Some time it's work done time not

Blower fan on but on heat

Right turn signal is working fine on left turn signal exterior indicators front and rear are flashing fast

Its damage starts after the shifter plate and beyond towards the back end.

my dashboard lights dont work at night i cant see how fast im going or anything even when dimmer switch is on

Please help

Its full of coolant don't know what is wrong

smother a little when ac is on but it feels like it wants to turn off

I've changed feul injectors oil egr valve spark plugs coil packs wires valves also seem to rattle when I accelerate I had a p0304 code but that's gone now

Will it keep it from running?

The passenger side mirror is broken.

All the interior lights went out heater lights radio lights speedometer lights and the right side tail light I thought it might be a short in the wiring because sometimes the heater would cut on and off

Dashboard lights radio lights heater lights gear shift lights in my right side tail light went out at one time I thought it was a short in the wiring but now don't none of them come on it just did it today

I have a 2002 Hyundai Elantra 2.0 engine cranks but no spark

The clicking seems to be coming from the fuse box

check engine light is on and the code is P0150

The tool light is on everything comes on but the car wont start

what all could cause this I changed the oil and filter the car has set for a couple of years before I bought t

had sporadic heat but would stop when car idled. then oil gauge climbed in red zone. took it to garage 2/4/17. they added coolant and sent me on my way. afraid to drive any distance. didn't find any leaks

Just purchased 3 months ago

Temperature is getting way to the red section

My check engine light came on do my dad ran a diagnostic test and it came back with 2 problems 1. The gas cap wasn't one right 2 the speed sensor was bad and we fixed those but now it's stuck in reverse

Started not shifting right then would go in reverse while in park or drive then just stopped moving won't move at all

i drove another 10 miles in 2cd gear with no problems just could not shit, so clutch is good but hydrolics failed?


It's turning over but won't fire up

started right after replacing it its a consistent wobble my rpm nor mph changes it

After driving I turn the car off and it still runs.This has happen since my sister used it and over filled it with gas.Can the evap system make it do so.I checked the ignition switch and it is working great.I have to pull the ecu reley to shut the car off.

to gears after jump

One bolt is blocked by the engine how do I get this thing off