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Hello, Everyone, I have my 1995 Volvo 940 Turbo that stalls in reverse and hesitates on take off. The following is a breakdown of what has been done so far: 1. Initial Issue from March to October is hard s...
The plastic fuel storage tank got few leaks underneath. Have to replace it. Found none locally in Puerto Rico. Please suggest where to find a new one or a good used one.
what will we have to do to fix it. is it a bad idea to drive it like this ?
My friend changed my oil and my car cranks like normal but when you press the gas to go it revs up but does not move
it is very random. it used to only drop to zero when the temp was about 60 degrees or more, now it's happening more often at cooler temps.
Even if I go through puddles very slowly, I still lose the power steering. I had it looked at by my volvo repair guy and he said the power steering line looks good and doesn't know why it happens.
wont pass smog because check engine light is off. now I hear that this specific model doesn't have one. How am I to prove it.need by 21st 2 days
It gives me a service alarm on the dash board even after my mechanic changed the startermotor and serviced it.Its just quite please help.acts like something blocking the flow of fuel.
Mines a convertible, turbo, automatic. 107k miles.theres a pdf on how it's a computer glitch not the tranny? Also heard you can put brake fluid in it to some how clean the tranny?
I test drove a 2006 S80 2.5t and while accelerating from a red light, the engine dropped from around 3k rpm to almost nothing. It came back up quickly, but I'm leery about buying this car. The dealership said it was c...
Not sure what else to add here. Just wanted to know if it can be fixed or do I need to replace the transmission?
When I first start to drive, RPM's go high, feels sluggish and wont barely go when I accelerate, once warmed up, drives fine. Or if i allow it to warm up b4 I drive, no problem.
Wife started car air didn't work. Told her to try again 30min it began working. What is going on with this car?
Recently, my 1999 V70 started losing power while driving. Would happen at any speed, rpm, temp etc. One (two?) cylinder(s) will randomly drop out and leave me crawling along until I can find a safe spot to pull over. ...
Question is when it retracts it still stays up about 10 inches. Is this normal? Thanks Todd
I found a sensor that looks like it, but it only has 2 wires whereas the camshaft sensor has 3. Nowhere on the internet can I find the sensor. Can somebody post a pic of where it is located please? Thank you!
This happened without warning. My alarm light is off too and the alarm is sounding without warning at times. It has 95000k