Infiniti QX56 Problem Report

Infiniti QX56 A Clunking or Popping Noise May Develop From the Front Suspension

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A clunking or popping noise may develop when driving over pot holes or rough roads, the front coil springs may be the source of the noise. Our technicians tell us updated parts are available to address this problem.

clunking from right front suspension. under light braking and usually backing out of the driveway prior to changing direction a clunk is heard from under the drivers floor. -
My car making a noise every time i hit a rough road or every time i hit a bump -
The Clunking and Popping noises are heard. Have taken the vehicle to the dealership. It's made to believe that it's not an issue. Frustrating. -
Popping and clunking in left front wheel when going over bumps, quick stops and turns. The noise seems to go away when you lightly hold the brakes when doing the mentioned. Infinity recommended a complete brake job that was not covered by warranty. They did replace the left front brake caliper under warranty. We have had the truck in the shop 3 times for the same issue. This next week will be the fourth time. They seem to resolve the problem for a couple of months and then it returns. I can't imagine a car needing new brakes and calipers at 28,000 miles. We will see what their next plan of action will be. -
replace with Bilstein struts -
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