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It was replaced in 2011. Is there a chance that it is a design defect with this part?
During driving and when the gears are shifting, there is some jerking motion. The shifting of gears isn't smooth. The problem occurs consistently. I tried changing to premium gas but still the same issue. The vehic...
after a short trip I restart my car xc90 then at once I got a message warning (stop engine and check coolant level, I did so ,I found the level of water is low then I added some water to discover the oil is coming fr...
Had a factory rebuilt put in and same slipping ocured after 2 weeks. Said the radiator was leaking into the transmission causing a whitish pinky color to the fluid. So have put in a new radiator and flushed the flui...
I've had them checked, not loose
I am very frustrated because I took my car to the dealership due to a jerking when the car shifted gears while driving at slower speeds. The car has 58,000 miles on it and has been out of warranty for about 1 1/2 year...
It worked in the morning and in the afternoon it wasn't. It acts like it is going to turn on then goes off. It won't eject the cd's either.
My dashboard squeeks and has a slight rattle. Dealer has not fixed it when it was under warranty. Any ideas?
The water tank is full. The rear sprayer is working perfectly and fluently. There is no noise coming from the pump. It happend around a week ago after I took my car for an oil change.
how do i remove the head on a 2007 volvo xc90
have removed the headlight assembly and cover to low beam bulb. can't separate connector from bulb base. don't want to damage connection. is a special tool needed or simple explanation.