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Honda CR-V Vibration When Braking Due to Rotor Problem

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The front brake rotors can warp and cause a vibration when braking. The rotors will need to be machined or in cases where they are worn to thin, replaced to correct this issue.

We have purchased 2013 CR-V October 2012 and in July 2013, nine months later I had to take it back to the dealer because of the wheel vibration when pushing breaks. They resurfaced rotors and tried to tell me not to ride on breaks. Really! I do extensive driving, but mostly on highway. This is my fourth car, but first time Honda, and I have never had to replace rotors. Now three months later we are having the same issue. Again the dealer claimed it is my bad driving habbits that breakes are getting overheated and now trying to charge $200. Apparently, manufacture warranty on rotors only covers 12,000 miles. We tried to tell them it has to be bad rotors from manufacture, but dealers people including general manger do not htink so. So, this is pretty much it for buying Honday in the feature. -
Onniebay, welcome to my world :-) I purchased a 2012 Honda CR-V from Santa Margarita Honda in Orange County CA approximately 10 months ago. The car has 9,400 miles on it and my wife drives it 7 miles/day to go between work and home. My brake rotors are completely warped already. When I drive at freeway speeds and step on the brake the car rattles like a 6.0 earthquake and the pedal bounces like a basketball. Took it to the dealer and they said that it's driving habits that are causing the rotors to overheat so it's wear and tear (at 9,400 miles and 10 months of age -?????). Keep in mind that my wife and I are almost 50 years old and do not drive the car like a Porsche or a Ferrari especailly with two younger kids in the car. This, as any common sense person should know, is not something that should be happening this early in the game. The dealer says that they will cover resurfacing of the rotors. Again, as everyone should know, resurfacing only thins the brake disc which makes it even more vulnerable to overheating and getting warped much quicker over time. They told me that if I want to pursue new rotors that I would have to contact Honda directly. After I spent $30,000 on their car they will not even pick up the phone for me...exquisite customer I call Honda and all the rep could tell me, after my rant, is that heat is causing the warping. Thanks a bunch Einstein...could not have figured that one out w/o you!!!!! The issue is why are the rotors melting away already at not even 10,000 miles??? Will never buy a Honda again. Period. Case closed. Good luck with your case. -
When you apply the brakes it sounds like a major thumping and you can feel it in the pedal. CHEAP GARBAGE materials. The car companies are all the same -
I have driven 6 different vehicles on the same route. Only the CR-V brakes heated to the point that the front end shuddered coming down a mouontain on a 4 lane highway. I am going to have to replace the stock rotors with vented rotors to remedy the problem. I have asked American Honda for reimbursement. -
When I drive it on high speed > 65 and above, after applying breaks there is clear vibrations. I still have to talk to dealer. -
Started at 10,000 and got bad at 20,000. Taken it Honda Dealer on Monday 1/6/14 -
2012 Honda CR-V steering wheel shakes when braking at 50mph, this car is barely a year. I had a 1998 Toyota Corolla and it took ten years to have this kind of problem. -
when braking at high speed and applying the brakes, the car would vibrate as if going over a rumble strip. You feel it in the steering wheel. Dealer found both front rotors warped and machined both front rotors. no charge. So far so good. -
Car really shakes when braking at around 35mph or 65mph. Can't wait to get it fixed! -
Rotors are warped....3rd time to get them shaved..... -
I have a 2013 CRV. I drive many highway miles and just turned 56,000. My CRV had warped brake rotors at approximately 20,000, 30,000, 35,000 miles. A around 50,000 miles they were warped again, and I've been driving it as is. They heat up when it's hot out and after heavy braking. The resulting warp will rattle your teeth. Honda replaced the rotors the first three times, and I've asked for help again. We'll see what they say. Either way this newest problem will represent five sets of rotors (including the original set) in less than 60,000 miles. I've NEVER had a car do this. I looked into after market components but since I have the front wheel drive only LX version it's hard to find quality rotors (no Brembos). No more CRVs for me. -
Breaking down from 65 mph experiences the shuttering etc of a warped rotor sensation. Wow CR-V is still new wife drove it around town..never tow any thing...first bad experience on any of the Honda's we have owned... -
Severe wheel shimmy when braking xue to warped front rotors. Resurfaced rotors & replaced brake pads -
Car shakes (stearing and brake peddle) when brakes are applied at and above 50 mph. I have been told that I have a warped rotor. The car is a 2013 Honda Civic with 13000 miles !! This seems to be a fleet problem. Honda should respond and fix the problem. -
Rotor replaced previously at about 15000 miles. Braking vibration is back and worsening at 30000 miles -
Vibration in steering wheel under sudden, hard braking conditions. Much worse at high speeds such as interstate driving, and barely there (if at all) under normal lower speed braking around town. Was told by the dealer service advisor that it is due to the materials used to make the front brakes less likely to develop a squeal, but this causes the rotors to heat up more causing them to warp and, it will be an ongoing problem requiring the rotors to be machined about every 3rd oil change, even if the rotors are replaced. Going to have the first machining done and it will be covered by the extended warranty this time as the mileage is so low but, it will cost about $100 each time after that. I told them I thought this was a materials problem that should be fixed by Honda and got a pleasant smile in return. -
Vibration began at less than 10,000 miles. At 12,000 miles returned to the dealer for warranty coverage of the problem. I learned that brake rotor problems are covered under warranty only for 12,000 miles (my mileage was slightly higher), but the dealer agreed to machine the rotors at no charge. Attributed the problem to a "two foot" driving style (not true). As expected, machining the rotors reduced the rotor thickness, which compounded the problem. The problem returned at 23,000 miles, and I am looking forward to replacing the rotors (and disposing of the CR-V because of this problem). This is my first (and last) Honda. -
I havent fixed the problem yet but I have had it diagnosed as a warped rotor and I have notified Honda. This is not a reliable vehicle. -
front brake vibration -
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