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I was driving home from work on the freeway and my car turned completely off. It turns over and make cranking noises but want start. My radio will not come on . I tried jumping the car it don't work.

Car started out not wanting to start, I changed the starter, and the alternator. My car wouldn't accelerate, was told it was the catalytic converter. Removed that and changed the fuel pump. It now won't stay on, it dies after running for a bit.

Whenever I drive my car it downshift buy and sell to 1st or 2nd gear and I change the input speed sensor on it because the check engine light came on and it's still doing it

I can't figure out which fuses to replace and where they are located on the fuse box

What should i check now

The cd changer say disc checking can tell if one is stuck or not

sound becomes stronger with strain on engine.

It happens when I step on the break slightly and continues until I press hard on the brake. I have had the brakes, calibers, rotor, CV joints checked and they all checked out and no new tires. The car does not wabble or shake just makes this annoying noise.

At the top by the sun roof

I am reach up behind my rear seats try to release the seats and I don't feel any release tab? Where is it

Bled cylinder before I switched clutch disk around( put in backwards first time)

Changed burned out bulb. RF signal works fine.

My car will not pick up speed past 25mph. All this started happening right after changing to a new battery at the auto parts store. They connected my car to the digital computer and it read that nothing was wrong I don't know what seems to be the problem all I did was switch to a new battery and all of this started happening.

fuel pump gasket or seal cause a trouble code po455

It sounds like the ticking has gotten progressively faster over the last few days.

Please someone elaborate on other 2016 models of Sonata. Or is IAC valve replaced by electronic throttle control systems?

To open doors or set alarm

I have a 2004 Hyundai Sonata and I am having problems steering. The Power steering is good. All the belts are still on the car, yet when I begin a turn, it becomes very hard to steer. What could be wrong with it?

Mechanic cannot find anything wrong.

does the clutch smooth side face out or in

My car won't start unless I get a jump. After my car is turned off, a ticking/clicking noise is coming from inside my radio area and it drains my battery. When I remove the indash where the air vents and radio is located, I can see that the noise is coming from a silver box. I can unplug the box but when that is done, the car will not start at all unless it is plug back in. Can you tell me what the box is?

the flashers will blink but it does not unlock.lock the door

Every time I hit a bump the indication light saying a door is open goes off.

where is the rear motor mount. how to replace

The power steering pump went out and was replaced with a few new ones from different makers and it still will not work..

I took it to a mechanic and he said that I would have to drop the engine cradle. How much does this usually cost? I looked at bushings online and don't seem to cost much. I suppose I'm mostly looking at labor costs.

Also slightly turning right on coast down hill, small curves,but not to the left. Noise not happening when brakes even lightly touched or applied. Does seem to be getting worse !! 51k miles . Also , would it possibly be under warranty still ??? Bob

My Car came up w/ po700 and 741

My brakes are not releasing when they are suppose to so its making my car brake oad had to push down. It also has a burning smell coming from the brakes.

My car stalled while driving it as I turned it over again there was a loud noise coming from under the hood. I stopped and parked it popped the hood and there was oil splattered everywhere and leaking from underneath.