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Runs with gas pedal pushed. But will not accelerate.Will not start unless gas pedal is pushed.
Why have I been quoted $400.00 for the dealership to do that: Only they can do the reprogramming I am told? It takes 4 hours isn't that a bit over expensive? Ina
The Brakes worked just fine before replacing the ETM and reloading the software. Now there is no power assist.
All the oil dropped out today had it towed is it a result of fixing the PVC stuff a seal ? Can a home mechanic do a seal job I'm scared help! Again I fixed oil trap & next day oil blow out near belts ?
I've checked all the bulbs and they are OK. I even changed out the left side. Could it be a relay? If so where is it located and where can I get a replacement? The problem occurs about 95% of the time. Other time...
I'm told they must replace mod. ABS system works fine
When I turn the AC on it runs fine for about 15 min and then quits. If i leave it turned off for a while and it gets warm in the card and then turn it back on it will work again.
need list of parts to repair heater core
This is what the message in car tells me: Low dipped beam failure.
I took my volvo to a volvo shop because it was shifting a tiny bit late into second gear, but just every once in awhile. Now, after leaving the shop my car shifts so hard into every gear that it scary! They told me be...
Also when I put gas in my car it starts but then stalls a couple of times is there a reason for this also - It also stutters sometimes when I am driving
It smooths out after 10 to 15 seconds. It had a code of cylinder misfire and turbo control valve failure P1237.