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GMC Canyon Worn Valve Seats May Cause Engine Misfire

GMC Canyon Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Engines Affected: 2.8L 4 Cylinder, 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 3.7L 5 Cylinder

Average Mileage: 99,382 mi (32,546 mi - 221,000 mi)


The engine may develop a misfire due to worn valve seats. This fault will cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Replacement of the cylinder head may be required to correct this concern.

  • Visitor, , 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 75,000 mi

    My service engine soon light would come on and go off repeatedly. My truck began to idle really rough with low rpm while stopped at an intersection. I went to my local GMC Dealer and they diagnosed it as needing new cylinders and the extended 7 year 100,000 mile warranty covered everything.

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 156,000 mi


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  • Visitor, , 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 110,000 mi

    At 110,000 on cold mornings I started to notice high pitched squealing, I assumed it was a belt? but it didn't do it all the time? 111,000 started sporadic functions? day running lamp light would come and go, then panel lights, service engine, inside lights, seat belt light would flashing without a person? radio would turn off when key was turned off, or it would continue to play had to open & close a few times, cargo light would work sometimes, starting noticing lights diming when applying brakes, at 113,000 it started spitting, sputtering, idling rough, acting like it's going to stall, but no service engine light? disconnected battery, now I can't get it off! within two weeks I'm ready to park it! My experience with GMC has been a nightmare as it is!! I bought it new in 2006, I've had it to the shop eight times for (all) windows, like windows are too big for slot, and sticking to the rubber? horrible sound, when GMC couldn't fix I complained to Corp. they spoke to service guy who said "he had never heard a noise?" and laughed at me when I went to pick it up!! I've had the heater motor replaced 5 times, the heated seat repaired 3 times!. I dread even driving by the dealership, everything is a hassle with GMC, they don't stand behind their Products, or Customers! they quoted $182.00 for diagnostic to see what the issue may be, does anyone have a clue what it maybe?

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 64,000 mi

    Rough idle, Check Engine light (P0300), cylinder leak test shows #2 cylinder leaking (intake valve).

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 106,000 mi

    Determined that the valve seats were bad and the cylinder head needs to be rebuilt at the cost of over $2000.00. It is our understanding that GM knew of this problem and didn't notfiy anyone. Also, we have been told that since we are just over the 100,000 mile limit there is no coverage.

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 134,000 mi

    valve 2 mis-firing. had to do a valve job.

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  • Visitor, , 2.8L 4 Cylinder, 57,600 mi

    Multiple cyl. misfiring, gas mileage has depleted drastically. Most problematic gm I've ever owned, sadly disappointed!

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 80,000 mi

    I believe this is the problem with my 2006 canyon. I have brought the truck in at 33000 miles when check engine light came on, they replaced the emissions canister valve, computer read po 300 and po499. I brought truck to a shop when light came on again and was told to bring to a gmc dealer because test was done and he found cylinders 2 and 5 to have misfired the most. Gm service ran the computer again came up with po 300 and po 449 again. They wanted to replace the same part I replaced under warranty a few years back.Replaced the part and was right back the next morning with check engine light on. hooked to computer again and still reads po300 which is a misfire but they claim the leak down test is within the allowable range and have no idea what is causing the misfires. waiting to hear what they come up with next. I think it may be time for me to call GMC myself and start complaining.

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 83,254 mi

    just started waiting to find a fix

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  • Visitor, , 3.5L 5 Cylinder, 110,000 mi

    No compression in cylinder 2 & 4...will probably have to replace engine...LAST GMC I will ever own. Had oil changed every 3K miles and always babied this truck....really let down...looking at a Nissan with a more reliable V-6.

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