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I just read the fault codes on my 2003 V40 and it shows all four cylinders with misfire. The vehicle does not have any issues with running or performance. Just at the initial start up. Any help would be appreciated. C...
diagnostic shows nothing wrong!
when driving for a lttle while
My 2003 V40 (with 96K miles) recently stalled at a red light and I was unable to restart it (the engine will turn over then stall when you try to start it). The auto repair shop told me that it had the following erro...
v01720v2661015e pliz assist and post the code on my address
always restarts - no problems running at speed. Looking toward vacuum leak. But where?
Heating & Air fan does not function.
I have been driving my car back and forth between Bend and Springfield every weekend for about 6 months. When arriving back in Bend this last Sunday, I tried to get the car up the driveway after a heavy snowfall. I ...