Jeep Wrangler Problem Report

Jeep Wrangler Water leak due to plugged AC drain, updated drain hose available

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If water leaks into the passenger compartment and under the passenger side carpet, an heating, ventilation and AC (HVAC) drain hose is available.

Water leaked into the passenger side but only happened when the car was in motion... after see how the drain tube was installed I noticed that while driving water would be forced against the firewall and back into the veh. I fixed this issue by installing and extender to the drain tube that faced down (at an angle)now the water didnt have a chance to back track. problem solved ..havent had a drop on the passenger side..and the Jeep now has 130k miles -
A/C condensation drain sticks out about 2 inches through the firewall. It is practically horizontal. At highway speeds it is assumed airflow will not allow drainage. A hose extension with downward bend is avialable from dealer. However a short hose lenght from Home Dopot is just as effective. -
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