The noise is similar to a loose bearing.

The sound sound like when a back window is open and it's that wobble vibration sound. We have new tired and alignment. Shocks and struts checked. What could it be? We bought it used but with a 3 yr warranty. I'm just worried it's the turbo or something. Otherwise it drives amazing accept for that sound.

any solutions any help would be greatly appreciated.

I pulled the center console out to replace lights and now the "service airbag' warning is on.

I'm hearing a loud clicking coming from the front of the car that speeds up and slows down with the engine. Continues while the car is in neutral and coasting and the engine is idling.

i have no leaks, i plug in my scanner & reads no codes but the light keeps coming on & off

does the 2.5l have same tranny problems as the 6 cyl

it also slips when I try to take off a little faster, I hate to think that its the transmission but I've never driven all wheel drive and can't tell what if any problem is going on, perhaps I can't drive?

There is oil leak close to rear main seal are

My volvo has 94k on it right now, and I'm trying to decide what to do. Had it in the shop last week and need a new rear differential ($1700) due to a bearing in the viscous coupling. Also need a new timing belt ($575). They recommended a turbo hose replacement, transmission fluid flush, etc. Now I've got a small oil leak. The car is paid off...don't know what to do!

Radio sometimes works. If car is turned off it sometimes takes 10 minutes to come back on after car restarts. Cruise Control comes on and works fine for about 1 - 2 miles then stops working. Is there a wiring problem in the stering wheel ??

2004 Volvo xc 90

It is not the fan motor for the radiator. The car has climate control. However, the family added a custom radio and bluetooth.

Would a bad fuse stop my air conditioning fan to stop working

The dealership suggested rebuilt turbos to save money, then told me the entire exhaust system may need to be replaced depending on any damage caused by leaking oil meaning another $3000. Then he said it probably wasn't worth repairing, I should consider a new vehicle. I can't afford the repairs or another vehicle. Please help.