clutch switch suddenly stops working.starts working just as suddenly.

Put oil in and it basically run right back out

I replaced the Turbo Control Valve after P1238 Code showed.
I also replaced all the hoses just in case that there was a leak.
After replacing the above the Code P1238 still shows. I would like to know what the problem might be.

The cruise control has stopped functioning right after I had the air mass meter was replaced. The car has done 180,000 miles. Been having problems with hunting at idle when the engine is warm after longish journeys and fault codes coming up on the dash, hence changing the lambda sensor and now air mass meter to try to rectify the "hunting" problem. Help please !

Looking at buying a V70 with a dashboard message of SRS Malfunction urgent

Headlight stereo power windows and so forth operate intermittently they sometimes works sometimes don't

Car has 225k miles runs well about 30 miles per hour. Under 25mph shifting is erratic . Rpms surg before shifting or klunks in. Love this car . Would appreciate some guidance. John.

Then el power system flashes the car will start after a while

Red light in middle of dash is lit and there is supposed to be text or a message that shows what the problem is, but that message does not display anywhere. What do I do?

in our chevy venger we reset the oil change light by pumping the throttle while the engine is off...does anything need to be done for the 2001 volvo wagon... and can i lube the cv joints on my own plus what other yearly maintenace needs to be done at home

Engine was rebuilt at 165k recently, "Low Oil Pressure Stop
Engine" lite came on right after driving across town