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Hi, I have a 1999 Volvo V70 XC and had replace the shocks and upper spring holder a few months ago and I got rid of the clogging loud noise going over bumps, but now the noise are back and that drive me crazy Please help
After the car has been running and I shut it off, I hear a loud gurgling noise. I pop the hood and see radiator fluid bubbling out from around the cap on the over flow tank. I replaced the cap thinking the old cap was...
It is stuck there now and has been for a week.
still leaking, where do I go from here? Replaced pcv system and timing belt too...
Soon as I poor water in to the overflow canister it runs out at the back of the engine near the firewall.
some times there is a noise coming from left rear when I turn left, but less frequent.
looks like it coming down the back of the engine...any ideas
The car idle drops and dies seem to be at idle and low speeds
My e-brake makes a pop noise when accelerating and sometimes grinds when coasting, how much should I pay to get it fixed? thanks!
Coolant blowback in reservoir, running hot. There is a crack in the reservoir. I have another reservoir on the way. I have changed the thermostat & I am noticing moisture in the exhaust. Does this mean I have an inter...
This occured once before. At that time we found out it had blown a head gasket. Am I dealing with the same issue? I need to travel from Raleigh, NC to Maryland.
My Volvo V70 XC uses about a quart of oil between changes. The car has 143,750 miles and seems to run and operate great. Just a little concerned because it has a turbo, and I don't want to overlook something that mi...