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Brake pedal requires extra pressure on the first stop and only the first stop of the day. What could be causing this?
i recently replaced one on my saab 95, but was curious on my 2001 volvo v40, the car that did not pass, 1st question is how many o2 sensors are on my car i found two in the engine, but is there one by the manifold and...
my car has tree fall down on rear door ,i woule like estimate if i remove &replace it. thank you.
My car wouldn't stop last night after a stop at a gas station. Triple A came and tried to jump start it but no luck, so it is not a battery problem. Possibly starter. Could there also be a safety thing, if I am out if...
problem with car not seeming to get enough fuel to accelerate,and when in idle seems to want to go,and then takes more time to get speed up and check engine light flashes as this is all happening!
Check engine light keeps coming on indicating an o2 sensor CKT Slow response (P0133) (Bank 1 Sensor 1) I have had the sensor replaced with an off brand sensor once, a Bosch sensor once and the oem sensor just yesterd...
how to install lower radiator hose
can I get instructions on how to install a front right bilstein shock/strut into my V-40?