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I live at the coast in the middle of no were. Have any Idea how to get my car unlocked.????????????? This is the first time it has happened. I bought a new battery about a month ago.
Changed bulb and fuse but high beam and low beam lights are not working still. What else could be the problem? Blinker and side lights- orange work fine.
I need to replace the driver's side headlamp washer cover on a 2005 Volvo XC90. In checking the sprayer mechanism that the cover mounts to, I find that the plastic mounts on the mechanism are broken, so i ordered a ne...
where is it located and how difficult is it to replace?
Noticed valve train knocking at low rpm. It does not make the knocking sound until after engine is warm. There is no power loss and engine performs well through the rpm range. OBD scan code at auto parts store says p0...
Happens only once in awhile do not think it is brake sensors
I took my car in for an air conditioning problem,and the ECM was diagnosed as the problem. What other electrical components and features will be affected by a faulty ECM?
My check engine light came on and my car just died while I was driving it. I have a 2005 XC90 Volvo. I bought an extended warranty that covers replacing the fuel pump if needed, but I'm being told it's the Fuel Modu...
Transmission went bad in 2008 and now the light comes on and I need a new transmission.
I live in NJ would this be covered by the current recall.
Vehicle's ignition switch will not go beyond the accessory point while trying to turn the vehicle on with the key. Had to have vehicle towed. Is the vehicle ignition switch the most common problem when this occurs?
what does it cost to replace crankshaft sensor?
Needs required factory service at 90,000 miles.
I need to replace the painted cover that connects onto the sprayer arm for the headlamp sprayer. How do you get the arm to extend out of the bumper long enough to connect a new cover ?
According to Volvo, what is the exact mileage in which the timing belt needs to be replaced?