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Each of the air conditioner and it's fan button has no power ( there is no electricity ). I Checked the fuses and does not have any problems

Diagnostic came with engine misfire at cylinder 3, changed plugs oil and filter plus number 3 cylinder coil. Cleared the code
Drove a few miles light came back on and rough iddling with vibrations help

Doesn't light up when I turn the key on, where would I start to look? I removed the gauge cluster everything looks fine.... all the other lights work,not sure where else to look,it doesn't show any codes related as I would think it would. Where else should I check?

Hole in the gas tank.

Started the car, and immediately felt like the heat was on high. I looked down and noticed that the service light was on . I check to see if the heat was turned on, but it was not. After a few minutes the service light went out and the temperature went down also.

Now I have heard it three times so please don't tell me not to put more money into it, or donate it. I was paying 300 a month, plus a ton of money on gas, before I got this used car. So I went to a shop about 4 days ago, telling them that I had a tire moved from the back to the front, when they did this I had this horrible noise coming from the wheel well. My friend pulled off the tire and the brake line wa s just hanging there so he zipped tied it and I was trying to find out what part I needed to hold the line. So he put it on the rack and of course, I have hella problems. I was told before I needed motor mounts, but no one said it was going to totally ruin my front end. Now I have no idea how long this has been going on, but how long before the cv joints just brakes off? Can I just add grease to the boots since I don't have the money right now to fix all of this? Or just not drive until I get the money and parts?

driving on freeway car just shut down

After I finish replacing I got like a dozen codes.

Emission code P0015

Brake pedal requires extra pressure on the first stop and only the first stop of the day. What could be causing this?

turbo charger has leaked oil on cv and there was smoke coming from tail pipe. It stopped once but it started again, also there is a noise rattleing coming from it. need to repair or replace

it is ok on heavy acceleration it almost feeles like loose lugnuts on tire their ok.

Doen't even try to start.

I just read the fault codes on my 2003 V40 and it shows all four cylinders with misfire. The vehicle does not have any issues with running or performance. Just at the initial start up. Any help would be appreciated. Codes are: P0301, P0302, P0303 and P0304

I had some work done on my 2000 V40 and need to get the emissions passed and every time they hook up the test equipment, it says not ready.

diagnostic shows nothing wrong!

when driving for a lttle while

My 2003 V40 (with 96K miles) recently stalled at a red light and I was unable to restart it (the engine will turn over then stall when you try to start it). The auto repair shop told me that it had the following error codes:
The repairman installed a new idle air control valve. However, the car still will not start. What else should be done to get the car running again? Thank you very much!!!
Note: the car also has a new battery and new timing belt that had been installed a couple of months ago.

v01720v2661015e pliz assist and post the code on my address

the problem occurs everytime the engine is stated it overheats after about 20 minutes and air pressure is building up in the pipes of the cooling system water is released through the filler cap when it get hot. the temp of the car heater stays cold but the engine overheats

the mount is tight--the hinge inside is worn

i recently replaced one on my saab 95, but was curious on my 2001 volvo v40, the car that did not pass, 1st question is how many o2 sensors are on my car i found two in the engine, but is there one by the manifold and exhaust system. also can i clear the codes my self or diy project will it pass if i replace it or should i replace it then go to a mechanic to clear the codes which is a better bet, or do i just replace it my self, also how do you know which one is the bad o2 sensor

The check engine light comes on and off about every 5 to 7 days. During the week I only drive 14 mi a day. When I drive on weekend @ interstate speeds, check engine light will go off. When I run the code--it says--catalyst system, right bank, underperformance. What is this? and a estimate of repair would be helpful?
car has 185000 miles on it. it gets regular maitenence.