Check Engine Light and Poor Throttle Response on Ford Five Hundred

A defective electronic throttle body (ETB) can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate and could have limited to no throttle response. Our technicians tall us that replacing the electronic throttle body will commonly correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 117,748 (27,000–319,000)
3 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007
74 people reported this problem
50 people shared problem details
need a new throttle theu quoted me a price of 871.00 Ford stated that this is a major problem for these cars, i think it should be a recall, why should we have to pay when Ford knew the part was bad.
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Engine surges when placed in Reverse or Drive, have to keep my foot on the brake until the surge idles down. Almost hit this poor guy on his bike while at a stop sign. He passed in front of me and I had my foot on the brake but received this sudden surge, lunged slightly forward, scared both of us, he just looked at me like, "are you trying to hit me"? Spoke to this guy that works at Ford of Port RIchey,Fl. and he told my husband that the maker of these throttle parts, is the same maker of the part that went wrong in the Toyota's that had the sticky throttle causing so many accidents. Ford needs to send a recall out before someone gets seriously injured. Price to fix my issue, $530.00 for the part and another $300.00 for labor,,, ohhh yea!
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Wrench light came on. car stalls, doesn't seem like it's getting any gas. needed to replace the throttle body for $640
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Yesterday morning theCheck engin light came on. cruise control stopped working, and it began shifting erratically. in the afternoon it worked normal. this morning i hade the same symptoms. i turned the engine off, then restarted it. everything worked normal
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wrench light came on and car lost power. had to pull over and cut off car and then restart. had a hard time starting back up. starting to happen frequently.
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Not fixed yet. The car stalls once the wrench light appears. Purchased as used vehicle as it was a mint condition car on the lot. Now, I know why. I am back to driving my 1998 Honda Accord with 270,000 miles. I feel so safe in my Honda!! UPDATE: According to the diagnostic test that was recently done it is the Throttle Positioning Sensor that needs replaced. Dealership has agreed to split the cost, $500 part and no repair fees. I will pursue this further but not with dealership. I have never had to spend this amount of money to have my Honda serviced or a part replaced. Since the vehicle no longer starts, it is being towed to the dealership since the part arrived. I am fortunate that I never encountered this problem during rush traffic. I will be excited to see how the vehicle performs. I will follow-up. Question: Now I am confused, so possibly it is not this sensor but the whole throttle body? UPDATE: After waiting two weeks for the part to arrive at the dealership since having the Throttle Positioning Sensor replaced three weeks ago - thus far the car has been perfect. The dealership split the cost with me. I hope this is the end of encountering any other problems except for the preventive maintenance.
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Throttle Body Sensor. Since having a new sensor installed this past March, I have not experienced any other problems. The dealership split the cost of the part $500 and no labor included.
Engine light on two days but no problem found so far.
check engine comes on once in awhile, but goes off by itself, maybe a couple days later. When I had the code checked, it would be something with gas cap. Cap is always secure, the light just ends up going out on its own after a couple days.
Have the same problem with my 500 dealer says the throttle body needs to be replaced needs it you be a defected part
Throttle body - replacing it for the second time.
Im having the same problem....when i leave for work in the morning my car is fine but when i get off...i pull off and i press the accelerator and car doesnt work...and ill have to sit and restart and then it works...its like it looses pressure or i was driving wit my car in drive and it just stop driving with the car still running....i almost hit someone and also.someone almost rearended me...this is dangerous...someone can get killed why not recall it and fix it...dont understand it
Wrench light comes on. Car switches to neutral while highway driving. Very scary to be pushing the gas pedal and get no reaction from the car. Doesn't work to well in reverse. Actually got stuck halfway into a parking spot. Was pushing pedal. And car was acting like I want giving gas at all. Had to push it into the parking spot.
Car goes into failsafe engine mode. The problem is not fixed yet can't afford to get it fixed yet. I've had this car not even five months and I've already put $1500.00 into the car
I have a 2006 ford five hundred and when i bought it the man said he had to replace the transmission which car fax confirmed. He said that happened when it had low miles. I bought the car at 140,000 miles and the check engine light was on. Now that it has more miles on it my throttle is starting to go on me. I will pull into my street and my car will be in stand still and I'll be hitting the gas. I have to constantly pump it to get it to come back. I can hear the miss fire. I read that there was a recall on the throttle body and I didn't think recalls expired but this expired two months before I even owned the car and before the car even had signs of problems. I have read so many reciews saying they cleaned the throttle but no response to wether that worked or not. Of course replacing it would be easy but i don't currently have funds for that.
After some period of highway driving and going to local traffic the wrench light comes on. Acceleration was sluggish.
My 2006 Ford Five Hundred has Low mileage at 40k yet I am experiencing stalling and engine light is on. Everything points to the throttle body.....replacement is very expensive. Can someone tell me if there is a recall on this part. I'm disappointed in Ford regarding this issue. A known failure but no known factory support. Honda may be my next vehicle.......
My car shut off in the middle of the highway. Almost causing an accident. Check engine and wrench light popped on. I pulled over and tried to restart car but it wouldn't do anything but start jerking. I waited 30 minutes and car started fine. Was told by Ford to take car to dealership to have throttle body cleaned. Was told by dealership that the car was ok to drive and the throttle body was just dirty. Car drove good for one day then it stopped again on highway nearly causing another accident. I will be going to get a Chevy soon. I had to pay to get my own throttle body cleaned because I was over the 150,000 miles that Ford allows for their warranty. I guess it has to take someone being serious injured in an accident before Ford does a recall on this part.
My wrench light came on and car cut off in middle of the highway and lost power
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