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leaking near serpentine belt, alldouwn by passenger side. could it be pcv system?
discovered that my air pump relay (in fuse box) had been pulled. I'm concerned someone was trying to mess with my handbrake and with no air pump relay--my ABS brakes would fail. Is this possible? Thank you!
oil dripping on to cv and pipe.Had smoke from tail pipe, also rattling noise coming from it
Symptoms: Initially felt like a bad ball joint - like the wheel was bouncing around at 60-65mph. However, as soon as there was neutral or negative load on the drive train the vibration ceased entirely. Over 70mph th...
Headlights only come on in 0 position, but then I have no dash lights. Headlights don't come on in =D position.
its the immobiliser aerial and i would like to know how can i clean it and what the plug looks like. please help me.
Who is best to purchase radiator from, onine or in person?
it ramdonly wont turn over. sometimes it starts fine and other times it just clicks.
This volvo has 56k turbo is making a whining noise when idleing no oil leak should I replace now or wait awhile
Directions on how to replace a power steering pump, please.
Just had a cold snap with snow here in Alabama, tried to start the car during the second day the car initially started then sputtered out when I placed in gear to drive. Subsequent attempts to start have resulted in f...
Ignition key is not turning in lock core. Takes 1 minute of 20-30 turns before it gives a full turn and starts car.