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also may ned to replace spark plugs. Check engine light came on code-fuel system burning too rich off idle
A Volvo repair shop recommended a transmission flush. Is that recommended or should I just do a drain and fill?
By morning when it's freezing, I put the heating system on "automatic" mode and set maximum temperature. I have to drive for some kilometers and normaly only after some speeding up it does start to warm the cockpit !!...
When turning hardly (for instance, when parking or in slow motion running) the front tires seem to jump out of their trail ... seem to pop-up. This happens since I bought the car. 1st explanation given was due to the ...
I never had problem until new rear differicial installed 3 months ago. When street is wet it is bad if I go over a bump or a railroad pass in the road. The rear will seem to slid to right then left.
Oil leaking around the base of the turbo charger.
I just replaced my timing belt last week at the dealership's recommendation. This weekend, on our way from Va to FL, the timing belt "jumped". I am wondering if anyone has a guess about damage to the car. Car wouldn't...
What options are there for battery replacement in the 2005 Volvo XC-70?
check engine light comes on when gas gets below a half a tank
Can't get bulb out because I can't get my hand in to disconnect the wires and grab the bulb.
I bought a used Volvo xc70 2005 station wagon in excellent condition from my Volvo dealer. 4 random times: Going very slowly about to turn a sharp right the engine starts to race. Yesterday this happened again and ...
Has happened only a few times in 7-8 months; once while driving straight slowly into garage, car not turning. Is not floor mat - that is attached to floor.
How do I get the indicator screen to stop showing "regular service required" without actually getting the car serviced?
How do I change the rear position bulb? I took off the speaker cover and lower panel but I can't reach the light bulb housing.
The technician ask me today that i need to change my fuel filter.