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Car does not crank. The battery is good but when I turn the key I do not get any engine sound or a clicking sound. I have tried my extra key with the same results.
I disconnected my battery and now my alarm goes off and my car will not start I tried everything I don't have the alarm remote how can I fix my problem and drive my car please help I googled it and a friend came to help we tried to unlock it with the key we tried to reset it how Google said but nothing is working and I have to get to work
Alarm goes off on itself
Hello. Ihave codes p0700 p1166 p1167 p1739
Bought car yesterday. Guy bought from auction and sole to me. 2001 honda accord ex with 178k miles. He said he would have the inspection sticker on it. Went to registry and she said that is illegal to have inspection prior to register but he already did it.. Drove to work next day and engine light with code P1457 evaporative emission control system leak detected - B. I did get $10.00 gas yesterday but l heard gas cap click several times and light never went on, not until driving home from work today. Help : (
i was going to get my trans fluid and filter change but cant find it
i have a 2001 honda accord and the trans shift harsh. i was told to get the fluid and filter change
Went through huge puddle of water fast and it immediately died. The lights still come on. It just won't turn over.
Oil light is on and blinking red.
only does it in the mornings when motor is cold, when it warms up it drives better ,this started after a head gasket replacement,check engine turns on when trying to stall in morning
First time this has happened. Can't get the key to release
Topped off power steering fluid car again hard to steer.
filled by daughter with diesel
If I don't replace it what will it hurt?
The green light on the dash doesn't come on sometimes.
Does the engine have to be replaced or can I get a new crankshaft
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