starts to ask me to slow down when in traffic or a long time at a light.

When you turn the heater knobs up to 88 you'll receive heat but not 88 but enough to keep you warm. Every time we schedule a visit to the dealer the heater works and they can't help us as long as its working.

Repair cost is $10,500 for new parts or $5500 for used parts. Any guidance? Is this a common Volvo problem? Doesn't fit with the Volvo image/reputation.

This message appears every time car is switched on and.

This is a little bulb within a 1-inch-wide lens about the size of an x-mas bulb

when is it due for replacement?

Bit of history: A few days ago the check engine light came on (steady). Took it to the Volvo dealer mechanic who said the code showed misfires in cylinders 2, 3 & 4 but could find no reason behind it. The codes were cleared out and the light has not come back on.

This morning when I started the car (it was about 55 degrees outside), it started very rough and the check engine light blinked for about 8 seconds then went out and the idling came down to normal. I restarted it a couple times and it seemed normal. I drove it to work and it did fine. The check engine light did not come back on.

We've only had this car for a week and it's not feeling very reliable.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this or what my next step should be?

I try to inspect the car after 7 weeks of service but inspction center wants to know the drive cycle. I was rejected.