My car was hit in driver door and it is indented but opens. Now car is skidding all over the place and anti-skid light is on. Waiting on claims adjuster. Is this sign of serious damage? Car is not drivable. Can auto body shop deal with this? Insurance people say yes. In NYC but live on Cape Cod.

This happened only once.

It was replaced in 2011. Is there a chance that it is a design defect with this part?

During driving and when the gears are shifting, there is some jerking motion. The shifting of gears isn't smooth. The problem occurs consistently. I tried changing to premium gas but still the same issue. The vehicle went through a complete service at 72,500 miles recently (air filter, cabin air filter, oil + filter change, coolant etc.) but the problem still exists.

Vehicle details: Auto transmission, AWD. The vehicle has 74000 miles on it.

after a short trip I restart my car xc90 then at once I got a message warning (stop engine and check coolant level, I did so ,I found the level of water is low then I added some water to discover the oil is coming from the coolant milky color , I don't know what is the problem now and how much risky to drive to the mechanic work shop about 10milesdriving,can I get your urgent advice what to do, and what's the issue? , thanks a lot

Had a factory rebuilt put in and same slipping ocured after 2 weeks. Said the radiator was leaking into the transmission causing a whitish pinky color to the fluid. So have put in a new radiator and flushed the fluids. Will this car recover and run for years or should I sell it since the repair man was not sure if other parts could be affected.

I've had them checked, not loose

1st occurance

thank you.

I am very frustrated because I took my car to the dealership due to a jerking when the car shifted gears while driving at slower speeds. The car has 58,000 miles on it and has been out of warranty for about 1 1/2 years.
I was told that the car will need a valve in the transmission which will cost me $2,900.00. This information is from the dealership. I have never had transmission problems with much less expensive cars at any time in my life..In researching this topic online I've learned that other consumers are experiencing the same problems with their Volvos and transmissions...it seems that mine has much lower mileage. The dealer says that their hands are tied and that they have tried in vain to get some type of assistance from Volvo...DO I HAVE ANY TYPE OF RECOURSE???? I feel that I am being taken over the coals after spending $48,000 for this vehicle five years ago.