the hitch and something is going on with the transmission. I brought 2 new vehicles from ford in 2005 and I don't think I will buy anything else from them. My 2005 F-150 truck has had a lot of parts replaced and repaired and it has about the same amount of miles on it. Ford you have lost a repeat customer.
I bought my explorer in December 2006 with 69,000 miles. As of today, I have 278,880 miles. Except for the transmission, I haven't had any major problems. The only reason I had to replace the tranny, was because I never did the transmission fluid changes and it finally gave out at 187,000 miles. I did my first tuneup last year at 237,000 miles. I gave 3 stars for heat/air because there seems to be a problem with the blend door on these vehicles. I replaced it in November 2010 at a cost of $1000, only to have it stop working 6 months later. Replaced it for the 2nd time myself in October 2011 and it's still working. Overall, I love my truck and will not even consider any other vehicle.
Great vehicle because of its mid size but large towing capability up to 7700 lbs. My silver Explorer also lent itself well to chrome interior and exterior customization. Non mileage scheduled maintanence issues are mostly non existant. Ford did a great job on this vehicle.
2005 explorer bought it new, i now have 196k... great vehicle. transmission slipping a bit, had dealer add service issue additive, got better.
Great vehicle love ford products!! Bought it with 12k mile now have 45k no problems at all. So much better than any japanese car. very solid
I've owned this previously one owner vehicle for almost a year and have to say that it is solid, quiet and dependable. At 64000 (this weekend) I replaced the front shocks / struts. Had to take the upper ball jt loose along with the stabilizer link to get the assembly back into place. All went well basically and decided to replace the front pads (about 1/3 left) since I had it on my hoist. Easiest brake pad replacement job I'd ever done. Paint is exceptionally nice (Stone and cream), leather interior is fine but leather un-cared for cracks, face it. I condition mine about everyother month to keep it supple. Rear door speaker "blew" so replaced both with Kenwoods, great sound from the Audiophile system ....... and no problems like some others state. To the guy that had difficulties getting his door panel off, get a Haynes manual for God's sake! EZ instructions for about everything you need to do and has torque specs when you need them. I maintain my vehicles regularly and make sure minor stuff gets fixed right away so that it keeps the major problems from ever occuring. What I do not like is the miserable 14.3 MPG around town with this 4.0 V6! I got rid of my 04 Supercrew with the 5.4 V8 when gas went to $4. gal. Sadly that got better mileage (14.7 -15.3 in town) around town and was the absolute most versatile vehicle I've ever owned out of 71. The other minor irritant is the drive by wire "lag" as you turn a corner then apply the gas ...... that lag is irritating but an inheritant issue with drive by wire. It is NOT a transmission or engine control issue as I read someone advised an owner in the Q & A section. Finally, I agree with the guy that had owned Range Rovers and said that once you get past your image issues, this is a great, dependable vehicle all around....... and thousands less.
66k miles and only oil changes. Besides the poor fuel efficiency, this car is great. Good acceleration, smooth ride. I do get the false 4X4 engagement described in one of the TSBs when I make sharp turns at low speeds, but not a big deal. Bought the leather seats, which was a mistake. Had two of them replaced under warranty after about 6 months. Car is 4 years old now and they are all cracking.
Bought new in July 2005, currently has 62,000 miles. Apart from oil changes, still on original tires (which need replacing), rear left passenger window and rear windshield wiper no longer worker. Oh, and the CD palyer has been jammed for 6 months. Electrics are clearly not this car's strong points. Other than that, love this car...
I've had three Explorers (1998, 2000, and this 2005) and three Range Rovers (1999, 2000, and 2003). All Rovers have sucked reliability-wise, and the Explorers have been more reliable - plus the 2005 Explorer incorporates a lot of RR features except is more reliable. Sure, the Rover is a Rover with all its panache' but once you get past that status symbol phase in your life, the Explorer is your steady companion.