Cadillac Catera Problem Report

Cadillac Catera The Timing Belt Idler and/or Tensioner Pulley May Fail

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The timing belt idler and/or tensioner pulley may fail, resulting in server engine damage. Cadillac has recalled certain 1997-2001 models to replace the timing belt and other related components as necessary.

there is a recall on the belt tenion and water pump . because the belt was not tight it jumped timing and bent the valves . cadilac fixed everthing in the recall -
timing belt broke. trying to figure out if it can be fixed, or is it even worth the trouble, but mostly worth the money. also who to talk to about cadillac footing some of the bill -
Engine clicked then stalled. Broken timing belt. -
Tensioner is making weird noise and smell tearing up new belts -
Pulley to water pump broke loose and over-heated cannot find parts , this car is JUNK! -
i have the same problem with the timing belt -
idler pully failor (damaged valves in cilinder heads) -
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