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anyone, any clue. both side reverse light on all times even without key. changed switch, no help. I have to remove light bulbs driving without reverse light. Help ! Thanks
It sounds like it's coming from under the front.
I can't add date for a service. Mac OS Lion Safari 5.13. Can't type in the text box. Can't open to select from the calendar when clicking on the calendar icon, either.
Vehicle is spotless inside and out. It has all scheduled maintainance up to date and some. Owner recently replaced the rad due too a tiny leak. No accidents, no rust. I'm used to getting rid of vehicles with this kind...
Prior to this I was side swiped on the front right side pushing my car up onto the center median now also hitting the left side front tire. The right tire was sliced and $4400 on the repairs their insurance covered. P...
how mutch should this repair will cost replace the sunroof cables