2001 Honda Accord Questions

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only does it in the mornings when motor is cold, when it warms up it drives better ,this started after a head gasket replacement,check engine turns on when trying to stall in morning
First time this has happened. Can't get the key to release
Topped off power steering fluid car again hard to steer.
filled by daughter with diesel
If I don't replace it what will it hurt?
The green light on the dash doesn't come on sometimes.
Does the engine have to be replaced or can I get a new crankshaft
on the top of the valve cover there is a pretty big crack in it. will that cause problems.
check engine light came on while driving in stop and go traffic w/ the D4 gear light blinking...blinking stops after car is parked and turned is shifting fine as well after I turned the car off. This has happened twice
it stays on
the read out on the odometer displays only half of the numbers
I've only had the car a little over a year, and have already replaced two wheel bearings. Now another one is going bad. Is that considered normal?
Just started
One mechanic says it's the alternator that I just had put in and the other mechanic who put in my alternator says it's the distributer. Any suggestions.
Door locks are pesky! Front pass door won't lock or unlock using auto-lock, rear doors only sometimes. Depends on which door using auto-lock. Driving me crazy! Help!
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