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Even if I go through puddles very slowly, I still lose the power steering. I had it looked at by my volvo repair guy and he said the power steering line looks good and doesn't know why it happens.
Why is Reduced Engine Power coming on the info pad, and it blows out white smoke from the exhaust. Is this a bad turbo booster, or is it something simpler. This occurs intermitantly
I can start this vehicle, but after a while this Reduced Engine Power will show up on the info pad. the care will blow out white smoke, and while on is hard to start.
I was driving and got on the highway & as I sped up my car started to make a rumbling noise as if the tire was flat. I was luckily (or I though lucky) to be near a Volvo dealer but I am now feeling like they are over ...
I had them all repaired at Big O tire co. They just break without noise or warning. 2 replaced in 2 months.
good and smooth shifting,when I put the truck in reverse or drive it will not move at all. It makes a loud metal-grinding sound(louder in drive). I am wondering would that be a transfer case problem?
A new battery was put in less than a year ago and thankfully still under warranty. It recently went dead without any warning lights until the very last minute and it went dead. Took it to a mechanic who put in the n...
It has happened a lot especially when it is cold but now it is warmer and it won't come out all.
screen seems blank and a white light shoots acress. map system still works
When left flasher or hazards are on computer warns me driver door is open and driver door lock becomes unusable. If I lock it manually the alarm goes off but if I signal a left turn the alarm comes on again. The alarm...
From a cold start I hear a somewhat pronounce mechanical clunking noise that seems to dissipate as the car is driven..and then no longer heard. It has been at Volvo dealer service for two days now and they are unsure...
This light has been on since I bought the car two weeks ago
my engine when cold makes a tapping or rat a tat noise but once it warm noise seems to dissipate is this a lifter problem or perhaps a timing belt issue engine has 108k on it now. Need cost ballpark figure
The bolt associated with my alternator pulley broke and the option is to repair the other pullies too however there is no sign of wear. What is the course of acton best supports the future maintenance plan.
Radio/CD player worked great yesterday on 1.5 hr drive home. This morning it comes on for about 3 seconds when powered up then keeps shutting off. Any coincidence, my park assist has also stopped working.
It was replaced in 2011. Is there a chance that it is a design defect with this part?
Key wont turn in ignition
During driving and when the gears are shifting, there is some jerking motion. The shifting of gears isn't smooth. The problem occurs consistently. I tried changing to premium gas but still the same issue. The vehic...
I RECENTLY was told these codes are in my cars history no check engine lite ECM 5000 ECM 330B RPM
The car surged forward 3 times as I pressed down on the brakes. I hit the car in front of me at a stoplight and pushed it into the car in front of it. I then applied the emergency brake and put it in park. My passen...
I have 2005 Volvo 2.5 turbo , it's been stalling out, sometimes hard to start Today the words REDUCED ENGINE PERFORMANCE appeared on the dash message center ,so I took the car down to advance auto and the code PO7...
It comes on at every engine start. Manual says servicing retailer should reset it. I do my own regular maintenance.