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Hi where is located the transmission module computer I need to replace that thank you
I need the transmission replaced on my '03 xc90, as it failed at 140k miles. I was told that there is a near zero success rate for replacing it with anything but a brand-new transmission ($8,000), due to it's compute...
sometimes get blank spots when driving
Customer brought vehicle in for a timing belt change. Drove the vehicle for 2 weeks came back complaining that the engine went bad due to bent valves. The belt did not break. What could be the cause?
the volvo goes into drive..and its manual gears fine....but when i put in reverse...it does not move....could it be the torque converter..lock-up...because of the codes imn getting...P0740...and ..P734....thanks...
Hi ! i own a volvo xc90 and i want to refill with water the windshield wipers but i cant seem to find where.i found where to fill the back window wiper but i cant find the windshield one.please help !
The repair facility said possible head gasket for an oil leak. Is it necessary to replace head gasket, or can I just keep a check on the oil level?
I have a coolant in the oil. Every couple days my coolant level drops down, when I check the oil level was up.
Left light on the whole night and in the morning when I went to turn on the trk it seem like the ignition got lock it won't turn all the way only 2/3 of it. Also a low battery message came on I tried to jump started b...
When driving in town, there is a hissing noise after letting off the brake. Replaced Brake Booster with remanufactured Brake Booster. Upon picking up vehicle, the brake pedal goes all the way to floor board and it st...
How to fix an overall readiness result. please some one help.