2004 Ford Explorer Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Ford Explorer

A cosmetic crack may develop on the plastic liftgate trim panel. Ford has released a service procedure to replace the applique without damage the the liftgate glass.

A failed heater blend door or actuator can cause the temperature control for the HVAC system to stop working. A clicking sound from the dash area would commonly indicate an actuator fault. If the heater gets stuck on the hottest setting, the heater blend door may be broken requiring replacement of the heater box to repair the issue.

A rattling noise from the engine may indicate that the timing chain cassette is worn. Our technicians tell us that installing an updated cassette and timing chain tensioner should correct this concern.

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a mechanic had referred to them as upper and lower ball joints.

but when i try to price it out only lower is mentioned.

thanks for any help

As I accelerate I hear a thumping noise that sound like a flat tire, however all the tires are full and none are leaking, and as the car coasts it stays steady. What could be the cause of this? I heard someone mention rotors and someone else mentioned possible ball joint, any advice to help me na...

I can hear the blower motor working, I can feel cold air coming out of the vents from the dashboard, and up by the defrost vent when the air conditioning is on; however when I turn on the heater no warm air comes out, no matter how long the truck runs, and it sounds like the damper door inside th...

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Tranny, differentials and A/C system are problems on this vehicle.

310000 and still going strong. Just basic maintence.....if something breaks, fix it!

Overall, I am most disappointed in the dealer. Ford themselves did not care that the vehicle has had problems from day one. And the dealer was more interested in blaming the problems on my driving habits. My pervious car had 428,000 original miles on it when I sold it. Bad driving habits? Doubtful! Pulls slightly to the right no matter the road surface from day one - dealer says I hit som...

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