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Would a bad fuse stop my air conditioning fan to stop working

The dealership suggested rebuilt turbos to save money, then told me the entire exhaust system may need to be replaced depending on any damage caused by leaking oil meaning another $3000. Then he said it probably wasn't worth repairing, I should consider a new vehicle. I can't afford the repairs or another vehicle. Please help.

has anyone else experienced this? was this a recall at some point? it only has 66k miles.

Car runs fine on freeway, a bit sluggish but fine overall except at rolling idle--surges or stalls.


water leak driver side

My dealer told me the headlight washer covers are hard to find and very pricey!! Where can I buy on-line and cost?

My blower motor and/or controller wasn't working (thanks overbys)and then it started once again. It still makes low sounds at start up like a fluttering of sorts that dicipates after a few seconds.
Should I be concerned, perhaps it is on its way out or maybe a wire loose?
Does anyone want to buy a volvo cx90, its real nice?

I have a 2000 Toyota Sienna with only one key. This does have the alarm,etc. on it but I need another with or without the alarm stuff.

I also have a Volvo 2004 xc90 with the same problem. This one has this bulky key thing and the plastic housing is broken and cant even put it on a ring.

How can I get extra keys without going to the dealers and paying hundreds for them.

I have had a 2000 S80 with 87000 miles on it now going on 3 years and no real problems. The xc90 is real nice and despite the mileage (kind of high) I got it for a real bargain. I dont really want to pay for this now but I guess I have to, of course if that is the problem.
Anyway, thank you for your help. We will now see.

Thanks for the response, much appreciated but what would someone expect to pay for either a blower moter or controller. Just an estimate of course.

The a/c worked when I purchased it a week ago. Now when I try he a/c, defroster, or anything, there is only a quiet sound comming from what seems to be the vents. The blower does not blow any air no matter what I do. I checked the fuse for the blower located at the side of the dash and under the hood for the a/c, they are good.
Does anyone have another idea.

Ignition failure vehicle could not be taken out of park.

My mechanic is telling me the part alone for replacing the power steering pump is $795, is that possible?? Please help!

My 02 Senor and Catalytic sensor keeps showing Not Ready on the smog test. Someone suggested this site and to look up Drive Cycle. I will preform what was suggested as it is believed that my 02 Sensors are fine? However if I can not preform the "Drive Cycle" test properly I will have to come out of pocket approx. $400 to have the 02 Sensors replaced?

This all feels like such a scam to milk me of well needed money? I don't understand why Volvo has set their car drivers up like this when Volvo is suppose to be one of the safest cars to drive. I need a trust worthy Volvo mechanic that will help, me and not try to gouge me of my money!

HELP...I'm in Los Angeles, surely there is a mechanic that works on Volvo's that is honest?