Just had 90k m check at 88k 3 days ago, car would jolt when accelerating after having been stopped, muffler rusted thr apparently too on the same day! Bought in 2014 at 70k m pd $15k

2.5 L 5cylinder 2006 Volvo XC 90 drives fine at times but loses power at other times and shuts off. Can wait about 30 seconds truck restarts and the process begins again. Found water in floors after large amount of rain. Truck had this issue before rain occurred. Codes P0089 and P0087

I don't have any details to add. Just a question :)

Before purchasing the Volvo xc 90 they was suppose to change all my fluids and put some transmission fluids in. However the Volvo move and drive just not at the speed normally. No light are on it only reading transmission performance low is the only code it's given out.

radiator busted, replaced that and water/pump. Now Car doesn't want to turn over, but When it does, it runs Fine . gotta pump gas and catch it. "Best way to explain"

When I engage the washer sprayer only the passenger side (and my headlights) get sprayed the driver side and rear windshield (separately) do not function.

cooling system and thermostat is good the air mixing door is not working

got new fuel sensor and new fuel pump

Dvr's window won 't go down
/open. also red triangle warning come on, on dash. The only thing I have done recently is reset computer/maint. time
Don't know what to do, take to dealer...$$$.

Drives fine initially, then once I stop and turn it off and attempt to restart it, it shuts off when I put it in drive. Over and over...about two to four times before I can continue to drive again

I allowed someone to take out factory radio to install store brought. Now I can't control driver and passenger windows. My sunroof control doesn't work. My air nor heat want come on. My interior lights want come on when doors open. I also can't use my key pad to lock and unlock doors. What could be the problem.

Roof Drain was stopped up and water was in floor. Unstopped drain and removed water. Now, sloshing water in frame. How do I remove this water? Is there a plug?

First time today

The car drives great but will not go in reverse.

what can cause this problem

It took a couple days but the Volvo dealer said that the sensor is not telling the correct speed to shift and would have to change the whole transmission. They also said the transmission was trowing many codes. Car drives great but shifts rough. 168,000 miles but I just purchased the car. Divorce so can't buy new one. THANKS!!!!!!

What are the cam marks set to when changing a timing belt on a Volvo xc90 t6?

Horn blows going down road without touching it horn blows and parking lot when I'm not in the car

I just purchased this car due to my divorce and has too many problems to mention. The car shifts so rough from 1-2 or 2-3 and reverse order, it sometimes barks the tires. What is my best bet. The air won't work. The blower will not blow anything out the drivers side. SRS airbag light on on drivers side too. Thanks!!!!!!

When applying the brakes, it feels bumpy. Got new brake pads March 2015. Car used for recreation only.

The AC will not blow cold while sitting in traffic.

intermittent problem; sometime car shutters at 80mph and must slow and drive below 50mph to avoid continued problem

My right window mirror and lock wont work but all the other windows and locks work form the drivers switch .

My right turn signal blinks fast but all bulbs work . It says right bulb needs replaced but they all work .

No Problem yet .

so just pulled into parking spot and could not move- any further than N. Just purchased from private dealer with warranty but this was my second day out. A bit dangerous- I had just pulled into car lot where I purchased and they gave me loaner and took car- without saying much. help

My oil pressure light started illuminating on corners about a two weeks ago, scheduled service and Volvo suggested I add oil since it was a few days away. Told today that that they did not get a read at all on the dipstick. Quoted $1000 to repair a failed (worn? damaged?) engine oil trap plus possibly another $500 to clean the carbon buildup (dropping the oil pan and cleaning the engine from the inside?). Does this sound reasonable?

My air compressor has gone out 3 times in the last two years. It's failing for the 4th time and this last one was put in by Volvo mechanic 2 months ago. It has to be something other than the compressor - Volvo has installed 2 out of 3; will do the 4th one as well. What can be making the compressor fail repeatedly?

Check Engine light is on and will occasionally go off but returns eventually and is on most of the time. I cannot obtain an emission test for my registration.

I have determined that tranny is not locked due to parked incline etc. Rocking does not work.
Have cleaned out bushings in shifter housing no effect.
What does work. Locking or unlocking doors via locking button on driver door cluster. Sometimes even opening driver door works.
I have had issues where door lock button doesn't work and I have to use remote to unlock doors.
So a page from NCIS, no coincidence, what is broken in the door lock/ignition switch/transmission circuit?