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Mileage is slightly better on highways, but 14 mpg on streets.

The noise only happens in park and neutral. If I move the key back sometimes it stops.

The cd changer say disc checking can tell if one is stuck or not

Have 2 fobs. Other one still works but only sometimes.

My check engine light came on do my dad ran a diagnostic test and it came back with 2 problems 1. The gas cap wasn't one right 2 the speed sensor was bad and we fixed those but now it's stuck in reverse

I had front end control arms and struts replaced 4 weeks ago because of "crunching" sounds from front end when driving. Now took to dealer for unrelated reason and I'm told the boot on the r&p has fluid, so rack & pinion needs to be replaced. Wouldn't replacing control arms had caught this issue?

The problem just started.

Just replaced the head peace in my car and speakers but now my dome light and trunk lid on the driver door and my key fob does not work.. I have replaced a lot of stereos and never had any problems like this. I could really use some help plz

My check engine light keeps coming on after repeated visits to the repair shop & replacement of several sensors.

I Repair all engine details

When should i change engine oil?

I just bought this car for my fiancé and the back of the passenger side seat won't move. These are power seats do I don't know how to adjustit manually or fix it. What could this be and is it expensive to fix?

On my last oil change, I put a little too much oil in. On the dip stick, it's about 3/8 of an inch over the "F" mark.

Suck some out or forget about it?

While I was driving home my car started to stall and couldn't speed up. I was in the middle lane in traffic which was F***ing scarey. I pulled over and turned the engine off then back on and it continued to do the same thing. Before reaching my home I notice the esc off light on. Can anybody tell me if the reason my car acting like that is because of the esc off light is on when I didn't even touched the button?

everything is turned off when I park. This car is from Texas to NH. My book says the yellow fuse power connector if you change anything to the car pull the connector in different direction. I have gone thru two new batteries. I winterized it for cold weather.

My azera will start but when you apply the gas chokes out. Checked catalytic converters and they are fine. If you blow air from air compressor into the exhaust on engine it will run but as soon as the air stops car chokes out.

Recently I noticed that while driving my car would "unlock"on its on and would not lock back. Shortly after that, I had sluggish battery and then drained battery. I had the battery replaced and then noticed that the interior light at the bottom of the passenger door stays on a good bit of the time. This morning, my key fob will not lock or unlock the doors....Anyone have advice on where to go and what to have checked?

I plugged in my electric tire pump not realizing that its power cord was "shorted". Since I had put air in 3 tires and was starting to fill the 4th tire, I didn't know that its power cord had just shorted out. I tried it in 2 power ports (the cigarette lighter port and the console port), and then tested the cord to discover it had shorted. I replaced the burned out fuse for the cl port but could not find a fuse for the console. What do I do?

My 2006 hyundai azera likes to sputter and shake while at 55mph and or almost throwing you into the windshield. Then it will down shift into third gear and stick there and the check engine light will illuminate. If you pull over shut the car off the car resets itself and is not stuck in third gear anymore. And then the check engine light goes off? HELP

My front seat passenger side is electronic and it will not work. It's stuck in the forward most position and nobody can sit in the car. Could it be a fuse? if so, where is the fuse panel? I looked under the hood and none of the fuses there seem to be involved with the electric seat.

The passenger seat wont go in the back position. Is this a fuse?

When I put the car into reverse its makes an awful grinding noise that I am assuming is the rear screen. What can be done about this?

I cannot recreate the issue on demand. I never know when it will do it.